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relationship maps

  1. R

    Games with intra-party relationship generators?

    Curious as to what games people have found that include rules for generating relationships between the PC's. I know about some of the PbtA type "Bonds", and games like Fate that encourage/require players to so this, but am interested in what other games have done.
  2. hippokrene

    What Games have Excellent Rules/Support for Relationships?

    Riffing off the Blue Rose thread... A number of people have mentioned a miss-match between the supposed emphasis of Blue Rose (relationships) and the actual rules provided (which favored killing stuff and gaining more powerful.) What games or systems have excellent support for relationships...
  3. SJE

    Relationship Mapper software/App?

    So, thinking about creating the kind of relationship maps you might generate for Smallville, or games like Hot War or Vampire, there is the old staple of ink and paper. But for more dynamic games in which relationships might change and shift around more often, of if you wanted to host it on a...
  4. G

    [necro][FATE] I have a random relationship table, now what?

    It occurred to me today that FATE doesn't really have a lot of random generation tables. Now, I suppose it doesn't need them, but it suddenly occurred to me what one would look like, so I drew one up. Now I kind of like it, and wonder: what else could you do with this? Random "How Do They Know...
  5. Vorpal

    [Campaign Management] Relationship Mapping

    I've been using Freemind and PersonalBrain software packages to manage the relationship mappping in a future Wild Talent's Progenitor game. I needed something to map out the spread of powers from one cruicial event, but after that project all the threads about Smallville have me thinking that I...
  6. G

    Relationship maps and the software that builds them

    So I've been building relationship maps and event flow charts for some of the games I'm getting ready to run. My problem is that I've been doing it all by hand with traditional pnp and while it's good for shaping I'm getting tired of messy editing. Anyway I recall seeing several recommendations...
  7. Bipolar Bear

    Best Example of Social Dynamic/ Relationship Maps in RPGs

    After seeing the relationship map in a Vampire: The Masquerade book in the 90s, my friend began using it in his work as an investigator for social services. He'd map out the various players in a dysfunctional family network, their relationship to each other and motives/agenda/etc between them...
  8. Ryan Paddy

    Relationship maps

    I've seen relationship maps mentioned a few times as a way of designing characters, but not seen it explained yet. Can someone explain it?
  9. Balbinus

    Sorceror-style relationship maps, how do you use them?

    Like it says, and if one of our kind narrativist brethren could describe Sorceror-style relationship maps for the uninitiated I would be most grateful... Ideally tips on how to use them as a general technique, rather than just in Sorceror, would be most useful. Oh, and you, you about to post...
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