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planetary romance

  1. Piestrio

    Why has nobody made a "Barsoom" RPG?

    It seems a great adventure setting, superfun and Public Domain. What's not to like? Piestrio
  2. The Radioactivist

    Iron Lords of Jupiter!

    OK - I'll admit I am not a D20 fanboy. In fact, I dropped running 3.5 D&D because it was like drinking from a waterfall (and the fact that I can't run horror to save my life...*sigh*). That being said, I always figured I don't hate class & level - heck, it just another name for a package deal...
  3. M

    Edgar Rice Burroughs' Athas - Dark Sun Tweeks - Comments please!

    Hi All For some time now I've been considering starting a Barsoom inspired campaign. Initially I was waiting on Adamant's MARS rpg, but of late I've been thinking that the close similarity to Barsoom might be a hinderance rather than a help. So just a few days ago I picked up the ESD of the...
  4. GreenTongue

    Role Playing in Barsoom

    Does anyone know of a RPG set in Barsoom? Would Savage Worlds make a good rule set for the setting? Barsoom =
  5. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Planetary Romance

    When I was in the 5th grade (and this was before the previous Ice Age, mind), I read A Princess of Mars, by E.R. Burroughs (in a cheap, Book Club edition with a Frazetta cover, no less). This book absolutely blew me away. And it’s one of those few things—like seeing the original Star Wars—that...
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