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  1. Allandaros

    Shifting Business from POD to Print Runs/Distribution?

    Hey folks - anyone here shifted their publication from POD to traditional print runs? Any tips for a company looking into doing that?
  2. Lewd Beholder

    Any stipulations for RPG material for OneBookshelf?

    I'm finally going to upload my material to drivethrurpg, but while setting up an account looks fairly easy (pick a name and attach a bank account), I'm not seeing their requirements for .pdfs. are their any stipulations (ex. page count, margins, requirements to be print on demand)? If so where?
  3. Allandaros

    [5e] What Would You Look For in 3rd-Party Content (if anything)?

    Over here, Wayne Rossi wrote a piece about the state of the OSR in 2015. The entire piece is worth a gander (if that sort of thing is of interest) but one part caught my eye: (emphasis mine) This got me curious. What are the criteria that you, 5e players/DMs, would apply in considering third...
  4. E

    Printers of China

    This is a very, very, very, very, very "inside baseball" kinda question getting into the really technical jiggery-pokery of physically manufacturing games. As in, I expect only a tiny percentage of people who might read this might actually know the information, and of them, a lot of them might...
  5. Ken Finlayson

    On Judging a Book by its Cover

    Over in my slow-moving thread on the 2015 Hugo nominations, a discussion started about cover art of books (SF and fantasy, given the interests of the thread, but I'm sure the problem isn't limited to those fields). Specifically, the conversation was sparked by Brad Torgerson's contention that...
  6. T

    The unique craft of RPG layout

    Inspired by a conversation with the generous-of-time-and-knowledge Kevin Crawford, I have a question about layout. I am given to understand that RPGs are a unique beast in terms of layout -- it is both unusually important and very, very different from typical layout work. Given the niche...
  7. T

    What's it like to have a published game?

    RPGs are different than other forms of media in two ways. One is that they are explicitly designed for use by other people; you release them into the wild with nothing but the sole intention that other people start tinkering with them. But if you're lucky enough to have an actual product line...
  8. C

    The (indy)hippo has landed!

    Ok, I've fired the starting gun on the marketing drive for indyhippo, my publishing imprint, which stars Hoagy, a rather wonderful character drawn by the equally wonderful Gennifer Bone. Thanks Genn! You can find Hoagy on FB (where there's already a Sci-Fi Beta Kappa group), G+ and (soon) on...
  9. B

    Post Kickstarter sales

    Any publishers out there willing to release their sales data for their games after that game was successfully launched through Kickstarter? Vow of Honor is nearing completion, and I'm wondering if I should expect any sales at all through DriveThru or various online channels (it is a PDF only...
  10. U

    Amazon suspends (then later un-suspends) book for having too many hyphens[Not really]

    Graeme Reynolds has two books about werewolves up at Amazon. The second one, called High Moor 2: Moonstruck, was briefly suspended, apparently because it had too many hyphens. The author's relevant blog post is here. I heard about it via Alison Flood's post at the Guardian Books Blog here...
  11. The Radioactivist

    Copyright IP advice needed for my first solo work

    Hello all! Well, over the years I've dipped my toe in and written as an author here and there. And despite having a background as a professional writer, I am woefully ignorant about copyright as I've always worked for companies and, in essence, my work was owner by them at the end of the day...
  12. W

    [Pinnacle] New Savage Worlds book sizes.

    Pinnacle decided to post a response to their changing sizes, of their Savage Worlds books, over at Bleeding Cool. They make some interesting points, and to be honest the new size doesn't bother me at all. That is as long as the font size doesn't get reduced to eye squinting levels which, from...
  13. S

    RPG book printing costs... what are they?

    I am really wanting to learn about this and my google-fu is not really finding all that much on specifics regarding this so I am hoping if anybody could point me in the direction of a good source of information regarding what the average role playing game publisher might pay to print their rpg...
  14. Steve Conan Trustrum

    Misfit Studios is looking to expand Stock Art selections

    Misfit Studios currently sells a number of products on behalf of other people, and I'm looking to expand more into stock art and design work. If you are an artist -- illustrator or graphic design -- with art you'd like to try selling, consider the benefits of commercializing it through an...
  15. C

    PoD products on DriveThru & Cooperation with FLGS?

    Hey there! I wanted to know if any publishers are currently doing something like this: Offer special discounts on your PoD products to FLGS owners, so they can sell the product on a local basis, and add their own margin. If you're a FLGS owner, how do you get in contact with publishers; and...
  16. Blackwingedheaven

    [Questions and Critique] Heroes of Terra

    Recently, I posted up my Heroes of Terra campaign setting for Savage Worlds, an idea spun off from some of the talk in this thread, though clearly I went my own direction with it. At this point, Heroes of Terra is basically its own thing, with a lot of tongue-in-cheek references to the various...
  17. Wade

    Kickstarter Resources

    So I hope to kick start my RPG Kickstart eventually. Just wanted to share a couple of links and encourage others to do so. (be sure to explore the other content the linked sites provide) Podcasts: Getting your game in stores - Funding the Dream on Kickstarter Ep 83 with Aldo Ghiozzi <- board...
  18. B

    Need Advice on to distribute free or not?

    I have a game I have been working on. It is almost finished and laid out, but not edited. I have worked on it for a couple of years, and think it is a system and setting that people would enjoy playing. It is about a hundred pages of game rules and flavour, based on a d12 dice pool system. I...
  19. H

    [Online Publishing] Where to host a free setting?

    Hi everybody! As I´ve mentioned sometimes here, I´m working in a couple of settings (five, really) and intend to publish them online. The "First Phase" of four of them is almost done, pending only translation and illustration, and so I´m starting to look for ways to publish them. However...
  20. JCAB

    Best way to publish a free RPG

    So I am currently play-testing a very rules light Role-Playing system, which I have been tinkering about with for some time. And as I get closer and closer to a product which I feel is usable and might entertain other people besides my friends and myself, I am beginning to wonder about how best...
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