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  1. M

    [Pathfinder 2e] Planescape readiness and ideas

    Howdy All, I had picked up the new Pathfinder at the local store a few days ago mainly as a fun read, and now find myself running a game of it at said store in a week or so. It's one-shot, but with good possibility to continue. I had originally considered just running one of the two new PF2...
  2. brahnamin

    Most Important Thing in a Planescape Adventure

    All in the title: What aspects do you most want to see in a Planescape adventure?
  3. Garblag

    [D&D 5e Planescape] The Dark of the Cage - YouTube Actual Play

    We are proud to present the first episode of "The Dark of the Cage" our brand new Dungeons & Dragons 5e Planescape actual play series! On this episode our band of disparate adventurers come together from across the planes. Unexpectedly for some, they all arrive on the Outlands with quite a...
  4. K

    [Planescape] So, why the Celts?

    So, I loved Planescape, and one of the reasons why is because they used so many deities and pantheons that weren't as well known in popular culture, or at least not western popular culture. The Finnish gods, the Celestial Bureaucracy, the gods of Japan and India ( though the latter strikes me as...
  5. Paka

    D&D campaign pitches

    Title The Pitch: Short and sweet explanation. Is there a starting situation or method for creating that start-point based on the players' choices? Discuss that here. System: Edition? Retro-clone? What's yer poison? House-rules: Will shields be splintered? Dragonborn only? 2d10 instead of d20...
  6. K

    OOC Cat on the Planes [Scarlet Heroes]

    This is the OOC thread for a play-by-post game of Scarlet Heroes in a loose adaptation of the Planescape setting, featuring chitzk0i as Zaphai Mathayu, a catfolk scholar-explorer with his eyes on the ancient temple of the singing crystals at Talikiki, and KnockingBox as the DM! I was going to...
  7. K

    IC Cat on the Planes [Scarlet Heroes]

    It's yet another day in the City of Doors. Specific-wise, it's the first hour past peak on Charity day, in the second rule of the state of Valiance, in the sixty-eighth regnal year of Factol Sefet-Qam - but a berk'll go barmy trying to remember all that, so let's just call it 10th Valiance, 68...
  8. Blackwingedheaven

    [Planescape] [5E] The Sigil Job: 101 Heists for Planescape

    So I've been talked into running a D&D 5th Edition game for one of my regular groups, with Planescape as the setting. As character creation proceeded, everyone realized that they were building characters that would fit in fine as a heist crew--so that's what they are. With that in mind, I...
  9. V

    Planescape and my pet peeve with D&D treatment of Mythologies

    I love Planescape and Sigil. The New Weird sensibilities, the "belief shapes reality" motto, the factions, the multiverse concept, etc. are right up my alley. BUT the way it treats the realms of the deities and it's inhabitants, like they were human nations with political agendas and animal...
  10. F

    [Recruitment] Planescape/Star•Drive: Renaissance - PBP on Myth-Weavers

    Gist of the game is that the same players play a Planescape game and a Star•Drive game, concurrently but separately, while the two settings merge and they have to work together to find out why. System is Cortex Prime to account for the Power of Belief, and to smooth over the two settings...
  11. V

    Dramatic Planescape?

    Recently replayed the Torment videogame (the new enhanced edition) and remembered how awesome it is and.... how "narrativist" it is. See, the game is all about the protagonist woes and inner demons and how he deals with them. No princess- nor world- saving plots here. So how one could take...
  12. A

    Godbound + Planescape

    Hello I own the deluxe edition of this book and really liking what I have read so far. I showed my players a review of it on youtube, and they are also very intrigued. I was wondering how easy/feasible it will be to run a Godbound game using Sigil as a setting, and using the Planescape...
  13. Parenthesis Press

    Portal Rats, planar adventure based on The Black Hack

    Portal Rats is a standalone game of planar adventure based on the popular The Black Hack. It gives you what you need to create a "portal rat" - one of the nobodies of the planes, coming from nothing and capable of anything. New character creation rules, equipment, adversaries and more await you...
  14. N

    eBay Storm King's Thunder, Planescape stuff & Dungeonology

    I put up some stuff, it's buy it now so it might go quick: Planescape Hellbound: Blood War boxed set Planescape: Factol's Manifesto Planescape: Faction War Storm Kings Thunder Dungeonology
  15. M

    Cannot get over planescape

    First of all i apologize if this has been covered before, i couldn't find any topic on this matter. I've been playing D&D since the 90's. And when i learned about Planescape i was stunned. I couldn't believe the magic of the setting, specially the power of belief that surrounds everything, the...
  16. K

    [Planescape] Your favorite PC race?

    One of the big selling points of Planescape, in my opinion, were the character creation options that really separated it from other fantasy settings. So, what ones did you like best?
  17. krubish

    1001 Planescape Scenarios

    Let's hear to some Planescape plot hooks, seeds, and rumors! I'll start: 1. Lately, fresh primes have been found dead in Sigil with increasing frequency. 2. Rumors have been going around about groups of mimirs gathering in Sigil's alleyways and sewers recently.
  18. Outremer

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Let's Read] Planes of Law/Chaos/Conflict

    As a big fan of the setting, I've long considered doing a LR of one of the Planescape products, but I couldn't decide which one would be best. In the end, I decided to cheat a bit, by taking three products that are divided into 16 parts. The boxed sets "Planes of Law", "Planes of Chaos" and...
  19. K

    Should I buy & download Planescape: Torment?

    I have a hankering to play this again. I've learned it's on GOG, and since my copy of the game seems to have a misplaced disc 4, this seems good, particularly because the GOG forums have links to the various mods needed to play it on a modern computer. (Just think how far we've come to have to...
  20. Jürgen Hubert

    Kill Six Billion Demons: Musings on Planescape

    If you haven't read the webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons, you should - it is (a) utterly awesome, and (b) has a setting with a lot of similarities to Planescape, as it is set in a "crossroads between the worlds"/"center of the multiverse" setting. After thinking through these similarities, I've...
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