1. L

    🎨 Creative Punk Rock Campaign Ideas?

    Preferably for D&D, but if you have another system that would work better I would love to hear it. So my regular group has expressed interest in their next campaign being, and I am not making this up, one where they play as a group of Giff bards in a punk rock band. While I am all for this on...
  2. Participant-Observer

    [Steampunk+] Radical, Inclusive, and PUNK Steampunk RPGs?

    Gentle readers, I'm curious to know, if there are any Steampunk RPGs (or miniature wargames, for that matter) that are actively radical, inclusive, and/or just plain PUNK. I'd like to know if there are any that are genuinely and angrily critical of empire, colonialism, and industrialization...
  3. McCaber

    [Punk Rock][Trans] Against Me!'s new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues

    is fucking awesome! I've been a fan of Against Me! since way back when, so I'm super pleased to learn this. Laura Grace's struggles and transition have definitely influenced and informed this album, but it loses none of the previous edge AM had. Solid guitar-driven punk rock through and through...
  4. B

    [Genre] Switch from Pulp to Punk without Disconnect?

    Inspired by the Diesel Punk is Hipster Pulp thread someone said that Pulp envisions a world where people are made better by the progress of humanity whereas Punk citizens are oppressed (and transgress oppression) by that same progress. I enjoy both genres and am planning on tapping them both...
  5. S

    [LotW/setting riff] The bright clear (neon) light

    " Remember the clear light, the pure clear white light from which everything in the universe comes, to which everything in the universe returns; the original nature of your own mind. The natural state of the universe unmanifest. Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it. It is your...
  6. S

    "-punk" Steampunk settings?

    Where can I find Steampunk RPG material that emphasizes the "-punk"? I mean, the Steampunk stuff I see tends to be about people in the peerage doing whatever-it-is-they-do with their airships and such. The people who are, if not actually atop the ladder of society, pretty close to it. I can't...
  7. Bliss Authority

    [IC] Apocalypse World - Grave of The Eagles

    All you've known is the desert, the rocks, and the Grave of the Eagles - where the old hardholders used to keep their fucking airplanes for fighting honest to god wars, now just rusted cabins and gas tanks and dreams. Hopefully not the dreams; you can get a lot worse than tetanus off one of...
  8. Bliss Authority

    [OOC] Apoc World: Grave of the Eagles

    For OOC discussion of the Apoc World PBP game discussed here. Among other things, we need to discuss what kind of sick, twisted shit we're all comfortable playing around with (Lines and Veils, if you subscribe to Ron Edwards theories of RPG brain damage*.) Also discussions of music. Any...
  9. Deflare

    [Setting Riff] Potterpunk

    Thirteen years ago, the Dark Lord Voldemort died. But so did his enemy, Harry Potter. Without their Chosen One to act as a beacon, the forces of the Light faltered long enough for the remaining Death Eaters to escape the Battle of Hogwarts. The Death Eaters went back to the Ministry of Magic...
  10. D

    The Ramones Meet Godzilla!

    Found this through the Monster Island News website. Audio of The Ramones live at the The Palladium on January 7th, 1978 combined with footage from (mostly) classic giant monster films! http://vimeo.com/21836858 "ONETWOTHREEFOUR!"
  11. C

    My Song About RPGs

    Hey All, I finally uploaded my song about pen and paper RPGs. You can listen to it here: http://fairtilizer.com/track/91085 Hope you enjoy it! Sean Moron
  12. J


    So, quickreading over this forum, I misread a thread title and began wondering what the hell "schoolpunk" is. Then I saw I had misread. But now, I want to define what Schoolpunk is. *G* So, RPG.net, gimme your ideas.
  13. C

    Favorite Punk Bands

    I love punk, old school, new school, whatever. I'm not really into it's history or the lifestyle or anything, I just like jamming to the music. I felt like listing some of my favorites and was hoping to hear yours so we could check out some new/different stuff. My number one favorite has got...
  14. D


    On topic of games where gender/sex aren't just a line on the character sheet, there is some things that when put in to game would result in losing my DM hat: First roll for gender, you dont get to choose that, that's my house-rule of added real1sm!! Then: Male character's starting gold...
  15. S

    [Create-a-Setting]Ultimate Pokepunk; Battle Monsters

    It all started in Japan... Somehow, someone discovered a way to create magical battle animals. Unfortunately, these creatures rapidly reproduce. They had altered entire ecosystems and disrupted the food chain. Special devices were created to capture the magical battle animals. People realized...
  16. T

    [Setting Concept] Flamepunk

    The sky above Sardukar was the colour of charcoal, roasted by the flickering flames below. Skaz shouldered his way through the hulking mulebloods standing watch over the door of the Cascade. Cool air and mist flowed around him as he stepped in; the Cascade wasn't a tavern for blazers. You...
  17. M

    [Create-A-Setting] Narniapunk

    This setting is to Lewis' Narnia somewhere between what McGee's Wonderland is to Carrol's and what Maguire's Oz is to Baum's. It is set late into the Pevensie Quadrarchy, a period of racial tension, religious upheaval, and angry early-90s anomie.
  18. A

    What makes it a "_____"punk game

    What are the essential attributes of a game that lead it to be described with the suffix "punk"
  19. David J Prokopetz

    More -punkin'.

    Revisiting an old theme... *** It all started the day the sun went out. Some say it was Judgement Day, and only the unworthy remain; others claim that the walls between the lands of the living and the lands of the dead broke down, or that it was an invasion from beyond the stars. Most don't...
  20. David J Prokopetz

    In the continuing quest to prove that you can "-punk" anything...

    If you're sick of cyber-punk RPGs, you may want to turn back now. :p ... still here? Righty. It is the year 2050, and the world is at war. However, wars are no longer fought with tanks and soldiers - or bombs and bullets, for that matter. Biological science has long since outstripped crude...
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