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  1. Blackwingedheaven

    [Savage Worlds] [Rifts] Savage Rifts!

    [Palladium] Rifts Coming to a New System [Savage Worlds] [Irwin x2] I... What? I don't... Link to original post (way down the page) Who gave KS a dump truck full of money? Was it you, Evil Hat? Honestly, I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime, and I'm thoroughly shocked that whoever it...
  2. E

    [RIFTS/Phase World] Lore question - Technological, non - magical

    Hi, obscure Palladium lore question time - Is there a means of non-magical dimension travel that in the Phase World or RIFTS setting? This is because I'm noodling around with some campaign ideas, and I don't want my bad guys (the Haydonites from the Robotech:Shadow Chronicles setting) to be...
  3. I

    [Rifts/Fate] Is Fate badass enough?

    I own a lot of Rifts books. Don't judge me. Mind you, I've never played with any of them, but I own them and I've read them and I think most, though not all, of the material is pretty cool. Sometimes unquestionably insane, but pretty cool. I want to use this stuff. I want to play in this...
  4. 8Bit

    [Recruitment] Rifts - We were just trying to earn an honest living!

    You are a group of mercenaries that are just looking to earn a decent amount of credits. Whether it's slaying monsters, escorting a rich person to their destination, or simply helping somebody find something they lost - whatever the job is you'll do it as long as it pays. We like credits...
  5. B

    Have you ever succeeded beyond what you intended?

    So, this past Sunday we're playing Rifts: Dinosaur Swamps. We're the scouts for the expedition and are a diverse group: human ley line walker, were-jaguar, totem warrior and a Nightbane (me). The previous session we had found a farm where the family was massacred – mom, dad and son dead with...
  6. S

    Any Nice Thoughts About Rifts?

    Of course I am referring to Palladiums RPG. Most everybody I have heard write/speak of it seems to hate it. Does anyone have any good thoughts or experiences with Rifts?
  7. S

    Rifts: thoughts and experiences

    What are your thoughts and experiences with Palladiums insanity system? I have never played it, but own a few of the books and it actually looks rather fun. Note: Please do not post any rules modifications lest we get sued.
  8. Dirk Desiato

    (Palladium/Rifts +) Palladium/Rifts without skills?

    I am trying to speed up Rifts character creation by removing most (all?) skills from the system. I think that the game can be plaid just fine without skills. Any ideas? Thank you!
  9. G

    Your Palladium/Rifts house rules?

    We have: *1 MDC = 10 SDC, instead of 100 *a 'coup de grace' type attack deals damage direct to Hit Points *Add a Perception score as an attribute (3d6) *Attribute checks made with d20, or d30 for PS. We often use MA checks for social contests. *Grappling or pushing a foe requires a strike roll...
  10. gtroc

    Jake Reads Rifts

    I have a long and storied history with Rifts. It was the first game I ever played in. for almost three years I had been running games for my friends and then finally one of them said he would like to run a game of Rifts. I was fourteen, I was in love. Rifts is everything a fourteen year old boy...
  11. Borbetomagnus

    Torg versus Rifts

    I have Torg and like the setting. I like the system too (I'm speaking about the system described in the revised hardcover edition). Also, I've heard about Rifts over the years. On the surface the Rifts setting appears similar to the Infiniverse of Torg. I've not been interested into looking at...
  12. L

    [Palladium +] House Rules for MDC Weapons and Armor.

    Okay, instead of another bit of complaining about Palladium and Rifts' wonky rules, I decided maybe we should discuss possible house rule fixes. While at work today, I thought up a rather simple fix for what I consider to be a real problem: the proliferation of MDC small arms (pistols and...
  13. M

    So is Rifts (and Palladium in general) still around?

    Their website seems strong, and with all that Robotech stuff I would imagine that they still have a consistent revenue stream. But what's the real story on Palladium these days? I remember in the glory days of the late 90s PB was one of the big players in RPGs, but these days I never hear a...
  14. L

    How difficult is Rifts for a new player?

    I know a few people who want to play rifts and say I can play, but I've never played any tabletop RPG so I was wondering how difficult the learning curve? I have heard its pretty complex?
  15. V

    So how many people really Played the Palladium system

    Now I'm not saying the game is not with out its issues but lets get some things out of the way. It is not ballanced, it never was and never will be. It is not a flaw it is a feature. The game provides rules that for the most part work, and says fuck it play a dragon, or a Jotan Thief if you...
  16. A

    Rifts Demo at Pop Culture Paradise in Tempe, AZ

    I will be running a Rifts demo at Pop Culture Paradise Comics & Games in Tempe, AZ at 1 PM on Saturday, May 11th. Pop Culture Paradise is located at the corner of Forest Ave and University Blvd (behind the Chuckbox Burgers) and is convenient to the ASU campus and pretty much all of Tempe. For...
  17. V

    Rifts RPG Refrences

    is there any good group online for Rifts RPG?? Good threads? Good online resources? The ones I've found so far: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109016331438120127087 https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/104337715066801212083...
  18. O

    rifts philadelphia & new jersey: ideas?

    i'm starting a rifts campaign pretty soon set in the greater philly metro/south jersey area, and i'm having some trouble coming up with ideas. what do we know about the area from published works? i looked at a map in rifts:madhaven, and it looks like the ruins of philadelphia and fort dix are...
  19. Q99

    [ + ] Rifts: Best Recent books

    Following up on Rifts Fuck Yeah, where people were recommending which two books to get beyond the core, which, naturally, was mostly some early ones. So, different scenario time! Let's say someone used to play and has the core and a couple of the other books, like conversion book 1 and all...
  20. Praetorian

    BRP for Rifts

    I dont want to derail the happiness that is the other Rifts thread, so i thought I would start a new one. Has anyone tried to port BRP as the core mechanic for Rifts? Both use a percentile system based heavily on skills. Both use stats ranges silimar to one another. Both use HPs. It...
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