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roleplaying games

  1. Beanduck

    🎨 Creative [Exalted 3rd live streamed campaign] Full Party | Updated as new episodes posted on YouTube

    Hi everyone! This is where I will post YouTube episodes of Full Party, a new EX3 campaign. We will be streaming every Monday evening on Twitch and subsequently posting the episodes on YouTube. Follow this thread if you want to be notified when the new ones are up. Full Party | Session 02 -...
  2. Beanduck

    🎨 Creative [Exalted 3rd live streamed campaign] Full Party | Session 01 - "Fly"

    Hi everyone! Wanted to share the first official session of Full Party, a new EX3 campaign. We will be streaming every Monday evening on Twitch and subsequently posting the episodes on YouTube. Full Party | Session 01 - "Fly" Two Immaculate monks get more than they bargain for when they decide...
  3. MadMax906

    RUST : THE AFTERWORLD - The Roleplaying Card Game

    Hello everyone! RUST : THE AFTERWORLD, our new game project, is now live on Kickstarter. The campaign has started brilliantly (more than 17% achieved in less than 3 days, over 200 likes on our facebook page, over 15k contacts to our launching post), and we are marching at good speed toward our...
  4. Aliana

    Calling all Dragon Age PBP Roleplayers

    Hey guys, I'm building an online PBP roleplaying game based on the Dragon Age series for anyone interested. Primarily storytelling-based, will be great for PBP roleplaying writers. Freeform / forum-based. i.e. no dice involved. Original characters are allowed, but canons can be played too...
  5. L

    Is there art in Roleplaying games?

    We recorded an episode of The RPG Room at G*M*S Magazine Central and we discussed if there is such thing as art in Role Playing Games. (http://www.gmsmagazine.com/podcasts/podcast-episode-the-rpg-room-is-there-art-in-roleplaying-games) I think there is, though not as often as there could be...
  6. J

    [Kickstarter] Roleplaying Maps for ANY fantasy rpg - High Quality, reversible

    We've just launched our kickstarter for high quality, UV coated grid square and hex based maps (we'll print them any way you want them), and I'd love for you to check them out. The link can be found here: Roleplaying Map by Arcknight You will not be disappointed. These are among the finest...
  7. L

    X-Wing and Star Wars RPG designer Jay Little at the UK Games Expo

    I had the enormous pleasure and privilege of hosting a seminar with Jay Little at the UK Games Expo just a few days ago and it has been recorded for posterity and, hopefully for your enjoyment. We talked about Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition, Bloow Bowl Team Manager, X-Wing and the upcoming...
  8. G

    Death - Gamerstable Ep102

    Does death matter in the games we play? Please feel free to comment, but also please click here to listen to our take on it.
  9. L

    How do you handle difficult situations at the table?

    We had a discussion recently at the podcast about how to handle difficult situations, and how to handle character death, at the table. What are people's preferred ways, or most effective ways to deal with someone who's taking too much time, cheating, or simply sulking or bullying at the table...
  10. G

    Non-Traditional Fantasy - Ep96

    There is a recent trend in modern fantasy which suggests that traditional fantasy, as we know it, is rather passé. Is it? What is non-traditional fantasy, and how does it translate to RPGs? Please click here to listen.
  11. G

    Mulligans, Bandaids & RetCons - Gamerstable Ep95

    Sometimes you need a do-over and sometimes they can really ruin a game. As many GMs have found, the quick fix, the re-roll and the outright redaction can come into play throughout a campaign. Are they beneficial or can they be more trouble than they are worth? Please click here to listen.
  12. G

    Grim Dark Future - Gamerstable Ep94

    We love Warhammer 40k. We also hate Games Workshop and their damn Wallet-Hammer. Their RPGs, by Fantasy Flight, appeal to our insane nature and we talk about the things we like and don’t about them and the universe they are about. Please click here to listen.
  13. G

    Supervillains - Gamerstable Ep93

    Something about the superhero genre that almost all agree on, a well made supervillain can make or break a character. A cool hero with a lame rogues gallery can have a lot of trouble with legitimacy. In this episode we discuss some of our favorite menaces. Please click here to listen.
  14. G

    Lame and Overrated - Gamerstable Ep92

    Gamer-culture tropes, are they as cool as we want them to be? Please click here to listen.
  15. G

    Storycraft - Gamerstable Ep91

    The processes that writers use to create their stories are as varied as there are styles. We were asked to talk how we create the stories that we play, as game-masters and as players. Please click here to listen.
  16. G

    2013 Resolutions & Challenges - Gamerstable Ep90

    Last year we challenged ourselves and each other in various facets of our gaming lives and we wanted to follow up on those challenges and make new ones for the next year. Please click here to listen.
  17. G

    Mass Combat - Gamerstable Ep89

    Many moons ago, roleplaying games were begotten from strategy based miniature battles. With this background in war games, and the propensity of massive battles in many of the tropes of fantasy and sci-fi, it is not surprising when you look at a lot of older RPGs and see systems for massive...
  18. G

    Samurai - Gamerstable Ep88

    What is a Samurai, and why the hell would anyone play one? That is the question we asked ourselves, at least some of us did, when confronted with the opportunity to play a game that focused on these enigmatic warriors. Is it important to steep ourselves in the legends and lore of the...
  19. G

    [Podcast] Heroines - Gamerstable - Ep83

    In a hobby dominated by male archetypes (or clichés), sometimes what a campaign needs is a woman’s touch. The days of the woman being merely a piece of treasure or a plaything at a local watering hole are over. Sometimes it’s fun to let a woman take the lead. We talk about some of the strong...
  20. L

    The G*M*S Magazine RPG Podcast Episode 52 – Charon’s Claw with R.A. Salvatore

    Growing up with a hero is an important thing. To have a fantastic role model to inspire and, to some degree, guide our decisions as we grow up has clear benefits and can provide with many hours of joy and learning. Drizzt Do’Urden has been that for many, many people. His adventures and legends...
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