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  1. The Watcher

    🎨 Creative [Setting Crossover/Divergence Riff] I Left My Rift In Fed Francisco

    In the history you know, on one Earth in the Megaverse a massive world war resulted in a resurgence of magic and the opening of cross-dimensional rifts at the nexi of newly super-charged ley lines. Centuries later the world is occupied not only by humans but also aliens and entities from other...
  2. T

    Palladium - Rifts Acronym/Dictionary List

    Greetings all, I am trying to get organized and prepare cheat sheets/quick references to make game play more enjoyable and have less time spent digging through books. One of the items I am trying to get or, if not available, draft up myself is a Acronym List and dictionary guide. We have been...
  3. T

    Getting Started with Rifts

    Greetings all! I have decided to introduce my wife and kids to Pen & Paper RPG. As a kid my little brother and I played Rifts, and I remember loving it very much. However; after picking up the Ultimate Edition book I realized I would first have to re-introduce myself, lol. Apparently it is not...
  4. Stattick

    🎨 Creative Rift-alike Storyboard

    I'm prepping a face-space post-apoc game in the vein of Rifts. It's not really Rifts with the numbers filed off, but more taking the ideas of Rifts, especially the early books, and running with them in my own direction. A non-canonical Rifts so to speak. Not to be selfish, but this thread is...
  5. S

    RIFTS mini-con in Los Angeles this weekend

    This news is very cool, but for a specific audience. WHAT? LOSCON - a science fiction convention in Los Angeles - is hosting a RIFTS mini-con! WHO? Anyone who enjoys RIFTS (Palladium or Savage Worlds) or who would like to try RIFTS...and who will be in Los Angeles this weekend. WHEN? LOSCON...
  6. Behemoth

    [Rifts+] Revised sourcebooks - worth looking for the originals?

    Once again I find myself on the verge of buying Rifts books (yes, I know, it's terrible. And I love it for that). I'm aware that there are more than a few 'Revised and Expanded' versions of various books, and that these revisions can result in entirely different books - for example, I have both...
  7. N

    Rifts gming advice

    Does anyone have any advice for GMing Palladium's Rifts or can point me in the direction of a site with it?
  8. D

    [Rifts] Why Was/Is It So Popular?

    Why was/is "Rifts" so popular? I bought the original rulebook when it was first published 25-ish years ago. I liked several aspects of the game world (if not the system) but never played it because: (i) I thought 'The Coalition' was too central to the concept, was an uninspiring combination of...
  9. Bobus X

    [Savage Rifts] Favorite Starter Adventures?

    I am looking into starting a Savage Rifts campaign, but there are a ton of adventures that came with the Kickstarter that I backed. I am having some analysis paralysis when it comes to figuring out which one I want to run, and I wanted to see what more experienced Savage Rifts GMs would...
  10. Mr Adventurer

    [RIFTS] Repairing mega-damage armour with spells?

    I've got a character that likes to wear his SAMAS armour a lot of the time to help him stand up to the bigger supernatural players in the game (he's a psi-stalker). However I've found that he's not able to sustain more than one or two mega-damage scale combats in this armour before he'd need to...
  11. M

    Where are the Ley Lines in the Americas? [Savage Rifts]

    I am just starting running a game using Savage Rifts (from the kickstarter). I want to make the game's plot heavily centered around Ley Line Nexus', which ought to occur at major holy/mystical sites. My thinking is there are all kinds of Ley Lines, big and small, stable and moving, above...
  12. Angel of the Dawn

    [Mashup] Rifts & Mortal Kombat

    In the near future, an inauspicious event -- a nuclear exchange between Iran and North Korea -- happened during a very inauspicious time. The equinox and total solar eclipse itself might not have been significant, had it not coincided with the same astronomical event in a parallel dimension...
  13. Angel of the Dawn

    [+Rifts] Share Your Rifts Adventure & Campaign Scenarios!

    I think it's fair to say Rifts is one of the most popular campaign settings ever. There's quite a bit of enthusiasm about the Rifts setting lately, with the Savage Rifts Kickstarter. But it's not like all of this interest simply appeared out of nowhere. Many of us have played Rift games, and...
  14. B

    Tell me about RIFTS

    Now with all the hype around SW RIFTS, it might be the right time to ask TRO to tell me about rifts. I opened an extra thread because my question is (somewhat) SW independent. So, under the assumption that I know next to nothing about rifts (though I read the flame wars in years past :D), this...
  15. G

    what is palladium missing?

    i hear people trash palladium/rifts all the time. i played tmnt and other strangeness tons as a kid and had a blast. i'm getting back into gaming and just want to know what is palladium missing compared to other rpg systems. i hear lots of criticism about palladium and i would be cool to learn...
  16. CitizenKeen

    [+] [Theme] What would you do with the Rifts premise?

    Been thinking a lot about Rifts today. And I'm curious... Given: The basic Rifts premise. In the future, wherein there is super-tech, there is a war. Millions die from a bunch of nuclear explosions. The psychic energy released in those explosions causes a number of rips in space-time, creating...
  17. V

    Tell me about Rifts: the good, the bad, and the ugly

    I have never played or read Rifts, but I know it is/was a hugely popular RPG. I've heard many decry the system while lauding the fluff. Tell me all you want to about the game.
  18. O

    [Cypher System] Rifts Conversion?

    I have long loved the setting material in the various Rifts books, but I just can't deal with the system anymore. That having been said, I've never really been satisfied with any of my various conversion attempts. It seems that with the release of the Cypher System rulebook, I have what I need...
  19. C

    [Setting] Survivalists' Paradise, based around Fallout

    I'm building a post-apocalyptic world from popular franchises. Tonally speaking, could this work? I think for this mosaic setting I'd just try to shy away from series that are either too magical/sci-fi, and also YA ones. There can be another mosaic world where the Hunger Games, Divergent...
  20. S

    Cthulhu Dark dRifts

    I want to try a conversion: converting dRifts to Graham Walmsley’s Cthulhu Dark rules. Or rather, something like the Cthulhu Dark rules. Here is my conundrum: I want to run a one-on-one game, with the dRifts setting, however I need rules that are simple and easy to play. It is fine if a lot of...
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