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  1. Behemoth

    Could someone explain the Robotech to me?

    I don't mean the plot, I mean how it came to be, how it relates to Macross, the licensing stuff, Harmony Gold... I saw the Palladium thread and it all looks so fascinating, I was wondering if anyone could recap the whole affair - or point me in the right direction?
  2. Quasar

    Brian Woods Robotech comic

    http://www.fandompost.com/2017/04/24/titan-comics-previews-first-robotech-interior-pages/ A nice set of preview pages. So torn being a longtime Robotech and Brian Wood fan, but one who wishes to not reward Harmony Gold. For people familiar with Titan Comics, do they have any history with long...
  3. Quasar

    [comics] Brian wood writing a Robotech comic

    http://dorkland.blogspot.com.au/2016/12/robotech-and-writer-brian-wood-are.html So conflicted about this. Love Robotech and Brian Wood, but really fuck Harmony Gold
  4. B

    [Interest] Homebrew Battletech-Esque RPG set in a semi-futuristic modern era.

    [Interest/Recruitment][Homebrew] War-Core: Beaches and Explosions. (Mech-to-Mech BT-Esque RPG!) EDIT: I'm turning this into a full blown recruitment thread since I have a couple people interested in coming here to play. So. Just post here that you wanna play, and send me a link to a GDocs...
  5. Owesome

    [Battletech/Macross] How Tall Are the Macross 1/75 / 1/100 kits?

    As part of my brains never ending quest for more pie in the sky modelling projects I'll never finish, I kindasorta want to do the Battletech Unseens as counts-as-Tau Riptides (and friends) for the inevitable OP all big mech formation that's probably in the new codex. Essentially because if GW...
  6. F

    So, is there any sense in even trying to preserve robotech?

    Or to put it differently, will HG ever be able to do anything right with it? I mena, the kickstarter for Academy was a failure-- and that's a terrible comment on the IP. It got less than Exalted3E did, and Exalted, for all that it's popular has far less of a place in the hearts of so many...
  7. B

    New To tabletop- Robotech RPGT question

    I'm completely new to tabletop rpg. I did RPG (Hero's, Rifts, AD&D) as a younger man, but recently my wife and I have really been enjoying games. a couple years ago we bought some MTG cards, then got in to Armada. Last week at Gen Con, I picked up Robotech RPG Tactics and a few expansion...
  8. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    [Robotech] What's Known About the Global Civil War?

    I know there were some comics and other secondary sources I never read. Is there anything at all about the GCW? How it started, which countries were involved on which sides, what they were fighting over?
  9. N

    Robotech RPG and 2nd edition: please for the love of god tell me about it

    So I'm a fan of Robotech and Macross, but was completely unaware of the existence of the Robotech RPG until a friend told me about it. Said friend is neck-deep in the Palladium system, such as Rifts and other titles I don't remember. Now I didn't grow up in those things. '92 is where it's at...
  10. F

    Robotech: Exploring the Factory Satellite

    this was from a thread over on the palladium boards but it's pretty interesting: the Factory Satellite is HUGE. 3,000 KM long up to 500KM tall, not counting the external pods--when they park it at the L5 point, you can see it from the earth. We're talking an immense amount of internal space...
  11. Ninjafingers

    Robotech RPG Tactics - Pictures from Gen Con

    The Crit to Hit website has taken pictures of the new Robotech RPG Tactics minis from Gen Con and posted them on its site. Link to pictures. Thoughts? First reactions? I didn't get in on the Kickstarter, so I've not got a dog in this fight. I'm a pretty big Palladium fan, but not so much...
  12. S

    Say the TMNT and Robotech licenses come up for grabs...

    ... and for whatever reason, Palladium's not in the mix for trying again... what system(s) would you like to see used for them?
  13. timbannock

    The Roy Fokker Memorial Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter thread, episode two

    The Kickstarter's blown away its goals and the gameplay demo doesn't seem too shabby (nothing really new, but fast paced and seems like it covers the "feel" of Robotech fairly well, making the Zentraedi just a little scarier than they might otherwise be, but that's okay for a game that you want...
  14. J

    For Sale Star Wars (Saga), Rogue Trader, Angel, Gamma World, SpyCraft, Robotech

    Sorry for the long title, but it's quite a varied list of titles that I'm looking to sell. I figured I'd try and sell these directly, rather than another eBay thing, since RPGnet users are the target audience anyway. Here are the books I've got: Star Wars RPG Saga Edition - $40 [SOLD] Hard...
  15. Quasar

    Rick & Lisa - Love story of the (last) century?

    http://io9.com/5971053/why-robotech-is-the-greatest-love-story-of-the-20th-century Definitely written by an 80s kid. As much as I love Rick, Lisa and Minmei.
  16. D

    Robotech hack for Silhouette

    Robotech was the first anime series I saw, the second mecha universe I saw and one of the first RPG's I played, following d6 Star Wars and 2nd edition D&D. It's a feat of editing that three unrelated anime series were made into a mostly coherent story (I'm not much of a Macross purist.) The...
  17. R

    [FU, Rory's Story Cubes] Robotech Solo Playtest

    Recently over here, the issue was raised regarding rules-lite systems to imitate giant robots, or pilots in dogfighting scenarios, and how that usually fiddly bit of gaming might work in a lite frame. I thought I'd share my own little experience running a hack for the FU RPG that emulates...
  18. B

    [Where I Watch] Macross (The Original!)

    I decided to try my hand at this Where I Watch thing, since it seems to be fun. This is the first time I'm doing this, so please tell be if I ramble on too much in my posts. The weird formatting is because I've typed this in a text editor beforehand. If you think this is too hard to read, please...
  19. M

    Palladium Books: Kevin finally see's the light! (Or not)

    Over at Palladium Books Kevin Siembieda is asking for opinions on the Manga vs. Full size book debate! It take it from this, that he is starting to think that the whole 'manga' thing might have been a huge mistake in the first place (as most fans, 3 to 1 in a poll) told him at the time. So for...
  20. Aliexster

    [WIW] The Macross Saga

    Hello there Tangency! I've just been a fan of the Macross series, being pretty much the first anime I watched it as part of Robotech, and the various Where I Watches that was some of the funniest threads out there. I am not going to go over that series, instead I'm going right to the source to...
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