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  1. V

    [Let's Read] The Ravenloft Gazetteers

    While I have my problems with the Ravenloft setting, I do love the Ravenloft Gazetteers. Coinsidering that WotC has teased the possible existence of Ravenloft still existing as a "world" beyond Barovia in their obligatory 5th edition adaptation of I6, "Curse of Strahd", would anyone be...
  2. K

    I need a short city adventure concept set in Ravenloft (Il Aluk). Anyone have any ideas?

    Hi there folks! My current campaign (a new group) has sort of fell over backwards. We've been playing in Mystara for about 8-9 weeks now but things never really clicked. I always go into sessions optimistic, but I only came out truly happy with one of them. A session where for a change of...
  3. Umbraed Nox

    eBay (EBAY)Ravenloft AD&D Dungeons & Dragons RPG Hardcover Core Book and 2 Game Accessory Books (1 still is shrinkwrap)

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ravenloft-AD-D-Dungeons-Dragons-RPG-Core-Book-and-2-Game-Accessory-Books/232975177587 Start Bid: $16 Buy-It-Now: $23 Shipping: $5
  4. Castille

    How to Grant Souls to Ravenloft Refugees?

    So after having finished 'Curse of Strahd' and taking EVERYONE who wasn't actively evil out of the cursed land to Neverwinter in Faerun, I now have a plot-issue to resolve. It turns out that the souless can't leave Boravia, which I completely missed and someone helpfully drew my attention to it...
  5. TavelGorge

    Ravenloft - The Conspiracy at Krezk

    We have been running a conspiracy theory type game in Barovia. We were aiming for something along the lines of Twin Peaks or the Xfiles in conception. We also were going for a supernatural mystery in Barovia that had nothing to do with Strahd. We start of course, with an introduction. Ravenloft...
  6. Jürgen Hubert

    The state of Ravenloft in 5e

    I finally bought "Curse of Strahd" this Saturday (I know, late to the party), and while it is many things, it is not an overall update of the Ravenloft setting as a whole. Thus, I want to know what the setting is, as of the current edition. Here are some things I noticed: - The adventure is set...
  7. M

    The Home Setting of Barovia

    Is there any official statement as to the homeworld of Barovia before it's taken in to the mists of Ravenloft? I think I6 was designed as a 'drop in" to be added to other settings as needed, but not in any specific world. I recently read I, Strahd (took me 20-some years to get to it...) and it...
  8. giant.robot

    [Ravenloft] Sell me on Ravenloft/Domains of Dread

    I’ve run and played I6: Ravenloft a bunch of times and own the Ravenloft campaign setting boxed set. So I’m familiar with the castle and Strahd and such. Beyond that however I never got into Ravenloft very deeply. In the 2e days I was mostly playing home brew settings (Age of Heroes and al-Qadim...
  9. L

    Thinking of how to make a Ravenloft/Changeling: The Lost crossover

    Basically, I plan someday to run a Halloween game where a bunch of changelings find that their minds keep on being drawn into the Demiplane of Dread to match wits with the co-overlords of the Nightmare Lands (who actually are separate darklords in my view-part of their curse is that they need to...
  10. A

    Two AD&D Ravenloft modules MINT IN SHRINK

    AD&D Ravenloft adventure module MINT IN FACTORY SHRINK. Circle of Darkness: $20 Prices above include Media Mail shipping to the continental US. I accept PayPal and will ship within three business days of payment receipt.
  11. Snow Goon

    [Ravenloft] How do you portray Barovia?

    I've always liked Ravenloft, and the domain of Barovia in particular, but I tend to vacillate between portraying it as a Germanic-Austrian sort of realm and a Romanian realm. I'm talking about NPC names, traditions, etc. Does anyone here like one way over the other? Has anyone portrayed it as a...
  12. Castille

    5E Ravenloft Advice for high level PCs?

    So my main group are about to finish Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and we're going to switch into Curse of Strahd for a while. Everyone's excited for it, and they know I'm advancing the Dragon Queen timeline while they are off-plane. My question is: how quickly are they going to cheese-grate their...
  13. J

    What's A Fun 5E Wizard Build For A Ravenloft Campaign?

    He'd be level three and needs to have a horror themed background.
  14. A

    (5e) Converting feast of goblyns

    So my players are within a few weeks of finishing curse of strahd and I am thinking of converting the grand conjunction plot line to 5e and modifying if for my group who will be about level ten. I have never run the adventures in original 2e but it seems easily convertible. What tips would you...
  15. E

    I6 Ravenloft Advice

    I'm currently running an AD&D 1e campaign(using OSRIC as the base) and the group is around 3 to 4th level. I'm toying with the idea of running I6 when they all reach 5th or 6th level. I've heard stories that is extremely difficult module. Any advice on running it? Certain encounters I should...
  16. C

    First 5e Campaign - Curse of Strahd

    I'm a long time roleplayer who has experience with most editions of D&D, and I've played 5e a little bit so far (mostly premade characters in one-offs). We just got a copy of all of the core books for 5e as well as a copy of Curse of Strahd, and my friend said that she was wanting to run the...
  17. M

    [Let's Read] Curse of Strahd

    I was first drawn to this lovely little forum by Keenhelf's wonderful Let's Read of the 4th Edition core rulebooks. I've wanted to write my own Let's Read since then, and I was just about to start reading this book anyway, so.....might as well! Expectations My understanding is that Curse of...
  18. O

    Best Ravenloft Setting Material

    With the release of Curse of Strahd, I've got Ravenloft on my mind again. I like the old red boxed set and masque of the red death. What do you guys think are other really good Ravenloft products?
  19. F

    [5E] Need some ideas for a complicated Ravenloft character

    A friend is planning on easing back into GMing by running Curse of Strahd. Please, no spoilers for the content of the game since I'd like to enjoy it :P He specifically asked me if I'd be interested in a playing an NPC turned PC who would basically start as a damsel in distress (ie. Mina...
  20. Jolinar

    Ravenloft help. (And spoilers)

    Disclaimer: I do not like Ravenloft. I think it is much more interesting to read about than to play in. Nor am I a fan of things happening to my character without any attempt at intervention on my part. So. Ravenloft. Not a fan. The fiancé thinks it's the best setting ever, though, and as he is...
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