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    🎨 Creative Quotes you can build a character off of

    You know those quotes that are just so awesome that you can't help but think "I want to say that" those quotes that you just think "wow" well, why not make a character based on those? You can either quote something else, or make up something new, or somewhere in between. Go nuts.
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    Great Quotes From The Wrong People II-Quote Harder

    Jack Harkness-"We may have been crazed, strange and entirely too eager to find new things to have sex with – but we went out to preserve great chunks of this planet's cultures and we damned well did it with some style." Chrono-"You realise you can get ten times the output from a Device less...
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    💀 Necro What is your favorite quote in an RPG book?

    I have had the pleasure of joining in the forums to help edit/tighten up the HackMaster Player's Handbook. White perusing it for grammatical errors or others errata that has slipped through the process, I spit out my chocolate milk onto my keyboard. ----This comes from the entry on the Dwarf...
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