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planetary romance

  1. legopaidi

    Sword & Planet rpgs?

    Are there any games or even homebrews / system conversions for this particular genre?
  2. P

    Help me grok pulp Mars.

    I'm fascinated with the concept and the ideas of Barsoom and other such sword & planet worlds. Thing is, I've never read any of Burroughs, Moorcock's or Kline's stories, I just know of them. I'll get round to rectifying this at some point of course. I therefore know very little about the...
  3. RoadScholar

    Sword and Planet for Role Play Inspiration.

    The classic role playing fantasy party has the nine companions from lord of the rings as a literary genre base, along with the Argonauts, the knights of the round table and many more. Supers come in teams. Military games come prepackaged as party/group settings. These genres have support...
  4. J

    Savage Worlds ... MARS

    While I was in my local shop today I spotted the savage worlds setting MARS. My attention was grabbed by the cover so I had a quick flick though. What I saw really interested me. Although I didn't buy it (I'm not a big savage world RPGer) I thought I'd post here to find out what others...
  5. K

    [OOC] GURPS Sword and Planet

    Sorry for the delay. Here's an OOC thread, which will be pretty useful. I'll post everyone's character sheets here. This will also be a good place to discuss changes you want to make as things start to move along. Some of you have some quirks to assign, and I'll need confirmation from...
  6. R

    Status of MARS (Savage Worlds Edition)?

    Does anyone know what the latest is on the release (hardback) of MARS Savage Worlds Edition from Adamant? I see that one is about to be released by Cubicle 7, but that there's also a version on Lulu. Does anyone know if it's just a distributor/price thing, or if there will be any difference in...
  7. M

    Dark Sun As Planetary Romance

    Spun off from my Dark Sun + Dune thread. I'm thinking about doing Dark Sun as pure planetary romance. Not fantasy. TO THAT END I am considering throwing out Dwarves, Elves, and Hobbits. Humans, ok. Thri-kreen and Muls, ok. What other D&D races are both suitable for PC play and sufficiently...
  8. M

    Deja Thoris Cast

    Looked for a post on this, didnt' see one. http://io9.com/5288993/gambit-and-silver-fox-are-going-to-mars So here's our Queen of Mars.
  9. S

    Jonesing for some Planetary Romance

    Planetary Romance, Sword and Planet, Sword and Blaster, whatever you want to call it. After leafing through Savage Worlds: Mars, I'd like to read a few books in that vein. I did a search and found this older thread, I will see if I can find some of the books mentioned there. In the four years...
  10. SibKhatru

    [Any System] John Carter RPG

    The talk in the thread about Space:1889 and Savage Worlds reminded me again that a favorite setting of mine in the John Carter Warlord of Mars stuff (Burroughs). I think SW would be a nifty system fit... but has anyone done something else in the setting? It's gritty, pulpy, very heroic, etc. so...
  11. Balbinus

    Space 1889 images/artwork

    Hi all, I need to set up the wiki for my Space 1889 game, and will need some artwork for the front page. Anyone got any suggestions of stuff that might be appropriate? Links greatly appreciated...
  12. Balbinus

    [Space 1889] Help with Martian names needed

    Hi all, 1970s NYC has been put on temporary hold, as being too similar to other stuff I've done lately. So, next I'm running Space 1889. But I have one problem, names. I suck at making up names, particularly on the fly. But the S1889 book really doesn't help much with names for Martians, it...
  13. T

    planetary romance vs sword & planet

    What is the actually different between planetary romance and sword & planet genre? Some say they are almost the same and others says they different but what exactly make these genre be name two different genres?
  14. T

    [Adamant] Thrilling Tales/Mars Savage Worlds

    I've been out of touch with the forums (and internet in general) over the holidays. Has Adamant been able to release their Savage Worlds versions of Thrilling Tales and Mars yet? I'm looking for Dead Tree versions when it is released. Mr. Skarka has cancelled the forums on his site due to...
  15. R

    MARS the rpg

    I just ordered the MARS rpg through lulu.com. Anyone played or gamemastered it ? I am not interested in reviews (I read those),but rather in actual play experiences. I could really enjoy some ERB-style adventures. Does it provide that ?
  16. Miss Atomic Bomb

    Cavaliers of Mars (I think I have my Thanksgiving game)

    [sound of howling wind] On a world beyond time [zooming across a landscape of red sand] In a land beyond the desert [shifting, zooming along a canal] In a city without compassion [the ziggurat looms in the distance, the sprawl of the city rushes by below us as we zoom in on its top] [we...
  17. Corplos

    [Create-a Setting] Planetary Romance

    The men & women of Algol live in comfortable lives, cut off from Earth billions upon billions of miles away. None have never known the Earth, only the half mortal pilots who rescued their ancestors from grim, burning death would have known & they have been silent for centuries. But they know...
  18. J

    [HEX] Hollow Earth Expedition announces it's going to Mars.

    http://www.exilegames.com/upcoming.html This has just popped up on their web site. No word on what it will entail, but speculation has begun.
  19. J

    [Create-a-setting] Kingdoms of the 11 Worlds

    (This is a riff off one of my fanfic settings to see what other people would do with the core concept...) It is the Silver Age of Mankind, thousands of years ago before the Ice covered the Earth and the Worlds of Man fell into darkness, erasing all evidence of this once mighty civilization. In...
  20. G

    MARS Planetary Romance / Sword 'N Planet : Preference?

    A couple of discussions at GenCon have convinced me that Adamant should re-launch our MARS line in a non-d20 format. Right now, the leading possibilities are Savage Worlds and the FATE system (as used in Spirit of the Century and Starblazer Adventures). Both certainly have their own unique...
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