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  1. Nihtgenga

    [BPR] Did anyone own the old Gateway boxset?

    I was looking through an old catalog that came with my 3rd CoC boxset in the early 80s and was reminded of the Gateway setting which was designed to be a non-Gloranthan setting for 2nd ed Runequest. The ad seemed to indicate that the game was more silk shirt swashbuckling than RQ and I was...
  2. Molotov

    [Other Worlds] Results from Mecha / SF One-Shot

    Howdy All, I wanted give a report out of some of the OW action at this past weekend's EndGame MiniCon. "Noise to Signal" - my SF / mecha game - ran Sunday at 10 am, for 4 hours. I had five sign-ups; we ran with four. I prepared five sheets, so all was good. The write-up is shown at the bottom...
  3. Molotov

    [Other Worlds] Adapting "Totems of the Dead"

    I picked up Gun Metal Games' Totems of the Dead (ToD) setting recently. The books are written for the Savage Worlds system - a system I enjoy, but I'm currently grooving on Other Worlds. I discovered my good friend & neighbor, Angelo, is quite into the setting (pre-Columbian North American...
  4. John Marron

    [Other Worlds] What campaign ideas are you considering?

    I'm very excited about the prospect of group setting generation as described in Other Worlds. I've done something similar in the past using Mortal Coil, and it really did make everyone more invested in the setting. That said, while reading through the OW book, I started jotting down a bunch of...
  5. John Marron

    [Other Worlds] Other Worlds PDF released!

    Our own Soviet's game Other Worlds has just been released on PDF here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=97631& The game originally evolved out of Heroquest, and has been a long time (a long, long, time...) in coming, but from my initial skim it looks very well written...
  6. Mark D. Eddy

    [HeroQuest 2] Sci-Fi/Space Opera Genre Pack

    So my 2-year Dogs in the Vineyard campaign is coming to an end soon, and I'm working up my Next Thing (tm). So, after polling my players with several options, I will be running a space opera type setting with the 2nd ed HeroQuest rules. Which means I need a Genre Pack for my space opera. It is...
  7. C

    Questworld?HQ2 vs Other Worlds

    OK so there is talk about the new HQ2 game that debuted in a pre-release format at Continuum recently in this thread here that apparently will be called Questworlds. However somewhere still in development there is a game called Otherworlds. Both are spawned for want of a better term from the...
  8. First Age

    HeroQuest 2.0 Preview – First Thoughts

    One of the many great things about the recent Continuum convention was the release of a Continuum 2008 Special Playtest Preview of the new HeroQuest game! The preview is a 148 page spiral bound book with a 'close to finished' version of the text, and thus full version of the game, but without...
  9. Poster #15672

    Other Worlds--lots of questions

    So, there's this riff on the Heroquest game mechanics that's been worked on for awhile called Other Worlds--not quite the Heroquest mechanics but something similar that's loosely based off of mad experiments with them. We hear tell that Mike Holmes and Mark (soviet) are close to breaking...
  10. H

    Heroquest 2.0?

    Any news on the Heroquest 2.0 (or is it Questworlds?)? Last I heard was that Robin D Laws took over, then the sounds of silence descended on the project, and this was.... two-three years ago maybe? I wish to give publishers my money for it.
  11. H

    Any info on the Heroquest Generic Rulebook aka Questworlds?

    Does anybody have any information on the progress of the generic Heroquest Rulebook previously known as Questworlds? The last I had seen was on Robin Laws' blog, he mentioned that he had turned in the manuscript for editing. Maybe someone here heard something at Gencon? I am still eagerly...
  12. soviet

    Other Worlds

    Hi, Myself, Mike Holmes, and Scott Mathis are currently hard at work on a new RPG by the name of Other Worlds. The original announcement can be found here: http://www.story-games.com/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=3247&page=1#Item_0 I've reproduced it below for the benefit of all those...
  13. R

    Questworlds: Yes, No, Maybe?

    Is it ever coming out? Is it still in active development? Who is working on it, if anyone?
  14. T

    [QuestWorlds] Would it ever come to existance ??

    I want to ask, if anyone know, if and when QuestWorlds would be in stores ? Any info abaut the system younger then from 2005 as i found at Glorantha www ?
  15. soviet

    The HeroQuest conversions thread

    As I'm sure QuestWorlds will (eventually) show, the HeroQuest system is pretty much ideally suited for conversion to a variety of different genres and settings. I think this is partly due to the way keywords and relationship abilities allow play to get straight at the the meat of a setting, and...
  16. J

    Heroquest minus Glorantha?

    Are there any plans to make a generic game book using the heroquest system? I liked what I saw of the system, but I'm not very interested in Glorantha. -Jeff P.S. I looked a bit at their site, and saw nothing, but thought I'd ask here.
  17. Molotov

    [QuestWorlds] Bring on the Augments, baby!

    Howdy All, Well, consider this generally commentary and I suppose QW preview #2'ish. Something like that. Regardless, I dig augments. Muchly. First, the obligatory primer about QuestWorlds. Second, what are augments, or more appropriately, augmentations. In quickand easy terms...
  18. M

    Any timescale for Questworlds?

    I did a silly thing. Kinda. Well, objectively it's probably quite a good thing but it's made my life that little bit more stressful. Y'see I've sold my gaming group on the idea of Questworlds in advance of its release and now they keep hounding me to know when it'll actually be out. Can anyone...
  19. Molotov

    [QuestWorlds] Building My DDC Demo Games

    Howdy All, So, as work and playtest on QuestWorlds steams right ahead, I'm putting in for two - yes, two - demo games at February's Dundracon. About four hours each, and I'm looking to bookend the Con with a Friday night and Monday morning offering. Of course, I have to actually (quickly)...
  20. Molotov

    [QuestWorlds] Lil' Sneak Peek

    Howdy All, Well, I'd promised to provide some type of preview or sneak peek on the QuestWorlds game. Here goes. :) Let me throw in the disclaimer that this is draft material and subject to change. I've been watching the first season of the new Battlestar Galactica. After falling asleep...
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