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  1. S

    For Sale 5th edition D&D + assorted old stuff - make me an offer

    I'll describe what I have - you pay the shipping and I get a little $ to spend on the games I still play and this stuff is yours. I do not have time to play all these games so hopefully someone else can use them. Paypal will work or good old-fashioned snail-mail can do as well. The List...
  2. P

    Evil Campaigns

    Hi all! I have a new Kickstarter campaign going for #ZineQuest. I am writing a series of RPG Zines on playing evil campaigns. I'm going to support a number of systems including 5E, Pathfinder, S&W, Rolemaster, etc. i think its fun to play an evil campaign no matter what system you use. Feel...
  3. G

    Rolemaster, favorite game I've never played.

    Confession time, I just bought a 1st edition boxed set. It's sits proudly on the shelf next to my 1st edition Spell Law Box & AL/CL Box which sit proudly next to my 2nd edition box which sits next to the RMSS books and so on. But the half dozen time over the years I've tried to run the game...
  4. R

    Novus RPG rule question

    Hi I'm happily reading through the Novus fantasy rpg rules (which seem great) but am stuck on something. The rules say the below (on page 36 of the Digest edition) but I cannot, for the life of me, find out where the figure of 80 was arrived at. Can you help? I know 80 is the "Racial Max...
  5. S

    HARP by ICE: Impressions?

    Hi fellow gamers, have you ever tried HARP (High Adventure Roleplaying) by Iron Crown Enterprises? It is supposed to be a streamlined version of Rolemaster. I never checked it out myself but it sure seems to be a very good game though.... . Anyone with experience from it? What do you prefer...
  6. D

    I ran Rolemaster Classic at GenCon (and I liked it)

    So I'll start out by saying: I'm a glutton for punishment. When we registered for our events for this year's GenCon, we ended up missing out on a bunch of things that we'd hoped to do. This turned out to be a good thing as a lot of what we'd planned was Starfinder and the one game we did...
  7. X

    On Rolemaster

    I was thinking on playing Rolemaster but i have some questions: Is 4th edition a good edition to start? Is this game crunchier than Anima beyond fantasy? How high fantasy this game is? As in what player characters can do at end game Any tips or other game recommendation?
  8. V

    Rolemaster Express vs HARP

    Lay it on me. What are the primary differences between RM Express and HARP?
  9. A

    For Sale Rolemaster Classic / Shadow World Lot

    Rolemaster Classic Rolemaster Classic Character Law (NM) Rolemaster Classic Arms Law (NM) Rolemaster Classic Spell Law (NM) Rolemaster Classic Creatures & Treasures (NM) Shadow World Master Atlas 1e (VG, no box) Master Atlas 2e (VG) Demons of the Burning Night (Fair) Eidolon (NM) Gethaena...
  10. Chris J

    [Sell Me On/Off] HARP

    I like crunchy systems as long as they are easy to understand (I believe the two are not mutually exclusive). GURPS is too bland, and too complex in parts, and EABA too, and Mythras is not really my cup of tea either. I enjoyed what little experience I had with MERP many moons ago, ditto...
  11. Chris J

    Rolemaster Unified

    Rolemaster Unified Is this still a thing, is this still going to happen?
  12. O

    Rolemaster: your experience with it

    Rolemaster was actually the first rpg that I ever played. Back in 1990 I found the old boxed set in a friend's closet while digging out his chess set so we could have a game. I asked him about the Rolemaster box and he said it was a gift, but he had never really done anything with it. Within...
  13. Khyron

    (Rolemaster 2e) Am I doing this right? Char-gen

    So, I'm trying to generate a character for Rolemaster 2e for the first time. Let's call him Thelonious. He's going to be a human, common man, warrior monk. On percentiles I roll 83, 62, 85, 43, 91, 81, 94, 42, 43, 44 I assign them as follows: Constitution 94 Agility 91 Self Discipline 42...
  14. T

    Some Rolemaster suggestions

    Despite its somewhat clunky reputation (real or perceived) old versions of Rolemaster can be great fun. I think one of the major obstacles of the system is character generation, and a D&D-ish tendency to use overspecialized abilities that don't really cover all bases (I like generalized skills)...
  15. Catharsis Cat

    Tell me more about the Rolemaster/Spacemaster/HARP family of games

    So I a month back, I started to get interested again in fantasy tabletop RPGs. I pulled out my old HARP rulebook and started messing around with some character creation, had a bit of fun doing so. Made me want to give it a go. But I only have the core book, and it seems a lot has gone on since...
  16. I

    [Indianapolis] Play as the Baddies!

    Would you like to play as the baddies? Using a time-tested system that is gorgeous to behold, and fun as hell to play? If you are in the Indianapolis area, I'm looking for a small group - 4 to 7 people - to run amok in Middle-earth, as Orcs, Trolls, goblins, sorcerors, thieves and...
  17. D

    [Rolemaster] When do I apply "must parry" or "cannot parry" crit results?

    Hey all. Attempting to start up a Rolemaster FRP/RMSS game and I've encountered a question with regards to timing. So lets say PC1 attacks Goblin1 in the Normal phase of combat. He hits and applies a "must parry" result, lets say. The Goblin hasn't attacked yet - he'd declared in the...
  18. E

    Ever Run Rolemaster One on One?

    I'm running a Rolemaster Classic game to see how it goes, but I'd appreciate guidance from the Rolemaster maestros here on the forum. What did you tweak? Did you start the PC with a few levels under his belt? I'm sure that, with time, I'll get a better handle on the game, but I'd like to flatten...
  19. briansommers

    what fantasy rpg has all the tons of tables?

    I'm looking for the fantasy rpg that has like tons and tons of lookup tables for things like combat and other stuff. I thought it was pathfinder, but I don't think so..
  20. N

    Rolemaster Hexcrawl Actual Play

    Hi Everyone, I have been posting an Actual Play of my group's Rolemaster Hexcrawl game here: http://www.nemloen.com/ I thought some of you might be interested. I have tried to make it into more of a story and less of a police report. Originally I was going to add rules & game mechanics &...
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