1. G

     Printing .pdfs--Suggestions?

    I have a number of RPG books in .pdf and I plan to acquire a few more soon. The thing is, I really don't work well with .pdf's. If I'm going to use something for gaming or even serious reading, I want to have a dead tree version in my hands. So, does the RPG.NET hivemind have suggestions on the...
  2. M

    best way to read PDF on a tablet

    Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) with ebookdroid installed and all my RPG PDF on a sdcard. I have to admit I am still looking for the best way to read my PDF as comfortably as possible. How do you read your PDF ? (I mean single page, vertical scroll, etc.) and why ? What are the...
  3. N

    Advice needed: iPad 4 or high quality Android tablet for RPG PDFs?

    Hi, A title says it all, but in brief summary of my dilemma: For a few years, I have Asus Transformer TF101 and I'm very satisfied of its performance. But today, when all these high resolution tablets are available, I'm thinking about upgrade. I'm using a tablet mainly for reading RPG PDFs and...
  4. Chikahiro

    Perpetual Best Tablet Values thread

    Periodically there's a thread or two that asks the same question: "What's the best tablet for gaming?" Thanks to the ubiquity of PDFs and common availability of portable tablets, its a great question. As mobile OSs grow, get more apps, and improve their hardware, its really quite overwhelming...
  5. M

    Pelfgrane Press's PDF release policy

    Does anyone know when Pelgrane Press releases its products as pdf only purchases? Do they wait until after the physical product is available in stores?
  6. A

    RPG PDFs formatted for small screens (e.g. phones)?

    I own at least one such game (Weird West) and was wondering if other such games exist. I just upgraded to a Galaxy Note 3 and want to load some such games on it (along with Weird West) so I'm ready for on the go gaming.
  7. DigitalRaven

    DTRPG and Pay What You Want

    DriveThruRPG just introduced an option for publishers to go Pay-What-You-Want — as in, people looking at the product page get to enter how much they want to pay for a book. It's currently PDF only (so doesn't work on books with print options), and the rest of the site still shows the "suggested"...
  8. Miss Atomic Bomb

    Oh my God the Nova Praxis PDF

    This is amazing. It's not quite everything I've ever wanted to do with an app-like RPG book, but it's damn near close, and I haven't seen anything like it actually get done before. Link here. Here's a video explaining the features...
  9. AikiGhost

    [Game PDFs] Do you actually read them?

    I was looking at all the various PDF games I own and while I do often use PDF versions of games for printing out character sheets chars or random bits of background I never ever read the PDF of a game to the point I can run it and as a consequence only ever run games I have in dead tree edition...
  10. jsnead

    Puzzled At Drivethru Economics

    So, Eldritch Skies recently hit Electrum best seller on Drivethru. It's making money, and from what I've heard Gold and (especially) Platinum best sellers make lots of money. However, games that sell this well (Electrum, Gold, and Platinum best sellers) make up less than 4% of all games on...
  11. J

    The One Ring ..... Whats happening with it?

    Hi all saw this on the Cubile 7 site (see link below) but not sure what it all means can someone clarify whats happening with the game line. Cheers http://cubicle7.clicdev.com/f/index.php?trk=cubicle7&showtopic=3427 Apologies if this has a thread discussion already link me to it if its easier.
  12. JoeNotCharles

    [The One Ring] Not on rpgnow?

    The One Ring section of rpgnow is empty. (http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php?cPath=179_7949) It has been for about a week. Anybody know what's going on? Did the PDF's get pulled or something? Or is it just a glitch? I emailed the site admins about it but haven't got a response.
  13. A

    PDFs and Ipad 3

    Hi, I was reading the Guardian this morning for reviews of iPad 3 and this stood out to me: "Although the retina display on the iPad has been expected for ages, there don't seem to be developers around who have taken advantage of it. Comparing the same article from the New Yorker under high...
  14. johnnype

    Apple wants to change texbooks. Will it change gaming books?

    PDF is the current "standard" for RPG books. A few publishers also offer other formats. It looks like Apple is going to announce their adoption of ePub 3 going forward. We will find out more on Thursday at the announcement but I wonder if and how this might affect digital gaming books. As long...
  15. S

    Rogue Trader PDF on iPad?

    I recall a while back there were some issues with the Rogue Trader PDF displaying correctly on the iPad, does anyone know if this has been corrected either by an updated PDF or the recent OS update? Thinking of picking it up but not really interested in dropping 30 bucks for a PDF that I may not...
  16. R

    Physical books are not going away anytime soon.

    Reality is, it just ain't gonna happen. Unless your players are all on the same technological level, you can't get away from a printed copy of a book. Whether this is store bought, or POD, or Self printed and bound, you are going to need a hard copy of the book. PDF's, E-books, etc. are just...
  17. M

    Pricing PDFs - 'nuff said

    Howdy! So... this should be simple... I'm looking for a sample of what people think is fair for PDF and e-reader pricing. The approximate page count is about 250 pages, all in partial color (brownish booky-looking pages a la D&D 3E) with probably about 20 pages of full color. And I know you're...
  18. K

    [Stormbringer RPG] PDF for Stormbringer 5th Edition?

    Drivethru has a pdf for Stormbringer 4th and for Elric!, but not SB 5. I was told by my GM that Elric! or SB 5 would be fine for the PBP I've been invited to, but I'd prefer a scan of SB5. Does anyone know how much of a difference there is between SB 4 and SB 5?
  19. Baumi

    Ipad - Finally a Jpeg2000 PDF Solution?

    I heard that the new Adobe Acrobat for Ipad can open PDF's with Jpeg 2000 Pictures. Can anyone confirm this? If thats true then YAY! :cool:
  20. K

    PDF Pricing

    I know this topic has cropped up from time to time, and I did search for a relevant, recent thread to necro, but could not find one. Some comments in a couple of recent threads, one about the Hacklopedia of Beasts and one about wanting free pdfs with print copies, have made me want to revisit...
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