1. DMH

    Has Disney lost it?

    Looking at the up coming release of Wall E on DVD, I noticed there is to be 1 disc and 3 disc sets (initially they said 2 and 3, then made a change recently). The 3rd disc hold a "digital initative" copy- something you can download for viewing on a PC, phone, whatever legally. Isn't this...
  2. Quasar

    PC manufacturers view piracy as hidden benefit

    http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/pc-manufacturers-view-piracy-as-hidden-benefit-for-consumers-hollenshead So I'm wondering what he expects hardware makers to do. I can just imagine the reaction if PC makers started to include TPM or some other hardware measure that software makers could...
  3. Shan Andy

    A question of PDF ethics

    say, for the sake of argument I've bought a pdf version of a game. is there a legal/ethical issue with making a copy of it (or extracted elements of it) for my players to give them a chance to get familiar with it and to learn character creation? Would this change if I only did the parts that...
  4. C

    [GURPS] The Allmighty Dodge

    I use a GURPS scan because I do most of my character work. Lest anyone impinge me, I spent a whole heck of money on these books and I have them. I use them, too - for play. But there is one thing that smacked me in the face: Enhanced Defenses (Dodge) in my scan costs 75 points per rank. My...
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