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plot generator

  1. B

    System with Best Adventure Generator?

    Howdy folks Well, it has come to my attention that there is a group of players in my area in search of a GM. I am not adverse to being this GM, but my free time for prepping another in-depth campaign is next to nil. So what I am looking for is a fun, ideally rules-lite system that comes with...
  2. G

    [necro][FATE] I have a random relationship table, now what?

    It occurred to me today that FATE doesn't really have a lot of random generation tables. Now, I suppose it doesn't need them, but it suddenly occurred to me what one would look like, so I drew one up. Now I kind of like it, and wonder: what else could you do with this? Random "How Do They Know...
  3. Jürgen Hubert

    Wikipedia Inspiration Generator

    I just hit on a great idea for a plot/adventure generator: 1. Go to Wikipedia. 2. Go to Print/export->Create a book in the sidebar. 3. Go to an initial page of particular interest to you (for example, "Ruins") and add it to the book. 4. Click on "Suggest Pages" in the "Book Creator" tab. 5. Add...
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