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random generators

  1. D

    Generators Guide to Pirates and Seas

    I created a list of tools for fantasy seafaring campaigns in the Generators Guide to Pirates and Sea. It has sections on Ships, Pirates and Other Sailors, the Open Sea and the Places You'll See. Let me know any generators or other online tools which should be on the list. Thanks
  2. CitizenKeen

    Best Sine Nomine Generator?

    Okay, I've got SWN and Godlike and I love the generators Crawford has written. I know he's got a few other products - based purely on the cool generators within, what else should I pick up?
  3. P

    Small Press [Just Crunch Games] The Cthulhu Hack - From Unformed Realms

    Their arrangement was odd, and seemed to follow the symmetries of some cosmic geometry unknown to earth or the solar system. For those moments when your players have taken the inevitable path away from whatever you have planned, From Unformed Realms provides the ideal tool for conjuring up a...
  4. Marius B

    Let's talk about games with GOOD random chargen!

    I got the Traveller Bundle of Holding recently which made me look at old Traveller and MegaTraveller stuff which led me to start thinking about random character generation. I like the randfom chargen in Traveller. And I like the random chargen in WHFRP 2e (and 1e - I haven't played 3e). And the...
  5. Jürgen Hubert

    Resources for Random Locations?

    When creating new locations - from individual neighborhoods or dungeons up to nations and entire planets - I like to use random generators for inspiration. So I am curious what random generator resources are out there. On the top of my head I can think of Silent Legions and the other works from...
  6. Mostlyjoe

    Exalted Random Toys! Now with Android Apps!

    Heya folks! I'm still going strong on my Exalted Random stuff generator posts via my blog. Well, I got the interest of Urs Reupke, Anathema Dev he blew me away by creating an Android App to do instant rolls based on my generators. He's even added enhancements to some of them expanding the...
  7. BluSponge

    Does this exist: a cloud-based random generator generator

    One of the side effects of moving my gaming operation online this year is that I'm just starting to leverage all the computer tools I already have at my disposal and find ways they can improve the gaming experience. What I'd love to find is either an app or a website that gives me the tools to...
  8. H

    Mythras Encounter Generator Tool (Encounters for Glorantha and other worlds)

    RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll (his nickname in thedesignmechanism forums)) has grown lately to have quite a bit of new features and content. Content is crowd sourced. http://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/rq6-encounter-tool-feature-recap-for-busy-gms So for...
  9. J

    Looking for a building type generator

    I want to run a campaign soon that requires using a very large city as the entire map. By very large city I mean a metropolis like Ptolus, Greyhawk, or Waterdeep size. The original occupants are gone except for a few who hid in the sewers and cellars. The adventure will revolve around fighting...
  10. eggdropsoap

    How do you decide weather in your sim-heavy games?

    I don't always play simulationist-leaning games, but when I do, I get pretty sim-heavy. This week's burr in my sandboxing saddle is weather. I was looking at the Weather section of RQ6 and its table of precipitation based on ambient humidity got me wishing for a solid way to determine and track...
  11. Ettin

    What's Wrong With Tabletop Gaming?

  12. David J Prokopetz

    Dave's Random Premise Generator v0.3

    In a recent thread, someone reminded me that I'd never finished putting the next version of my premise generator together - it'd been sitting untouched for nearly two years. :o Far be it for me to disappoint, then - I've spent the past few days whipping that revision into shape. It's available...
  13. W

    Introducing dxContent.com (beta) FRee web-based custom random generators!

    Hi all, Id like to invite readers to check out dxContent.com There you will find tools for creating your own custom on-line random generators. The site is in Beta mode, so I ask for patience as we smooth out workflows, bugs and add new features. I'm eager to see this cool tool used and to get...
  14. G

    [necro][FATE] I have a random relationship table, now what?

    It occurred to me today that FATE doesn't really have a lot of random generation tables. Now, I suppose it doesn't need them, but it suddenly occurred to me what one would look like, so I drew one up. Now I kind of like it, and wonder: what else could you do with this? Random "How Do They Know...
  15. Hafwit

    Random Fantasy Setting Generator

    I've begun making a random setting generator for fantasy games. It's inspired by Diaspora, which has a similar thing. The general idea is that the tables should provide fun and inspiration, not that you should tie your brain in knots trying to make it work. As I see it, they could be used by...
  16. Egyptoid

    The Riddle of Abulafia

    Is everyone familiar with ABULAFIA The site has dozens of random tables, such as personalities, jewels, treasures. Here's a random tome for you: Solving Problems with Chronomancy, by Denthane, the Triumphant Warlock Now my riddle is this: what is the symbol on the top left, and why is it...
  17. S

    The Boogey Man versus Satan Himself!

    Free horror theme generator offers inexhaustible themes for fun, for inspiration, for story ideas, and most of all . . . for free! Here are a few results from the generator: B Movies: Giant Ants versus Zombies. Terror seizes a sea-side inn near an icy coastline as deep ones are seen roaming...
  18. SteveD

    Any other random super power generators besides the one in Icons?

    Free and online would be good...
  19. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Random Powers in Truth & Justice

    From the blog: Not too long ago, I posted a little stab at doing random hero creation in Truth & Justice, based off of the tables from Villains & Vigilantes. Now, the method is back and better than ever! One might ask why I'm doing this? A few reasons (including the pure mental exercise of...
  20. Jürgen Hubert

    [ISTTKO] Forms of Worship

    I am currently trying to expand the Random Nations Generator by increasing the number of feed entries - entries which will be called up randomly for the various categories within the generator. And the category I want to work on now is "Types of Worship". With this I don't mean the worship of...
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