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red markets

  1. Rowenn552

    Re-recruitment - Red Markets - Get Rich or Die Trying

    “We all joked about it. The Zombie Apocalypse. The damn things had flooded our culture in media and merch which ended up being our downfall. They called it the Romero Effect or so I heard. Some doctor in the Recession diagnosed all the Crash survivors about a year after everything went down. It...
  2. Rowenn552

    IC Red Markets - Get Rich or Die Trying

    CONTENT WARNING: LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, MATURE SITUATIONSThis game may contain adult material, but nothing you wouldn’t see on tv or in a video game.
  3. Rowenn552

    OOC Red Markets - Get Rich or Die Trying

    *************** Out of Character discussion for Get Rich or Die Trying, a Red Markets campaign. Wherein we follow the exploits of Dean, Collar, Moonchild, and Whisper, of the Love, Peace, and Undertaking crew, as they save for retirement in the Loss to get out of it.
  4. M

    [Red Markets] Anyone reading / running / playing?

    Howdy All, I picked up a copy of Red Markets at the local game store this past weekend. I’ve just started digging into it; it seems to be flying under the radar, and haven’t seen much chatter in it. Anyone else checked out this zombie survivor game of economic horror? http://redmarketsrpg.com
  5. R

    [RPG]: Red Markets, reviewed by Alcazar (3/3)

    https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/17/17271.phtml Alcazar's Summary: Fantastic, beautifully written game of "economic horror" where you play a team of entrepreneurs trying to survive and profit from the zombie apocalypse. Go to the full review for more information.
  6. C

    *Kickstarter* Red Markets: A Game of Economic Horror

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/159466030/red-markets/description Hello. My name is Caleb Stokes. I’m a co-host on the RPPR podcast and lead designer of Hebanon Games. This post is about my new horror game on Kickstater: Red Markets. Red Markets is a tabletop RPG about economic horror...
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