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runequest 6

  1. T

    Mythras and Runequest 6E

    Could somebody please explain what are the fundamental differences between Mythras and Runequest 6E?
  2. Bilharzia

    Mythras Characteristics and Attributes tool

    A small web tool to calculate Mythras Attributes derived from the seven Characteristics. Probably most useful for new players creating characters and experimenting with how Characteristics determine the Attributes. http://flipb.uk/Mchar/
  3. Belgath

    Seeds of chaos chapter 1 Into the Cold

    RPG Game using the Mythras Rules and Luther Arkwright, After the vampire wars supplements. So I’m starting a new parallel worlds campaign. Parallels that differs from each other like in Luther Arkwright. Or Dr. Who with more or as Call of Cthulhu vibe. But each parallel have different levels...
  4. R

    [Interest?] Classic RuneQuest 2 or RQ6 Borderlands

    OK, this is a thread devoted to whether or not we can pull off the classic RQ2 campaign Borderlands, set in Prax. For those who do not know, this would the Borderlands campaign - http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/83386/Gloranthan-Classics-Volume-IV--Borderlands--Beyond?filters=100_0_1500_0_0...
  5. X

    Good setting for Runequest/Mythras

    I am starting a new campaign of RQ/Mythras and i want to use a premade setting, any recommendations? yes i am a new GM for this system
  6. X

    Harnmaster 3 vs Pendragon vs Runequest/Mythras wich one do you prefer?

    I am trying to decide which system to play first, and i cants seem to decide, what aspects do you liked about each game?
  7. S

    [Tell me about] Classic Fantasy for Mythras

    A while ago, this came out: http://thedesignmechanism.com/products.php#!/Classic-Fantasy/p/64529407/category=5186110 Classic Fantasy is a supplement for Mythras with the intention of running D&D-esque dungeoncrawling adventures using Mythras' rules. It seems to play around with the Mythras...
  8. S

    [Runequest 6/Mythras] Differences between Runequest 6 and Mythras? Edition differences?

    The latest version of Runequest 6 from The Design Mechanism that I have is the Collector's Edition from a while back. Now, with the renaming to Mythras, I've come to understand that a new edition has been released, with some updates and changes. Is there a comprehensive changelog or something...
  9. T

    Other Publisher Mythras Classic Fantasy, Dungeon Crawl Adventure d100 style

    Hello fellow gamers, My name is Rodney Leary, and I'm the author of Mythras Classic Fantasy, a supplement for the excellent Mythras game system (formally RuneQuest 6th Edition) published by the Design Mechanism. Classic Fantasy brings Old School Dungeon Crawl Adventure to skill based d100...
  10. M

    So, let's say I want to have weapons and armor used in a more realistic way

    For a game I'm preparing, I mean to have weapon and armor use mirror reality a little bit more (as far as we know it, anyway). By this I don't mean in terms of mechanics so much as in terms of player expectations, and societal attitudes towards weapons and armor in a medieval setting. If it...
  11. F

    Tell me about RuneQuest and Mythic Britain!

    I just ordered both books at The Sentry box, which is an amazing gaming store (in Canada). I actually known very little about the game but it seems brilliant. Has anyone played the Mythic Britain campaign?
  12. S

    [TDM's RQ6] Firearms and armour

    In the homebrew setting I'm currently GM:ing using The Design Mechanism's Runequest 6 the level of technological development is around the Age of Steam. One of them things I've wanted to do with this setting is to have it constantly evolve during it's timeline, rather than do the usual fantasy...
  13. S

    Stars Without Number done in Runequest 6

    Currently I have two games running: a Stars Without Number (SWN) sandbox and a Runequest 6 (RQ6) sandbox. I like both rulesets, but I generally prefer RQ6: I find the combat system more interesting and I have a preference for D100-based systems. However, I find that Kevin Crawford has done a...
  14. N

    [RQ2/Classic]Tangent from runequest 6 is dead! long live runequest 6! - Weapon skills

    I didn't want to derail that thread any further with the discussion of teasing apart RQ2's weapon skill and training ambiguities so I started this thread. So we were discussing how unclear the weapon skill and training sections are worded. Basically what we had resolved is that EVERY weapon...
  15. R

    runequest 6 is dead! long live runequest 6!

    http://designmechanism.freeforums.org/important-announcement-future-of-rq6-t1393.html I am very glad to see the system continuing on. Honestly, one of the best I've found in a while. I personally really enjoy that it has been tested and played to hell and back over the last 35 years largely...
  16. G

    [Runequest 6] Any fan made setting conversions or suggested settings?

    I just finished a year and a half run of DMing Monster Island for RQ6. While I'm letting someone else DM for a bit, I'll probably take back over when he finishes. So it's about time I figure out what I'm going to do next. I quite enjoyed RQ6 as written and will probably try to run it again with...
  17. S

    [Random tables] Creating random tables for burglary targets

    I've recently started a two player game of Runequest 6 that's all about a pair of criminals working their way up in a corrupt city. Our homebrew setting for this game can basically be summarised as Shadowrun 17xx (or 18xx). (Low) Fantasy mixed with the early years of the industrial revolution...
  18. Q

    New to Runequest, looking for a one shot to run also any tips on running it would be nice

    Picked up Runequest 6th edition at gencon, and have been reading through it. Going to try running a quick one shot this weekend, just to test it out, not a campaign yet or anything. Does anyone have any one shots for it they would recommend? I would also appreciate any tips people have for...
  19. S

    [RQ6] Any good resources/blogs/hacks for this game out there?

    I am just getting into Runequest and just got the 6th edition and I'm like... what's out there for this game on the interwebs? Any good blogs, podcasts, or hacks of other games hacked to Runequest that would be good to look at somewhere?
  20. V

    Anyone here get Adventures in Glorantha at Gen Con?

    If so, would you mind posting any pics of the book? It's the closest the rest of us will get!
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