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  1. General_Tangent

    Nixie as a player character race in Pathfinder

    So I'm looking at getting a Pathfinder game going with a new group of friends and one of them has expressed a desire to play a Nixie. I've found the reference to the race on the d20PFSRD.com site: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/fey/nixie/ Rather than saying no to a...
  2. F

    The Mystic Halfling

    The halflings of magic—introduction. They say the Gods made men, but magic made then equal. The comment is rather butchered, but relates to an issue many PFRPG games have. Halflings (not Hobbits) have long had a problem in non-Tolkien based settings— whatever the rules say, someone who...
  3. Jürgen Hubert

    [Pathfinder] Let's talk about Witches

    The current campaign in my group is winding down, and it looks like we will be playing the Giantslayer Adventure Path next. Most of the other players seem to be intent on playing fairly focused melee builds, so it was suggested to me that I play a ranged/general utility class. Since I am always...
  4. R

    [Pathfinder] Looking for good Warlock conversions

    So, I run a Kingmaker game with a large nation of Tiefling escapees from the 9 hells. They brought with them a tradition of Warlock practice inherited from one of the deities who helped them escaped, Faerun's Wee Jas. I'm looking for a good Pathfinder translation of the 3.x or 5E Warlock. One...
  5. R

    I read somewhere else, "Pathfinder is a Player's Paradise, but a DM's Nightmare". Can it be better for the DM/GM?

    Can the DM/GM workload be lightened somewhat? If it's so much fun for the players, can the DM/GM get in on the fun too?
  6. S

    Looking For A GM to Run A Game Idea With (Pathfinder, Fantasy Western)

    I have an idea for a Fantasy Western pathfinder game, but am not a very good GM and would prefer to be surprised by a story, and so before I make a LFG listing on roll20 here I am! I'm looking for a GM to run this idea with. You will have more or less complete freedom to run the game within...
  7. S

    Looking for a GM! Quickly please, we're desperate!

    Hello all, we need some help. On roll20, I recently set up a game called Eternal Egypt. I had a world and some characters set up but personally I am not a good gm, I'm a concept designer, and so I usually make a game, then make an LFG listing in which I'll ask for other GMs to apply. The same...
  8. J

    Latest massive megabundle at crazy silly low price at Open Gaming Store

    The latest MEGABUNDLE at the Open Gaming Store this month is FILLED with almost 200 PDFs of random neat stuff. See below for list of what's included! Ennead Games Megabundle! For many years Ennead Games has been producing generators and supplements for use in games and stories. And now this...
  9. Mike Myler

    *Podcast* Professional Goblins #3: Jacob Blackmon & The Drow Plushie Giveaway!

    Episode #3 is up! (timestamps in the youtube description) This week's guest is Jacob Blackmon and we talk about quite a bit -- evil D&D, World of Warcraft Pathfinder, the rush of RPG news from last week, AND reveal the first secret word for the knit drow plushie giveaway!
  10. D

    [Pathfinder] What Levels Need More Adventures?

    Hey Pathfinder Compatible Fans, For all those of you that do not know me, my name is Dale McCoy, Jr, and I am President of Jon Brazer Enterprises, a Pathfinder Compatible publisher. I would like to know your thoughts, what you would like to see us produce. So here's my question: What levels...
  11. R

    Where does the Pathfinder Campaign Setting information come into play? Much Less Info in the Core 3, than 5E has.

    Where does the Pathfinder Setting information come into play? Much Less Info in the Core 3, than 5E has. I know they were pulling from 3.5 and not all information back to OD&D days was legally available, but I wish they would have filled in the gaps a little more than they did. Please don't...
  12. Libertad

    Quasar Knight Enterprises is participating in the Drive-Thru RPG GM's Day Sale!

    From now until March 13th, two of our most popular titles, Larius Firetongue's School of Sorcery for the OSR and Death to Alignment for Pathfinder are 30% off! Larius Firetongue's School of Sorcery is one hundred pages of old-school goodness, perfect for magic school campaigns and spell-loving...
  13. Alter_Boy

    [Vancouver, Canada] Trumpeter Convention March 31st to April 2nd, RPG sessions

    Every year in Burnaby, B.C., the Trumpeter Salute is held from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon at the Bonsor Recreation Centre. It's primarily a Tabletop Miniatures convention (you'll see many tables with painted historical minis), but there is also a good number of RPG sessions all weekend...
  14. johnnype

    Starfinder - Paizo's new science fantasy RPG

    I know, it was announced a while ago. I glanced at it and tuned out a bit when I saw that it was based on their own setting and was more science fantasy than straight up sci-fi. Now I'm looking at it again and hoping it's flexible enough to model something like Mass Effect. Here is the link...
  15. R

    Pathfinder Society in Carver, MA looking for players

    What is it? Pathfinder Society RPG Pathfinder Society Organized Play is a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign that puts YOU in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society, a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the...
  16. Jürgen Hubert

    Pick your favorite top three Pathfinder Adventure Paths!

    The list of Adventure Paths published by Paizo long and getting longer. Thus I'd like to know: Which are your personal top three Adventure Paths, and why?
  17. MatchstickUK

    New Pathfinder Humble Bundle

    (Not quite sure if this should be in here or in the D&D forum, sorry if I have it in the wrong place) Following Februarys record breaking Pathfinder Humble Bundle there's a new bundle of Pathfinder books and comics up on the site. There's quite a bit of crossover with the previous Bundle...
  18. legopaidi

    (PF) So many classes! Which ones are the better designed?

    So, I've been reading about how the classes in the PF corebook are lacking in terms of design in comparison to the ones that came after them. Is this true? What classes do you use in your campaigns?
  19. Libertad

    [Black Friday/Cyber Monday] Quasar Knight Enterprises books 40% off!

    From now until November 30th 9 PM California Standard Time, all Quasar Knight Enterprises books are 40% off! We have a diverse assortment of player-friendly gaming aids for a multitude of systems. From magic school hexcrawls to new playable monsters and new options for Fighters, there's a...
  20. theliel

    Pathfinder Space Fantasy Setting

    So Polygon got to talk with Piazo about their new setting which is.... The idea is interesting, I'll give them that. Spelljammer by way of Shadowrun is a pretty solid core but.... Well... Really? Galactic Memory Wipe?!?!?! Setting wide amenesia is stupid in as a device in a single player...
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