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  1. mhensley

    Kickstarter for English version of Drakar och Demoner!

    The English version is called Ruin Masters and it looks pretty damn cool. Anybody have experience with the original system? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...rs/description
  2. theaaronstory

    Twelf Kingdoms Video Game/Gamebook

    "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I embarked on this marvelous journey . . ." Greetings fellow enthusiasts, role-players, video game masters, magical and non-magic folk, demons, heroes and heroines, beings and creatures of the never ending lands of imagination, and every other...
  3. The Discerning Gentleman

    Recommended GM Emulators

    I used to have a list of a bunch of GM Emulators in book/PDF form, but I can't seem to find it now. Any suggestions as to what Emulators to try out first?
  4. Baron Greystone

    Any Lists of Room Items for Science Fiction RPGs?

    I'm populating a high-tech base on a planet, and it would save time and provide inspiration if anyone could lead me to such a list or table that's already been created. Or just rattle off some example items. I'd appreciate any help. Here, I'll start: portable music player and media several...
  5. L

    *Kickstarter* The World After- Epic adventures for the Open Minded

    Hi guys, I just wanted to introduce a TTRPG we’ve been working on. It uses a unique d6 system and has a deep lore of our world 8000 years after environmental collapse. Thanks for reading. Click here to see more- http://kck.st/2BRoUM7 We offer US and EU shipping, and a pdf-only option. And...
  6. S

    Introducing "SKALD: Against the Black Priory"

    Hi, SKALD: Against the Black Priory is an indie CRPG of dark, grounded fantasy with a strong retro look and feel! The game draws heavily on "golden era" titles like "Ultima", the "Gold Box series" and the "Magic Candle series". It features party-based, story driven, roleplaying that mixes...
  7. A

    GODS, the new dark fantasy RPG is live!

    Hello Chosen Ones, We are proud to annouced that we have successfuly launched the Kickstarter campaign for GODS, the dark fantasy roleplaying game. GODS is a brand new roleplaying game created by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme and Julien Blondel. Designed by long time friends, roleplayers, and...
  8. MadMax906

    RUST : THE AFTERWORLD - The Roleplaying Card Game

    Hello everyone! RUST : THE AFTERWORLD, our new game project, is now live on Kickstarter. The campaign has started brilliantly (more than 17% achieved in less than 3 days, over 200 likes on our facebook page, over 15k contacts to our launching post), and we are marching at good speed toward our...
  9. S

    "Trial of the Dragon" - a combat based ttRPG

    Hi I'm a part of a small team, which currently works on a new combat based tabletop RPG, titled "Trial of the Dragon". It will be an Asian-inspired game set in a wold influenced by Celestial Dragons. These godlike beings fight each other for a complete control of the people. It will be a mix of...
  10. F

    *Kickstarter* [Kickstarter] "SuburbPunk" - 90's Nostalgia RPG (System Agnostic Setting Book)

    SuburbPunk is a new RPG setting based on 90's nostalgia and the Y2K bug. Hi there, my name is Mikal Saltveit and I am very excited that my company Frog Knight Games has finally launched our kickstarter for SuburbPunk. We grew up in the 90's in america, and wanted to explore that era through...
  11. Aliana

    Calling all Dragon Age PBP Roleplayers

    Hey guys, I'm building an online PBP roleplaying game based on the Dragon Age series for anyone interested. Primarily storytelling-based, will be great for PBP roleplaying writers. Freeform / forum-based. i.e. no dice involved. Original characters are allowed, but canons can be played too...
  12. M

    Kickstarter Launched! - Imperium Omni-4 part Serialized Role Playing Game/Novel in the classic Retro Epic Fantasy style

    We launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.com on Monday, January 28th, to raise $25,000 amongst all RPG gaming enthusiasts. Within 24 hours, the target goal was reached, and shortly thereafter at nearly 500 backers and in excess of $30,000 there's no upper limit in sight. The campaign...
  13. B

    Searching for an very old amiga rpg

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for an old dungeon crawler on the amiga (it could have been a C64) :) no for a long time... It's really been a long time ago. Must have been in the 1985 - 1990 - somethink like that, if i remember right. Well-known titles like "dungeon master", "eye of the...
  14. J

    Any suggestions about a fantasy horror suitable system?

    Hello to all of you, guys and gals! I'm asking for some help, suggestions or tips and hints. Here's the reason why I need your kind advice. My plan is to be a game master for my friends, we are a small group - four people in total. We're aiming for something like DnD style but with a different...
  15. G

    Diceless Blind-Bidding RPGs?

    I'm interested in trying out the above, and I'm sure at least a few exist, but aside from what I've heard of Nobilis, I'm unsure of which use it for conflict resolution. Does anyone happen to know of any? Even better, ones that use Blind Bidding in some unique ways? Side Note: I saw that James...
  16. Velexia Ombra

    🎨 Creative It's been a long time, but I wanted to share a new character sheet I am working on :)

    This is side 1 of 2. I tend to prefer single sheet character sheets, but my group specifically requested 2 sheets this time. Feel free to roast it, or ask questions, or nothing at all <3
  17. R

    Gothic City Modular Terrain & Epic-Sized Mythos Models

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know this is live on Kickstarter until 2/13. It’s a 3D printable modular terrain system (Tilescape 2.0) by Rocket Pig Games. I have some really nice galleries on the Facebook page with some descriptions to show how we really stand out from the rest. We’ve put our...
  18. L

    *Kickstarter* Heroes Ravage is a satire and a love letter to the old RPG genre

    Hey everyone, I'd like to share with you the game I've been working on called Heroes Ravage! Heroes Ravage is a 4v4 multiplayer action game about Heroes with no remorse and Villagers desperately trying to protect their valuables through an all-out brawl of wits and might to secure all the loot...
  19. Leif Westerholm

    Devs & Dice - Swenglish game developers talk and play RPGs (actual plays etc)

    Hi good folks, Some shameless advertisement for our little YouTube channel that deals with D&D and other role-playing games and even some tabletop boardgames: https://www.youtube.com/c/DevsDice We are a collection of tabletop gamers that during the days work at EA DICE but during evenings we...
  20. Tzeentch01

    the One Ring - How do I roll to hit?

    I'm trying to read up on the rules for 'the One Ring' yet I can't find any clear answer on how the combat system works. The whole stances thing is something I understand but I can't understand how to roll to hit. I understand that I roll a 12-sided feat dice and "a number of success dice" but...
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