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pathfinder rpg

  1. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Southlands Campaign Setting

    Hard to believe it’s been half a year since my last Let’s Read, but here I am back in the swing of things! Like my last two projects, I chose a book of which I am passionate about: the Southlands Campaign Setting. The Southlands is a sort of “setting expansion” to Kobold Press’ Midgard: a...
  2. D

    *Kickstarter* Ramen Sandwich Press: Found by the Way #5: Path to Jarnborg for Pathfinder is live!

    Our Kickstarter to launch a series of adventure/location modules for Pathfinder called Found by the Way was a great success! With the rewards from that campaign filled, now it's time to move forward and pre-sell Found by the Way #5: Path to Jarnborg on Kickstarter. The village of Jarnborg was...
  3. Libertad

    [Pathfinder] Spheres of Power & Might Conversions

    Hello everyone. As of late I've been rather enamored with a pair (trio technically) of sourcebooks by Drop Dead Studios: Spheres of Power to simulate a variety of magical practices seen in media, Spheres of Might for a variety of martial arts, and Champions of the Spheres combining both elements...
  4. D

    Pathfinder: rumors in the style of unknown armies.

    Golarion is such a strange,wonderful, terrible place. Let's put some little plot hooks and quirks and mind shattering revelations here, shall we? Drow Skin? That jet or blue or purple inky black? It's not natural. My crew and I were down deep, getting relics some dwarf priest thought might have...
  5. IanWatson

    Onyx Path Publishing Do You Dare Enter the Slarecian Vault? [Scarred Lands]

    http://theonyxpath.com/do-you-dare-enter-the-slarecian-vault/ Onyx Path Publishing is partnering with DriveThruRPG to allow independent content creators to publish material in the Slarecian Vault utilizing the OGL for both Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition editions of existing and...
  6. N

    Pathfinder: Kingmaker new trailer

    https://youtu.be/5mP0AxgTZEA Classes from Player's Guide included, which is great. Also you can have a vampire in your party, at least I hope so.
  7. Libertad

    [Let's Read] The Northlands Saga Complete

    The Northlands Saga Complete The Northlands Saga Complete is a Norse-themed sword-and-sorcery campaign setting and adventure path. Made for both Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry (OD&D retroclone), it is a far-ranging epic inspired by the culture and folklore of the Viking era, and for the...
  8. G

    [Recruitment] 1 more character for "The Missing Sheepherder" (Pathfinder)

    This is a game that has been going on. We took a short break due to RL issues, but we are starting back up. The party is in the middle of a Salt Mine having just rescued the missing Sheepherder but still figuring out what's going on. We are looking for a melee-type who grew up in the small...
  9. LatinaBunny

     It is possible to use or adapt Pathfinder (and 3rd-party Pathfinder) spells in 5e?

    Hello, there! :) I'm still really new to GMing, and I'm going to GM a D&D5e game in a somewhat homebrewed setting using the Starter Set Lost Mine adventure plotlines, but reskinning the content, and also using Cerulean Seas Setting and Aquatic Adventures Pathfinder books to make the setting more...
  10. J

    [PF] Social and Background Skills Simple HR

    Ultimate Intrigue did a lot to address more social debate, even "social combat" in Pathfinder. Before that came along though, I'd had my own system. I've augmented it over time with ideas from these boards, and wanted to share it, below. I like this system because it's...simple. It's very...
  11. gentrification

    eBay Complete Ruins of Azlant adventure path

    The complete Ruins of Azlant adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG, starting at just $60. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ruins-of-Azlant-Adventure-Path/132488171207
  12. D

    🎨 Creative good aligned Mad Doctor ? Pathfinder

    Is the mad doctor archetype compatible with a good alignment? Discuss I'm trying this out in a game. The general concept for this character is 1/2 Mercy (overwatch)1/2 the medic (TF2) with a hint of Franken Fran. The obvious choice is an alchemist, but an oracle with the life mystery seems...
  13. J

    Other Publisher End of Year BLOW-OUT sale at OpenGamingStore.com! 30% (OR MORE) OFF PRINT BOOKS!

    It's the annual end of year BLOW-OUT sale where we try to clear inventory so as to make counting what's left easier. This sale ends 12/31 but until then get 30% off of a TON of physical products (printed books, dice, minis, cards, games, etc.) that we SHIP TO YOU! SALE LINK...
  14. M

    [3.x/PF] plenty of room in the middle - Tier 3 alternatives to common concepts

    Everyone's already familiar with the tier system, right? The goal of the "Short Version" here is to have 11 alternate classes that represent most of the concept space of the 11 core classes, such that it's easy to translate them. While there are overlaps (a Fighter could be translated as a...
  15. V

    Best Pathfinder books to compliment Freeport adventures?

    I've just picked up the Freeport source book for Pathfinder and I'm wondering if anyone has used this setting, and if so, which Pathfinder books would you recommend as complimentary material. Not that the Freeport source book is lacking in details (far from it), but I'm wondering if any other...
  16. C

    Create Adventures Using Your Magic The Gathering Cards

    This is the full article, but if you want to view it with pictures you can find it here. Enjoy! https://auricanslair.wordpress.com/2017/11/07/create-adventures-using-your-magic-the-gathering-cards/ Hello fellow Game Masters and Dungeon Masters Do you have any old or new Magic the Gathering...
  17. J


    Owen KC Stephens did this once before but not like this... this is the Pathfinder bundle to end all Pathfinder bundles. This bundle includes EVERY SINGLE PATHFINDER product Rogue Genius Games has released up to October of this year. This bundle won't be available forever so if you've been...
  18. M

    [Pathfinder]expanded firearms rules and creation?

    Are there any supplements that expand upon firearms? Like new rules and creation options? I'm interested in if there are rules for rifle-muskets firing mine balls. In the base game there are only rifles that fire metallic cartridges and smoothbore muzzleloaders.
  19. M

    [Pathfinder] expanded firearms rules and creation?

    Are there any supplements that expand upon firearms? Like new rules and creation options? I'm interested in if there are rules for rifle-muskets firing mine balls. In the base game there are only rifles that fire metallic cartridges and smoothbore muzzleloaders.
  20. T

    I Want to Run Pathfinder's Golarion with a Different System

    Golarion hits my sweet spot for settings. The world - and its individual lands - are accessible with little or no background knowledge or cross-referencing, but there's enough depth that I could spend days poring through books for new ideas for monsters, NPCs, lands to explore, and dungeons to...
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