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rules cyclopedia

  1. D

    WIR: The D&D Rules Cyclopedia

    I’ve wanted to do a WIR on the D&D Rules Cyclopedia for a while as it’s my favorite edition of the rule set. I’ve always appreciated just how much information they managed to cram into one book; with no other reference work you can run entire campaigns from it, ranging from simple dungeon dives...
  2. R

    Are the 1E DMG and the Rules Cyclopedia "Must Reads" for fans of D&D?

    I have a pile of books covering OD&D, and 1E through 5E; including Pathfinder. 33 or 34 Books already. All of which I actually read and use. My wife is not a fan at all. My book pile has already exceeded her piles of shoes and purses, btw. Haha!!! I have also done the same with many other...
  3. E.T.Smith

     The Rules Cyclopedia, sing its praises proudly

    Earlier this week, something many old-school D&D fans have been yearning for finally came to be: hardcopy reprints of 1991's Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia. Considered by many the best single-volume version of D&D (and by some the best version of D&D, period). To celebrate this event...
  4. C

    [OSR] Dark Dungeons RPG?

    I was reading this article about D&D and retroclones and it mentioned Dark Dungeons, which sounded intriguing. It seems that it's an updated version of the Rules Cyclopedia? Had anyone here played or run games with it? What's it like? Any obvious differences between that and the Cyclopedia...
  5. S

    BECMI v. Cyclopedia - Any difference?

    Having just binged Stranger Things and saw the edition the kids were playing (using the Expert rulebook in particular), I have gotten back into looking at running BEMCI D&D. I have Dark Dungeons which is a retroclone of the Cyclopedia, but I was wondering if there is any real difference between...
  6. R

    [Rules Cyclopedia] [+] The Rules Cyclopedia Appreciation Station

    So, just a few days back I was going through my DriveThruRPG library. I was mainly surprised by how many games I had on there that I had no recollection of buying (I've given money to a bunch of Bundles of Holding, and apparently a lot of those retrospectively added a lot of material to the...
  7. Spikey

    [Let's Read] The Rules Cyclopedia

    Full disclosure: I'm not exactly a D&D person. I played an abortive campaign of red box D&D when I was a teenager and an even more abortive game of AD&D (the one where psionicists could have a power set like the Robert Patrick character in Terminator 2) a couple of years later. Nevertheless, I...
  8. S

    Say you have the D&D Rules Cyclopedia.... what the one other 'essential' item to go with it?

    The Immortal Rules boxed set (tan)? Creature Crucible? Wrath of the Immortals? Red Steel? Hollow World campaign boxed set? B1-9 In Search of Adventure? I'm curious what the 'go to' thing is for people outside of that book, if D&D is your game.
  9. J

    Which old D&D should I try?

    B/X, Rules Cyclopedia, or 1E AD&D? I started with 2E and loved it. I thought 3E and 3.5 were 2E done right, with more sense, options, and elegance, but high-level play got tiring. I thought 4E had great cinematics, but everything outside of initiative felt like a non-interactive cinematic, and...
  10. B

    Rules Cyclopedia: Peggy Copper: Info?

    So without trying to say that the Rules Cyclopedia has perfect art direction by any standard you prefer, I was struck by the relative lack of cheesecake and the wider-than-average ethnic spread of the PCs depicted. I haven't ever heard any stories about Peggy Cooper, who was TSR's art director...
  11. Mulsiphix

    [Basic Set D&D] Adding Cinematic Flair To Combat

    I'm just getting involved in Basic Set D&D (Moldvay) and the combat system looks very "I hit it with my sword" basic. I'm curious if any of you currently or in the past have played combat a little more descriptively, either through house-ruled mechanics or just to add flair and depth to an...
  12. Mulsiphix

    Rules Cyclopedia - Where Do I Start?

    I'd like to get a game up and running as soon as possible. Looking over the RC ToC leaves me feeling like the only way I'll be able to play is to digest the entire tome before I sit down to roll up our first characters. Is this true or would it be possible to read a key set of pages first, get...
  13. V

    Do the BECMI books have the same art as the Rules Cyclopedia?

    I have the RC and it is a terrific set of rules. But the artwork... ugh. Does the same stuff sully the individual BECMI books?
  14. D

    Who else wants a Rules Cyclopedia re-release with better art?

    Since Wizards of the Coast seems to be mostly just re-releasing old editions of the game until the eventual 5e rollout in 2062 or something, this idea occurred to me. I love the old D&D Rules Compendium, but most of the art is execrable. Yes, the Beholder vs. Wizard picture is awesome, and there...
  15. heptat

    House Rules for Mentzer/RC D&D

    Hi All I've put up my house rules for the Mentzer/Rules Cyclopedia version of D&D (the first version I ever played) on github. Key points: takes inspiration from many of the great retro-clones out there uses a 2d10 and roll low mechanic instead of d20 hopefully allows use of the published...
  16. C

    Rules Cyclopedia is kinda expensive...

    I'd kind of like to buy a copy of the old Rules Cyclopedia. I'm shopping around on ebay though. That's not even for good condition. That's for 'acceptable' condition. Is there a reason why the Rules Cyclopedia is so much more expensive than most other D&D books?
  17. S

    Difference Between BECMI & 1e or 2e?

    I was showing my gaming group my D&D collection and they saw my Rules Cyclopedia I have in the cupboard and asked me the difference between that and AD&D 2e which I run with them every so often. I explained for example that you can just be an Elf in BECMI where as you can be a Elf Fighter or Elf...
  18. K

    What's so great about Basic D&D?

    I keep seeing this sentiment floating around, that "with the right GM" BD&D is a great fun game. So I'm curious as to what it is that makes it so wonderful. Also, what edition are people talking about? From my own perspective, I played Red Box and RC back in the day, and I don't see anything...
  19. R

    [RC/BCMI] Any tips for running B2?

    So I may be running Keep on the Borderlands soon, in a homebrewed setting reminiscent of Imperial Rome, wherein dwarves were slaves to a fallen underworld elven empire (and elves are albino under-dwellers), halflings are woodland savages, and satyrs are a playable class (reskinned and tweaked...
  20. Nahualt

    Rules Cyclopedia Retro support?

    Okay so I convinced my group for a D&D retro night once a month , any currenbt companies offering Retro movement support for the Cyclopedia ruleset? any actual OCR cyclopedia rules currently?
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