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rpg conventions

  1. D

    [Con GMing] Max & Min Number of Players

    When you are pitching your games at convention organisers to include in their programme, how do you come up with the number of players required section of the game submission form? Do you go up to the maximum you, as a GM, can accommodate? Do you just go for the standard of six players per...
  2. F

    Gaming at Vendor Booths during Conventions

    Ive seen stuff like people playing chess with a celebrity if they buy a signed photo or something, but is it unheard of vendor to have a game out to play? If so what would you play. I'm going to be vending at a Con for the first time and would love ideas!! Thanks
  3. P

    UK Games Expo 2014...anyone going?

    And has anyone who's been before got any survival tips for my first con in over a decade? I'm pretty much planning to hit the trade hall in search of those little gems still missing from my collection, maybe take in a panel or two and praise Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone for being so damn...
  4. Libertad

    Can I get a rundown of popular table-top gaming Cons?

    We all know about the big guy in the house, Gen Con, but I'd like to hear about the others out there. Gary Con's about old-school gaming and honoring the contributions that Gary Gygax delivered to the gaming industry. Paizo Con's a Pathfinder-centric convention. DunDraCon's a general West...
  5. D

    [UK] Con-Quest 2015 The Long Weekend

    We are pleased to announce the dates and venue for Con-Quest 2015. After its success in Derby for the last four years, Con-Quest 2015 will be a bigger event running all weekend long. Con-Quest 2015 ‘The Long Weekend’ takes place on Thursday 30th July to Monday 3rd August 2015 at John Foster...
  6. T

    Is there any more room for more Gaming Conventions?

    I was thinking, since some of the Game conventions are too far away, I was wondering if there was any room for adding more game conventions/Starting more gaming conventions in areas that may not be covered currently. Do you think there would be support for more game conventions or do you think...
  7. Baumi

    Is there a BIG Convention in London this Year?

    I want to visit London this year (last one was 15 Years ago) and it would be great if I could combine the Sightseeing with a big RPG Convention (like Gen-Con). So my question is ... is there one this Year and when?
  8. D

    Biggest Gaming Cons in the USA?

    What are the largest (in terms of industry/publisher presence) gaming cons in the USA? RPGs in particular of course, but other games (board, card, etc) are good too. Especially around Florida. I've never been to one and thought it might be fun. I know there's Necronomicon here in the Tampa...
  9. Jade Bells Ringing

    Itasca, IL] Concentric March 23-24, 2013

    well, basically, Concentric 2013 is coming. It will run March 23-24 in Itasca, IL (Holiday Inn Itasca 860 West Irving Park Road Itasca, IL 60143 (630) 773-2340 to be exact). You can sign up at Warhorn I expect to alternate between Star Wars and Starship Troopers, but that is just me.
  10. D

    [UK] Con-Quest May the Fourth 'be with you'

    The next Con-Quest Midlands takes place on Saturday May the 4th 'Be With You' 2013. Mark the date in your diaries, calendars, year planners, and schedules! A Star Wars/Sci-Fi themed event due to the auspicious date! "That's no moon. Whoops, yes it is!"
  11. Bruder_Wen

    [BRITPACK] Dragonmeet 2012....anyone going?

    So Dragonmeet is next week and I was wondering if any of the RPGNet blighty regulars were attending? I'm going, despite it being Xmas present buying season and was wondering if I was the only one. If anyone from these here parts is going, do you fancy meeting up? it would be nice to put some...
  12. P

    Eternal CONclave 2013

    AYE! Registration for Eterrnal CONclave 2013 is open! be quick and use our early bird fee what can you expect? - gaming and accomodation in a medival castle, overlooking the river rhine - german food, wines and beer - 3 brand new freeforms + kids specials (incl a kids-freeform) - special...
  13. W

    Gaming Convention in October?

    Hi! I'm Korean and going to marry in late October. My fiancee, also enthusiastic gamer, wants go to gaming convention for our honeymoon. :D I heard Gencon is the largest convention, but It has ended already (Sigh). Is there any gaming convention in October?(especially centered on RPG) I found...
  14. Q

    Are there Summer Cons in England this year?

    I'm going to be in England second week of July until late August. What cons run during that time? Ideally ones with games on demand but I'm not too fussy.
  15. bottg

    UK Games Expo 2012

    With less than a week to go, any UK based gamers thinking of going? Anyone from further afield? Looks like some good guests & games: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/
  16. Shiro

    [Con Games] To Roll, or Not To Roll?

    I just got back from a games convention (Conquest, in Melbourne Australia). I played in three tabletop RPGs, and in not one did anyone roll a die. Running tabletops as a freeform improvisation seems to be pretty popular here, and I am wondering what others' experiences are? This year it's my...
  17. D

    Freeforms/LARPs at Continuum 2012

    Here are some of the Freeforms/LARPs games taking place at Continuum 2012. Details for sign-up to these games are on the Continuum 2012 Freeform Games Website. More games to be announced soon! The new policy is we will not be charging any of the players for playing in a freeform game; all...
  18. T

    Why are Game Conventions still Important to the hobby?

    I still go to them and have met a lot of great people, learned new games, and sharpened by GMing and player skills..but it makes me wonder Why are Game Conventions still Important to the hobby? Why are they still important to you? (or not?) jh
  19. D

    Eternal Convention 2012

    Eternal Convention 2012 http://www.eternal-con.de 25.-28.May 2012, Burg Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany Tentacles2009-256 by Darran!, on Flickr An international roleplaying convention with guest from more than a dozen countries from every corner of the known world in a real medivial castle...
  20. M

    [Bay Area Pack] Dundracon - who is going?

    http://www.dundracon.com/ if you clicked in and don't know what I am talking about. I love this convention. I have been going since...Dundracon 6. (Ow,ow.ow. It hurts to turn the Waybac that far). This is the one gaming convention I can always go to (unless it is on valentine's day). The...
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