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  1. kitty voodoo

    [Necro] Disney #UnclearOnConcept

    No, they just borrow stuff...for an indefinite amount of time.
  2. N

    Fastest Piracy Ever?

    Fastest piracy ever? I stuck a 150 page e-book on Scribd an hour ago and it was pirated so fast it showed up in the search before my upload. Seems alarmingly fast.
  3. A

    Dear DTRPG: This is why we have Piracy

    Before anyone does anything with hackles, I pledged $100 on the Cortex Hacker Kickstarter, and I am NOT condoning piracy, but criticizing the conditions which make it even more prevalent than it should be. To pirate something, all I need to do is Google for what I'm looking for, click a link...
  4. G

    Piracy in the RPG Marketplace

    Hi! I'm fugaros, of "How Not to Run a Game Business" (yourbusinesssucks.wordpress.com). Recently, I did a post entitled "Piracy and Sales," in which I discuss the effects of piracy on the small press RPG industry. You can find the post here...
  5. T

    What do you mean the end of RPG piracy as we know it? The SOPA bill in congress

    Piracy for RPGs is a huge issue..it's even bigger for Hollywood. This bill could effectively disable online piracy of RPGs forever. Torrents have been considered hush hush wink wink for a long time, but this may be the type of tool that Hasbro/WotC and the rest of the RPG industry has been...
  6. Z

    [necro]Watermarks on DriveThruRPG books are ill-conceived

    When I first started buying books on RPGNow, there were no watermarks. Suddenly, within the past few years, every book suddenly has watermarks on them. Why is this necessary? As an anti-pirating measure it's completely ineffective, because any pirate worth their salt will simply crack the...
  7. Ultima

    Have you ever downloaded old WW books

    I used to but I gave it up on a matter of principal. However it also meant that I stopped buying oWoD books since it would cost me over a thousand dollars to try to complete the collection. EDIT: I tried to change the topic since I thought maybe it would be to prying to ask this. When I did no...
  8. E.T.Smith

    Note to PDF Publishers: Black Text with White Background, Or You Don't Get My Money

    Looking more into Savage Worlds lately, I've been digging into the array of professional PDF publications where most of the support for SW seems to come from. And I've noticed a troubling trend. Specifically, for lots of these publishers, simple, easily readable black text on a white background...
  9. Y

    Scifi setting where humans haven't gone beyond our solar system?

    I'm looking to find, or make, a scifi setting that takes place entirely within our solar system. The only time I've ever seen a setting like this is in the Cowboy Bebop anime, which I could certainly use as a start, but are there any others out that I might be missing? If there aren't, what...
  10. M

    D&D PDFs

    Does WotC sell there books in pdf format?
  11. S

    [FATE] Ships in the Golden Age of Piracy

    My 7th Sea FATE game started last night and I've run into my first hurdle. One of the characters owns a ship and the PCs want to sail around the world in it, but I don't know what kind of ship it should be nor what sort of rules to use for it. My original idea was to riff on Diaspora but given...
  12. ChalkLine

    [Traveller] Vetting Passengers.

    No, not spaying them, but rather trying to see if they're going to hijack you're very unpaid for starship. You see, it's kinda easy as the setting is written to pinch someone's starship - especially if you're quite ready to commit sophonticide to do so. Body pistols, even 'Brawling', all let...
  13. Jason Sinclair

    [NEWS] (Scooped?) 2 settle lawsuits over Dungeons & Dragons handbook

    Via Seattle Times: No comment here. Just thought it was interesting. -Gavel Bangin' J
  14. M

    Things not to put on your LARP website

    1. Pirated PDFs of the game's rulebooks, clearly marked as "pirated books HERE!" 2. There is no #2. I'd give a link to demonstrate the idiocy someone just invited me to, but there are forum rules against that.
  15. K

    7Th Sea, Sans Magicka + More Robust Trading

    I admit, I love 7th Sea, with an unhealthy passion typically reserved for delicious foods and certain ASCII-based games involving dwarves, magma and meticuluous micromanagement. Indeed, I consider 7th Sea to be something purely magical, in that it has actually gotten some of my friends...
  16. D

    Seeds for my "eerie" Pirates game?

    Hey guys, I was thinking about setting up a mini-campaign while some of our other games are on hold. I was asked to GM something like a "dark" version of "Pirates of the Caribbean". Trouble is, I'm not too ofey with Pirates, and don't really know where to start. So I was wondering, if anyone...
  17. T

    How can game companies best prevent piracy of their stuff?

    How can game companies best prevent piracy of their stuff? My group was recently talking about a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and why game companies pretty much get annihilated by piracy of their stuff...and hence why we'll probably never see a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd...
  18. naturaltwenty

    WotC halts sale of pdf's through RPGNow/DriveThruRPG

    From rpgnow.com http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?p=18268325#post18268325
  19. C

    [Exalted] Dragonblooded Pirate Roll Call

    So, my FLGS is starting a new "casual" exalted campaign. Premise Dragonblooded Privateers in the west. I'm currently stumped for ideas, since I've only ever played in one exalted game and it was a Twilight Blacksmith. I call on you Denizens of RPG.net. Give me some cool ideas for a dragonblood...
  20. B

    Top 10 most annoying DRM

    Interesting article on the history of DRM in PC and console games. Some of the stuff in there is completely ridiculous (general knowledge quizzes?), and SecuROM definitely gets a mention. http://www.edge-online.com/features/ten-most-annoying-drm-methods I can't figure out if Earthbound is more...
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