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  1. BabbageCliologic

    [Dresden Files RPG] Spellcasting Spreadsheet -- Test it for me!

    Hey Folks, I'm running a Dresden Files RPG FAE game for some friends and they're all playing White Council Wardens. Since the magic system is complex, I've come up with a spellcasting spreadsheet that I've put up on Google Drive in a zip file. If you play Dresden Files RPG, I'd appreciate a...
  2. P

    Tools for GMs

    Hello everyone, Anyone there use programs to create maps for their games? Some of them are good? You see, I'm not very good at drawing and I want to create maps for several big Italian Renaissance cities and possibly dungeons like caves and mines. I would like it to have it more like...
  3. Paka

    [Diaspora] Clusternomicon

    The data known as the Clusternomicon is a myth, like Earth, like the Lost Generation Ships and aliens and so many other bits of folk lore that come out of the void. Here we will gather what we can, using Chapter 2. Clusters, page 13-30 of Diaspora and share what we know of the universe...
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