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planetary romance

  1. Rook S.

    [Recruitment] Traveller: A Pocketful of Stardust

    It's a Traveller sandbox campaign! Who doesn't love a Traveller sandbox campaign? If you don't love a Traveller sandbox campaign, probably you shouldn't reply to this thread. Unless you want to learn to love one? Anyway, I have no overall plot in mind; play to find out. (Funny how storygames and...
  2. G

    Planetary Romance: Luna?

    I'm fleshing out the solar system for a pulp setting with planetary romance tropes. I've got a pretty strong grasp on what I want to do with Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Jovian moons. But I'm not finding a lot on Earth's moon to draw on. I guess there wasn't a big window of time in between...
  3. MikeM

    Planetary Romance RPGs

    So I know every once in awhile a thread will pop up asking for the best supers game, sci-fi, pulp, etc. But I dont think I have seen one for Planetary Romance. These are the ones I know of: Hollow Earth Expedition: Revelations of Mars John Carter PRG (coming soon?) I believe Adamant has a Mars...
  4. MikeM

    Exiled in Eris RPG

    Anyone ever heard of Exiled in Eris? Sounds interesting. Anyone know if there is a physical copy available? Thanks,
  5. D

    IC [FAE] Against the Masters

    System: Fate Accelerated Setting: Masters of Umdaar Title: Against the Masters GM: DrewT333 Players - Characters Neaden - Sss'Dritni'Vael'Priy, Bounty Hunter of the Snake People Brontes - Rahn, The Glass-Eyed Man Tarren - Skarx, T-rex/Lobster Chimera Muskrat - Dunyata the Steel Wanderer...
  6. D

    OOC [FAE] Against the Masters

    Here we are with the final bit of character creation: Shared Aspects I rolled randomly to pair up your characters, this should be fun: === Brontes - Rahn, The Glass-Eyed Man Muskrat - Dunyata the Steel Wanderer === Tarren - Skarx, T-rex/Lobster Chimera Glyptodont - Freeman...
  7. D

    [Interest/Recruitment] FAE Lost World-Masters of Umdaar

    Any interest in Masters of Umdaar? I am happy to run the setting as written but, if there's any interest in an Earth based trans-dimensional Lost World, I propose these additions: An ancient Roman colony Displaced Vikings, Mongols, Crusaders and natives from the Americas A region of sky-islands...
  8. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    It's My Birthday! Give Me Planetary Romance Adventure Ideas!

    I volunteered to GM a planetary romance game this morning, as one does, and now I need adventure hooks. :p For the setting I'm thinking either steamy jungle Venus with dinosaurs, or a Thundercats/Thundarr the Barbarian-esque post-post-apocalyptic Earth. With dinosaurs. I'm going to hack Honor +...
  9. GoldenH

    Planetary Romance on Venus - native species and mode of transportation.

    I am considering developing this further into a full setting and maybe running a game based on it, so I'd appreciate any feedback. Inspired by John Carter of Mars (and the books, which are so much better than the movie), I've been pondering what and how to do planetary romance. Of course, doing...
  10. Miss Atomic Bomb

    Honor + Intrigue for Planetary Romance?

    While I was down with the flu, I read through Honor + Intrigue the swashbuckling variant of Barbarians of Lemuria from the creator of BASH. And while I never would have said that BoL's combat needed more crunch, H+I does it in a neat way that I'm really eager to put on the table. Well, what I'm...
  11. wheloc

    Barsoomian Brainstorming

    I just read A Princess of Mars and I suppose I'll probably see the John Carter movie soon, so I've been thinking of martian plots, themes, and characters (with a focus, of course, on roleplaying in the setting). Earthlings randomly get transported (astral project?) to mars sometimes (is this...
  12. S

    Sword and Planet RPGs?

    To coincide with the release of the John Carter movie, what are some good Sword & Planet RPGs out there? I know of Mars from Adamant Entertainment, Under the Moons of Zoon, and I'd even consider Space 1889 a Sword and Planet game.
  13. I

    You know what would be cool? A planetary romance 4X/XCOM hybridy thing.

    Set in the solar system of the early 20th century, when our solar system was full of pulp sci-fi awesomeness á la Barsoom or Malacandra or especially the art of Frank R. Paul. Tell me that would not be cool.
  14. Vargold

    Barsoom-esque RPGs

    Surprised that the John Carter trailer hasn't already sparked this thread . . . What is the current state of the art where planetary romance RPGs are concerned? I know that we have Adamant's Mars supplement in both its D20 and Savage Worlds incarnations. And I know that most of the generic...
  15. Evil Midnight Lurker

    [Where I Read] Alan Burt Akers' Kregen series (Anti-Gor Therapy!)

    Following Afterburner's Gor thread and joining in the mocking of Norman is fun... but the books are killing my brain and all I'm reading are the freaking excerpts. So an antidote is called for. There's already a Barsoom thread (or there was), and that's probably already familiar to your...
  16. M

    what are the tropes of planetary romance?

    I get the basic logic ("give Edward Said an aneurysm") and the most prominent examples (Martian princesses, Venerian jungles) but I can't find a comprehensive treatment anywhere - TVTropes is less helpful than I expected it to be.
  17. G_K_Zhukov

    New Space: 1889 goodies on the horizon.

    VSF fans be warned: Frank Chadwick, of GDW fame, has made several announcements regarding the continuation of the Space: 1889 line, including a new miniatures license and a set of wargaming rules. http://space1889.blogspot.com/
  18. Kanezeran

    [savage worlds] MARS adventure ideas

    I am a HUGE fan of all this pulp weird science and sorcery fiction from moorcock to burroughs to howard and I;ve been trying to get my hands on other pulp-style Mars-related fiction. Now, having gotten the savage worlds rulebook but not the MARS setting (takes a hell of a lot of time to ship to...
  19. EvilSchemer

    Need inspiration pics! Planetary Romance!

    I need help developing a campaign world. I need inspirational pics for Planetary Romance with a healthy dose of Pulp Scientifiction. I wants fins on helmets, rayguns with unneccesary disks around the barrel. Etc. Here's a reference list: John Carter Warlod of Mars Flash Gordon comics and...
  20. JohnK

    [Savage Worlds Mars] Female Players and Planetary Romance

    Hullo, folks, This post isn't really about Savage Worlds Mars per se, as it is about the planetary romance genre. I'm planning to run the Mars campaign a la barsoom, in the planetary romance mold, but this raises a problem with one of my gaming groups, and it's an issue that I can see...
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