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  1. B

    Rifts pbp?

    I lack a game group (currently) and was wondering if their are any play by post forums that offer rifts? I've tried rpol, but every game i've tried has fizzled out. Anyone know any more reliable sites?
  2. S

    [RIFTS] Is this character concept too "far out"?

    Okay, i know almost nothing about RIFTS other than it seems to be a "anything goes" system with multidimensional mixes of all styles and genres. Wizzards vs. Robots, anything. One of our GMs in our club suggested starting a RIFTS campaign and i was thinking about joining, just to play a...
  3. tigermuppetcut

    [RIFTS] Boiling it down to the bare essentials.

    After reading the 'how can we fix Rifts' thread it's got my fixin' juices flowing, with that having been said what is at the core of Rifts? Fore me it would be: Fascist Human supremacists managed to get use through the dark ages and for better or worse are humanity's best (or most organised)...
  4. B

    What The Heck Happened To Rifts???

    The Rifts RPG is still a highly enjoyable game, yet I'm finding fewer outlets that carry it and even fewer people that play it. I'm in Chicago now, not far from Michigan where Palladium is based, and I can't find any stores that carry the title. I look on Palladium message boards and can find...
  5. S

    Updated Rifts books?

    Heya- I didn't want to threadjack to thread "Rifts books" elsewhere in TRO, so I started this one. I know Rifts was updated to Ultimate Edition. I know Sourcebook One was revised/updated to kind of coincide. Were there any others that were updated in such a fashion? (I could swear one of...
  6. Darklance

    [necro] Rifts Netbooks?

    Whatever happened to the Rifts: Antarctica and Rifts: Middle East netbooks? I haven't seen or heard anything about them since about 2000. Their websites are down, too.
  7. Bill_Coffin

    A Public Apology to Kevin Siembieda

    A few days ago, this thread popped up asking what question one might ask Kevin Siembieda, if given the chance. Naturally, I could not resist chiming in: Although I meant this seriously, I didn't think it would be taken seriously. So one might imagine my surprise when I received the following...
  8. SJE

    [Rifts] War on Tolkeen- why so hated?

    I was thinking about picking up some of the Tolkeen books (well I already ordered the Cyber Knight book) and quite enjoyed Aftermath. Yet I've heard that the 6-book series is amongst the most hated by Rifts fans for plot railroading, gaps in logic (how do you march a million man army through...
  9. R

    RIFTS Players

    Post originally by Monkey at 2006-01-02 16:53:52 Converted from Phorums BB System I've been a Palladium player for years, almost to the exclusivity mentioned in the above article. I've played my fair share of RIFTS over the past fifteen years, and I think I've figured out a few of the things...
  10. J

    [Actual Play] - Rifts North Chicago Campaign

    This thread will be used for my Actual Play notes from the Rifts campaign I just started running (using the Ultimate Edition rules). *** Session 1 - Cast of Characters *** Sgt. Maj. “Hogabers” Hagagbra A Coalition Grunt soldier in command of C Company of the 518th Military Police Regiment. He...
  11. C

    [necro][Rifts] The most powerful class

    Okay, Rifts is known for making over powered characters, but what class do you think is the most powerful? Excluding ones that are clearly not for player use (but not ones that are merely Optional) This is in fact for my "Weirder then you" game. I have a player who wants to make the most...
  12. N

    [GURPS] DR, Character Points, and TL

    I've been running a GURPS conversion of Rifts (where "conversion" is defined as "using the GURPS rules to describe the how the rules work." Please not that I did not create some crazy table that converts everything. I just convert it holistically. I meantion this, because in earlier...
  13. Almafeta

    [Alternity RIFTS] Powerful races?

    I noticed that Alternity could do 90% of the things Rifts can do: magic, psionics, high-kicking martial arts, superpowers, high-tech gear, artifacts, powered armor, vehicles, etc. But... can it do very powerful races? Because a Rifts game without a naive but powerful dragon as a PC just...
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