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  1. Civil Savage

    [Recruitment] Troubleshooters needed for Beta Complex [Paranoia homebrew]

    CONGRATULATIONS, CITIZEN! Due to your recent promotion to RED clearance level, you are now qualified to volunteer on a mandatory basis to serve the Computer by becoming a Troubleshooter. As you know, Troubleshooters undertake exciting and highly safe missions in which they help defend Beta...
  2. Shawn_Hagen

    [Interest/Planning/Recruitment] MHR Anime Cyberpunk

    So I thought a Cyberpunk game with the Marvel Heroic RPG (the super hero flavour of the cortex system) with an anime vibe could be fun to run. Some of this is old thoughts that came back to roost when people were talking about running a Alita style game after the movie came out. So I mentioned...
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