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pathfinder rpg

  1. J

    Other Publisher Free Paizo Pathfinder books with purchases at shop.d20pfsrd.com!

    Did you know that if you order print products from http://shop.d20pfsrd.com and your order is above one of the dollar threshold amounts listed below you may choose one of the print books listed under that heading as a free bonus extra??? The book you choose will be included in your shipment at...
  2. Silvercat Moonpaw

    [Pathfinder] E6 vs E8

    I'm trying to decide between E6 and E8. 8 gets most classes an extra goodie, and the spells don't look too bad at a casual glance at the summary list. Is there anything really problematic about level 8 the way spells like teleport and scry at level 10 make the game?
  3. S

    [pathfinder] Does anything have DR/piercing?

    So, obviously DR is a thing that you have to work around, which means carrying a variety of weapons (or just hitting really hard). I prefer the former, therefore my characters look like walking arsenals. But while I'm aware of common enough DR/slashing and DR/bludgeoning to merit carrying...
  4. F

    Pathfinder unchained and the summoner

    So PAizo is going to be coming out with their own version of Unearthed Arcana in 2015 called Pathfinder Unchained. Now it's been mentioned that their going to take the opportunityt to "fix" the summoner, trying to make it easier to play and more balanced in some cases. Has anyone heard any more...
  5. Crinos

    [Pathfinder] Al-Qadim in Pathfinder

    I picked up the land of fate boxed set yesterday, and was thinking it would be fun to convert it to Pathfinder. Anyways, lets start with the character classes: Askar: Would be normal fighters, rangers and Barbarians Corsair: The Swashbuckler class from Advanced Class guide Desert Riders...
  6. Jürgen Hubert

    Which is the best Pathfinder Adventure Path, and why?

    So far, 14 complete Adventure Paths have been released by Paizo - two too many for a poll, but I am still curious which you regard as the best, and why. The list of complete Adventure Paths is: - Rise of the Runelords - Curse of the Crimson Throne - Second Darkness - Legacy of Fire -...
  7. lordcomte

    [Pathfinder/D&D] I am running my first Dungeon on Friday

    Heya despite Gming on and off for most of my life I have somehow never really ran a dungeon. Throughout most of high school and college I mostly ran Shadowrun & Sla Industries. More recently I've added Mutants and Masterminds into the mix. However, recently I've started running Pathfinder...
  8. Jürgen Hubert

    The God Chamber - Help me build my own Megadungeon!

    I am trying to brainstorm ideas for the eventual climax of my Cold Frontier campaign (about which you can read a lot more in this thread. The climax would center around an old, alien complex - a megadungeon in its own right that promises the reward of godhood to those who can control and restore...
  9. V

    If/when there is a 2nd edition of Pathfinder, what would change?

    Given Pathfinder's goal of being compatible with WOTC's 3.x stuff, how much could Pathfinder actually change in a second edition? Or would they drop the idea of backwards compatibility? If the latter, what are the most obvious changes the game would make in your opinion? I wonder if the...
  10. whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Pathfinder E6 - Traits as Achievements?

    So I'm planning an P6 game soon, and was wondering whether or not the ability to gain extra Traits in play would help to add a little more of a feeling of development. I'd be whipping up a list of campaign-specific one, as well as a few general one which might work like the Achievement Feats...
  11. Libertad

    [Let's Read] The Path of War

    Back in the halcyon days of 2006, when the 3rd Edition line-up was coming to an end, the game designers were coming up with new subsystems to interact with the base D20 game. One of them was a new martial system which operated off of a per-encounter format, where characters could execute...
  12. B

    Kobold Press *Kickstarter* Into the Southlands!

    Eccentric Game Publisher Announces Expedition to the Southlands Allegedly promised designers Brian Suskind and Ben McFarland "diamonds as big as your heads." In a video posted to the Southlands Kickstarter page, eccentric game designer Wolfgang Baur announced his latest project...
  13. J

    Scroll of Styles Now Available from Accessible Games [PFRPG]

    Now Available at Shop d20pfsrd.com and DriveThruRPG Our newest Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible sourcebook, Scroll of Styles, is now available at Shop d20pfsrd.com and DriveThruRPG. Scroll of Styles gives you a first look at our upcoming setting, Ancile: City of Guilds and adds 27 new...
  14. Libertad

    [Any D&D] Good list of recently release megadungeons?

    About last month Dwimmermount finally released. After checking out a copy for myself and recently getting The Emerald Spire for Pathfinder, I'm interested in hearing about other recent (as in the last 5-7 years) megadungeons in D&D editions and retroclones. In addition to the first two...
  15. Sven_Noren

    Pathfinder wizard build

    So I got roped in to play Pathfinder. I'm a long time Runequester, and a total noob at D20 of any flavour. The party consists of a rouge, a bard, a cleric and two fighters, I'm to play the party wizard. I'm more or less set on the Universalist School, since it gives a couple of nifty perks...
  16. Jürgen Hubert

    [Pathfinder] Kingdom Building Rules from Ultimate Campaigns

    So... both the original Kingdom Building rules from the Kingmaker adventure path and the revised version from Ultimate Campaign have been out for a while - which means that people should have a lot of experience with them by now. And since my campaign is just about to start using these rules, I...
  17. Crinos

    [Pathfinder] Monster Codex

    Coming October 22nd Actually looks pretty neat. Its a book apparently gonna be on new takes on monsters. I wonder if it will have any new fleshwarps for the Drow.
  18. L

    [PF] Character help needed

    I am joining PF Society, and I need help making a character. To be more precise, I need a character made, as I have no PF books, and I don't know what is allowed. If you are up for it, here is what I am looking for: Wears heavy armor, uses a great sword, high melee damage output with accurate...
  19. Crinos

    (Pathfinder) Changing Sorcerer Bloodines

    I had an idea earlier for an adventure that involves changing a Sorcerer's bloodline. The basic idea is that one PC is killed by a devourer and his soul destroyed. So in order to get them back they have to brave a dungeon to find a brass bottle which contains "A powerful wish granting...
  20. Crinos

    (Pathfinder) Eidolons! What have you based your Eidolons on?

    So, I was thinking, what class needs more love? Summoners! Eidolons have a lot of potential for use and misuse, and I figured it may be fun to see what other people have based their Eidolons on. I think the obvious thing to do with the would be to base them on Pokemon/Digimon/some other anime...
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