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requiem of the gods

  1. Talisman

    IC Poisoned Honey: A Requiem for the Gods Sidequest

    Poisoned Honey As you whirl through the void between worlds, holding fast to Anna's hand, you become aware of a turbulence, a sense of chaos. You try to sense the direction it's coming from to ride it as a ship rides a wave, but it's too close. Before you can react, it is upon you - and...
  2. Talisman

    IC [SW] Requiem for the Gods (continued)

    Requiem for the Gods Part 3 Djah, Ocean Under Starlight IC Alina is to be sacrificed to Orvox in four days time. The gods of this world seemingly possess a psychic presence that crushes the will to resist them. For this reason, the idea of fighting a god is considered madness. The...
  3. Talisman

    OOC [SW] Requiem for the Gods RP (continued)

    Requiem for the Gods Part 3 Djah, Ocean Under Starlight OOC It is over. Armageddon. Apocalypse. The End of Days. Ragnarok. Judgment Day. Call it what you will. It has come and it has passed. The gods are dead. Gruumsh One-Eye and Corellan Larethian died locked in combat. The Wyld and the...
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