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rogue trader rpg

  1. C

    OOC Invictus Igni - Rogue Trader WH40K

    The OOC thread for my Rogue Trader game. Does anyone need a wiki page to keep track of stuff? 'Cause if not, then I'm not going to bother with making one.
  2. C

    Rogue Trader Interest/Recruitment

    I'll make this short and simple: I'm looking to start a Rogue Trader game with a max of 5 players. Rogue Trader character is optional. Any theme/playstyle you want, just make it reasonable. House rules: -All RT books are permissible. No others allowed for the time being; that includes Dark...
  3. S

    [Tell me about] WH40K RPGs

    It looks like I'm going to be involved in a game of Deathwatch fairly soon. I'm kinda looking forward to it as I'm going to be a player, which is unusual for me. Also, I quite like the WH40K setting in all its bombastic, overdone and ridiculous grimdarkness. However, when it comes to the WH40K...
  4. A

    Top Rogue Trader Books

    I recently started a rogue trader game. If you could select five non-core books to have for rogue trader plus a single adventure, which would you pick?
  5. G

    Rogue Trader/Recruitment/Skype: DM and Party needed for Skype-Text theme game!

    Rogue Trader/Recruitment/Skype: DM and Party needed for Skype-Text theme game! Hello all. I need both a DM and Players for a text-based Skype game of Rogue Trader (with some bits of the other 40k games mixed into the rules, mostly to broaden the scope of possible skills and equipment, will...
  6. S

    [Rogue Trader] PbP GM needed

    Are there any good RT GMs here? I'm in a game on Myth Weavers that just lost a GM and I'm getting a little desperate finding a replacement (already asked around on Myth Weavers, GitP and the FFG boards with no luck). We're going through Lure of the Expanse if that helps. Game profile's here...
  7. B

    [Rogue Trader][*World] Replacing endeavours with fronts or moves

    I've only played Dungeon World once and though I've both GMed and played in Rogue Trader I've never used endeavours [1]. So general corrections, insights and recommendations all gratefully received. Rogue Trader is a sandbox oriented game and as I understand it endeavours are primarily a way...
  8. mrlost

    [40k] Stars of Inequity rocks!

    I bought it the other day at my not local Game Empire, and I have to say its gotta be the best book for the Rogue Trader and damn useful for Black Crusade and Only War. Its basically a world building and colony running sourcebook. Its chock full of interesting and gameable ideas and being able...
  9. Cannibal Smiliest

    Rogue Trader's rules are a flaming pile of horse garbage, right?

    Consider: - Each creature has a laundry list of talents that goes along with it, each of them affecting the creature in different ways - and we're not talking about complicated creatures; we're talking about simple stuff like a Dark Eldar Wych. However, at no point does each creature stat list...
  10. Darth Fanboy

    [Rogue Trader] Into The Eye of Darkness - The Processional of the Damned

    I intend to put my PCs through the Processional of the Damned So the plans have come to fruition. Over the years the previous Rogue a Traders of the Von Maccon dynasty have sought the Treasure Fleet of Locarus Ryn. Ships of the fleet have been scattered throughout the expanse, showing all the...
  11. B

    [Rogue Trader] Some space combat questions

    So we're starting our first campaign in RT, and I have one or two questions about space combat. Salvos: When you combine macrobatteries into a salvo does your number of successes on the attack roll count for all weapons in the salvo? So if you have 2 successes and your salvo includes 3...
  12. N

    War40k Rogue Trader - Rules Heavy?

    Hello RPG.net, Up until now I've always preferred to run games using generic systems so I could make up my own settings. Games like Fate Core and OpenQuest. I had a bad first experience trying to run Pathfinder in the cannon setting, but I have been thinking of returning to a more themed game...
  13. Harrowed

    [Recruitment][Rogue Trader] The Dunwich Dynasty

    The Dunwich Dynasty. Not all Rogue Trader Dynasties have tragic backgrounds or nefarious pasts. The Dunwich Dynasty sat in a metaphorical drawer, to be awarded to a Dunwich ancestor that managed to acquire a Warrant of Trade. But that ancestor never arrived and the Warrant sat in limbo, waiting...
  14. S

    [WH:40K RP Rogue Trader] Dis is da Advenchurs of da kroozer Orkterprise

    As the title suggests, I am writing to write an Ork adventure for my local Con. I want to base it loosely off the original Star Trek series, but I am stuck on names. I want five to six PCs, but I need to come up with suitably Orky names for them. I was thinking Kaptin Kork, and the Spock...
  15. Darth Fanboy

    [Rogue Trader / Dark Heresy] Predators of Calixis and Koronus : Rak’Gol, Yu’Vath and Slaugth

    I’ve been looking at non-human (inhuman?) antagonists for my Rogue Trader game, and particularly ones where talking your way out isn’t an option (curse the crew of the Blessed Eventide and their ability to solve 60% of plots by throwing a party or formal dinner, and another 20% by calling in...
  16. Darth Fanboy

    [Rogue Trader] A Three Plot Arc

    So, it appears that my Rogue Trader game will be restarting. A combination of real life and game kludge left it floundering, but it seems we will be restarting next week. I'm planning on cauterising where it left off (half way through a sprawling endeavour that wasn't flowing well and that...
  17. S

    Rogue Traders in the 40k universe

    I just purchased the Ultramarine movie and it obviously reanimated my desire to run a W40k campaign. I do have the space marine game, but I find it to be a little to combat oriented (but i would not expect anything less from such a game). However, i also have Rogue Trader, which seem a little...
  18. L

    [Rogue Trader] Into the Maw- Fellhand ship stats?

    I am about to run Into the Maw for my group but i can not find ship stats for the Fellhand ship for the final ship battle. Can anybody help out with a page reference please? Thanks
  19. K

    [40K RPGs] Damn it, if you hate the setting, just say so.

    Warning: Ranty! A big problem for me when I play and run any of the 40K settings - In one Deathwatch campaign I was in, I played a straight laced Ultramarine. I constantly got IC shit for holding to the Codex, holding to the Imperial Truth as the 41st Century Ultramarines understood it, and...
  20. Jürgen Hubert

    Give me your ideas for a Rogue Trader One-Shot!

    Our gaming group wants to play more one-shots, and it seems that I have volunteered for a Rogue Trader one-shot. So give me your ideas for one - what kind of adventure could I run in one or two sessions that nonetheless gives a good overview of the essential elements of the game?
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