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paradox interactive

  1. N

    Age of Wonders: Planetfall

    Today is the release day of Age of Wonders: Planetfall. I know some people here have been waiting for the game. I certainly have, being a fan of the entire series since the start. This looks to be the most polished iteration of it yet, and it brings in many things that are novel to the title...
  2. N

    Paradox interactive is running an ARG and it looks vampire related

    Bloodlines 2 is perhaps about to be announced https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Trust_No_More
  3. Lilith Viktoria

    Stellaris Thread II

    Stellaris does have a new Game Director. Daniel Moregård is succeeding Martin Anward. Martin Anward is moving towards a new secret project. The old thread
  4. Jeep-Eep

    So the Nu-White Wolf CEO has stepped down

    https://twitter.com/tobiassjogren/status/1042777267657687040 I'm not entirely clear about what this might mean for the New White Wolf - my read is that the new Paradox CEO was not happy after the last 3 years that were documented in such.... detail?... on this forum, but again I'm not sure how...
  5. sun_tzu

    Getting Started on Hearts of Iron IV

    Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Victoria, Stelaris... aaaaand there we go. Thanks to the latest Steam summer sale, I am now the owner of Hearts of Iron IV. And, later this week, I'll be back home (and thus on a computer that can actually handle it). This being a Paradox game, well, asking...
  6. M

    [necro]Whitewolf Hires Zak Sabbath and Denies Harassment.

    So, just in case this has gone over people's heads, Martin Ericsson, lead storyteller of WW, has hired Zak Smith as the author of their "Vampire Preludes" steam and mobile game. For the record, Zak Smith is a well known harasser, and has, among others, sicced his fanbase on David Hill, of 'lead...
  7. Pheidias

    Vampire the Masquerade Prelude: We eat blood and all our friends are dead

    White Wolf released a text based interactive fiction game for Vampire the Masquerade yesterday as a prelude to their fifth edition. It's out on Steam for PC and also on App stores for iOS and Android. I bought it yesterday and have just finished it. There's a solid 3-4 hours of playtime in it...
  8. sun_tzu

    Starting on Europa Universalis IV

    I'm rather fond of Crusader Kings II. And I freaking love Stellaris. So, when Europa Universalis IV went on sale this summer, I went and bought it (along with Conquest of Paradise, El Dorado, Art of War, Wealth of Nations, and Res Publica). So, now I'm taking it for a spin. Playing as France at...
  9. Matt.Ceb

    [HoI 4] Prepare Battleplans!

    As of four hours ago, embargo broke. YouTube and Twitch are now filled with HoI4 videos and streams. Quill and Enter Elysium have started an Italy and Fascist France campaign respectively. Paradoxes' Daniel also has a series out. Arumba will follow later in the day. D-Day is firmly in...
  10. D

    Onyx Path: I'm confused

    I thought the new owner of the IP had pulled the license for oWoD but allowed Onyx to continue with the, renamed, CoD and Exalted? Does Onyx get to keep oWoD for a further period of time? Is there some guarantee that, if I go in on the Changeling kickstarter, OPP won't lose the rights to the...
  11. Matt.Ceb

    [Stellaris] A tiny glimpse...[and also general discussion of the game]

    ...yet still really cool! This is pretty cool. :D
  12. F

    WoD Reboot Hopes

    So it's probably not news to anyone here that Paradox has purchased White Wolf, and that ownership of all World of Darkness intellectual property has moved to a different part of Scandinavia. It's entirely possible that this means that we will see computer games only and no more table top RPG...
  13. B

    Paradox purchases White Wolf?

    Just saw this supposed bit of news on another forum. Is this for real? Does anybody know?
  14. P

    Paradox buys White Wolf

    http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/10/29/paradox-white-wolf/ This mostly looks like they've done it for the IP for video games. No mention of Onyx Path, though the fact Paradox's boss has described 'it' as “the world’s second best-selling role-playing and is special because half of all...
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