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  1. Pandorym

    IC Viridian Crisis

    It is early morning in the city of Harmonious, and the dim purple light of the rising artificial sun washes over a small outdoor cafe table with a single occupant: one Uriel Arcadia, savvy sorcerer, troubleshooter, and most importantly... a Lord of Gossamer. Having traveled the Grand Stair for...
  2. Pandorym

    [Interest/Recruitment] Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

    Hey there folks. I'm going to be honest here: this is a bit of an experiment to see if I can run a game of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow using PbP instead of doing it live. I intend to run a full campaign, and I'm looking for up to three players. For those who don't know, LoG&S is a diceless...
  3. Pandorym

    IC The Road to Hell Is... (Katanas & Trenchcoats)

    It is dark tonight on the streets of Boston, and lightning flashes in the sky above as fog billows upon the ground around you. You're on the rooftop of an abandoned warehouse overlooking a misty alleyway in an old industrial area from where a dark red glow emanates as the powers of Hell conceive...
  4. Pandorym

    [Interest/GM Wanted] Chronicles of Darkness Monster Mash

    As expressed in the 'Games You'd Like to Play' thread, myself and a few others are interested in a Chronicles of Darkness (NWoD 2nd Edition) game where the PCs are a variety of supernaturals instead of all one type. Beasts, Mages, Changelings, Werewolves, etc. I'd like to play in such a game...
  5. Pandorym

    OOC The Road to Hell Is... (Katanas & Trenchcoats)

    Welcome to 'The Road to Hell Is...', a game of Katanas & Trenchcoats Episode 1. Our players are: EnigmaticOne, playing a Technomage OldSchoolFool, playing a Immortal With Pandorym as the Game Master. (As always, that's me!) The themes of this game are High Action, Power Is AWESOME, and some...
  6. Pandorym

    [Interest] Katanas & Trenchcoats Episode 1

    Hello all. With one of my games having just recently finished, I'm looking to start up something else to fill the slot, and I had an idea. I backed Katanas & Trenchcoats: Retromodern Roleplaying recently and soon after discovered that there was an original version - Katanas & Trenchcoats...
  7. Pandorym

    IC [Gods of the Fall] A Mid-Spring Night's Ascension

    It is a quiet evening in the perpetually night-shrouded Central Market of Corso, the only lights provided being golden-hued lanterns strung around the opulent flower-filled arcades and open-air cafes. This night, each of you browse the endless stalls in search of various goods and luckily...
  8. Pandorym

    OOC [Gods of the Fall] A Mid-Spring Night's Ascension

    Ok, this is the OOC thread for A Mid-Spring Night's Ascension, a PbP game using the Gods of the Fall setting. Players are the following: ClassDunce Skycroft Chris Tavares Chronicler With Pandorym (that's me!) as your friendly GM. Game discussion and character creation are now open. Let's...
  9. Pandorym

    IC [Black Crusade] We Rise or Fall

    The sky above you spins in a constant swirl, resplendent with the shifting incandescent pinks and purples of the Screaming Vortex. It is a never-ending celebration of excess and wanton revelry on the Daemon World of Sensatia, ruled by the Daemon Prince of Slaanesh Doomrider*. The capital city in...
  10. Pandorym

    OOC [Black Crusade] We Rise or Fall

    Welcome to the OOC Thread for the Black Crusade game We Rise or Fall. We have three players, who are the following: Tylorva lordmcdeath Scutarii With Pandorym (that's me!) serving as the GM. We will now begin character creation for the game. Naturally, it is assumed that the party has already...
  11. Pandorym

    [Interest/Recruitment] Black Crusade

    With the sudden surge in interest for WH40K and two Dark Heresy games running, I figure it's time to bring up the other side of the coin and get Chaos involved! So I'm looking for up to three players interested in being part of the forces of Chaos. Standard rules apply, suggested posting rate...
  12. Pandorym

    OOC [LoG&S] Crystalline Crisis

    This is the OOC thread for Crystalline Crisis, a game of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow. I'm your host, Pandorym. I'll be running the show. The players are the following: Metal Fatigue, playing the character Kyav à Gusash, à Fretinom, à Yuuhasp Mr. Sitouh, playing the character James Rayner...
  13. Pandorym

    IC [Diceless Deadlands: Reloaded] Lutece Chronicle

    A sudden loud yelp erupts from the pirate, and his long arms freewheel in the air for a moment as he desperately tries to keep his balance, before failing and smashing face-first into the floor. He jumps up, somewhat agitated and swaying a little, and shakes himself off before confronting the...
  14. Pandorym

    [Interest Check] Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

    Anyone interested in a game of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow? A diceless game seems pretty easy to do on the forums, and the vast lure of open worlds is a strong one indeed.
  15. Pandorym

    It's My Birthday! Give Me Fantasy Pirate Plot Hooks, Please!

    So I'm beginning to run a game of 50 Fathoms, which is basically fantasy pirates on a slowly drowning world. Magic, weird races, awesome ships, the works. And I need awesome plot hooks to draw them in and intrigue them with all manner of things - from treasure to friends/foes, places to explore...
  16. Pandorym

    IC Lutece Chronicles [Deadlands Reloaded using Cypher System]

    When we last left our plucky young heroine Savannah Lutece, she and her stalwart companions Melinda Rivers and Kanji Tatsumi have just landed at one of the various ports in the Shan Fan Waterfront. This sprawling island city, steeped in Chinese culture and ruled by the Hsieh Chia Jên, the 'Shan...
  17. Pandorym

    [Cypher System] The Strange Races

    Perhaps those who are more intelligent or skilled in this system can solve this conundrum for me. Some races are managed by descriptors, like the qephilim. Other races, like Gloaming's vampires/werewolves are not, you're just assumed to be one if you choose. So tell me: what's the difference...
  18. Pandorym

    IC All Night In New Orleans

    It is crowded tonight in the exquisite Saenger Theater, right in the middle of New Orleans' entertainment spotlight. It is here that the greatest of shows have been performed, legacies oft repeated upon the stage to tell the gathered masses stories of love, war, despair, triumph, and so much...
  19. Pandorym

    OOC All Night In New Orleans

    Welcome to the OOC thread for All Night In New Orleans, a Vampire: Blood & Smoke play-by-post game here on RPGnet. Current potential players are: Pheidias InfernalTeddy SmilingBandit2 Markov Hardcore Keltoid With Pandorym (that's me!) as the Storyteller. This is all custom content, none to...
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