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  1. AJ the Ronin

    The Sandman TV series: a Netflix original

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/live-feed/sandman-tv-series-neil-gaiman-david-goyer-a-go-at-netflix-1220761 Goyer is writing. Gaiman and Goyer are co-producing. Apparently it will be the most expensive TV done so far. If Gaiman keep as much creative control as he...
  2. G

    The Endless (DC Comics) Playlists

    I was playing around listening to music and organizing stuff, and I'm pretty proud of what I ended up coming up with. I think several of these form pretty strong narratives that reflect the character pretty well. They're relatively short for playlists, but considering there are seven of them...
  3. Moritz

    [LTTP/ WIR] Sandman

    Well, here we go. Today I cracked open my Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 which has been lying around in my apartment for two years. Sounds weird? First some backstory... Sandman #1 = an individual comic issue TPB 1- Trade Paperback, the collected issues, which is what you would nowadays usually buy...
  4. Seroster

    So if I actually want to read Sandman, where do I start?

    I just looked at the post about the new Sandman story and watched Gaiman reading those bits and I realized - I'm not much of a comics reader - but I think I *should* read Sandman. Because while I've read his novels, I've never read his comics output. Is there any particularly economical way...
  5. Mataxes

    New Sandman Comics in 2013! By Neil Gaiman!

    Neil Gaiman posted this to his facebook feed not too long ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GndnR7oSYYk An untold Sandman story, and one that Neil says he was unhappy he had never gotten a chance to tell. And drawn by JH Williams as well... talk about a match. I am STOKED!
  6. B

    lttp - Sandman

    Good stuff. Unsettling. I'm listening to Tori Amos while reading it. On vol.2, the ones with the kidnapped kid and the serial killers convention (which, BTW, I totally came up with in high school when I found out there's a formal, technical definition for serial killers.)
  7. Jake

    [Sandman] Absolute edition, different versions?

    Having read Preludes and Nocturnes some time ago I found out that there's an Absolute edition, which apart from nice extras has recoloured art. As I was rather disappointed with the original colouring in Preludes while enjoying the story and drawing immensely, this is now a must have :D Small...
  8. Quasar

    Sandman: The TV series

    So WB is in the early stages of trying to turn Sandman into a TV series. At least according to The Hollywood reporter. Certainly not surprising given its status. I'm also wondering when we'll see them look at Fables for a TV series - something I'd actually like. I wonder if Neil would be...
  9. M

    Sell me on... Sandman!

    I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, but I've never read any graphic novels, so I'm not too sure what I'm getting into here. Is this suitable reading for a comic newbie?
  10. K

    An Old Geek Reads Sandman for the first time

    and finds it pretty cool, at least the first volume. Unversal human experiences...dreams and death, fear of what we don't know (the dreaming mind and what, if anything comes after death), fear of losing control over our actions, lots of in-the-club references. Question....is important to...
  11. Moritz

    [way LTTP] in which I read Sandman

    Now don'T get me wrong. In general, I love Gaiman's work. I read Stardust, Anansi Boys, Smoke and Mirrors, Fragile Things, Odd and the Frost Giants as well as translations of Coraline; Neverwhere, American Gods and the Wolves in the Walls. I've seen Neverwhere, Stardust and (gah!) Beowulf. When...
  12. N

    A sandman image/scan request

    From "A game of you"; the two pages where the cuckoo explains to... whatserface, barbie, the differences between boys and girls. [Clint Clark is secretly hyperman/girls aren't like that, they're princesses &c &c &c.] I don't own a copy, and my scanner didn't fit the copy I could get my hands on...
  13. A

    I Hate Sandman TPs!!

    Bastards! I have 3 left to complete my collection, I've been taking my time buying other stuff in between (just bought Midnight Nation on Saturday- absolutely awesome, especially after reading the intro by JMS). Went to buy the last three and they've changed the bloody covers!! And all the...
  14. AdrianChapman

    Just got around to reading Sandman

    and WOW is this thing good!! I'm about halfway through the second trade (Dolls House) and I'm really loving every second of it. And didn't some of you guys say that this was one of the "least good" of the trades?... I'm really stoked I started reading this. AC (had to share...)
  15. M

    Tetsujin28... and you other folks about Sandman/Neil Gaiman

    Why do you hate it? I have to admit when heard of Sandman via proxy. Hated it. Then I read it. I guess part of it was the well intergrated weird and gay and mythological characters. I admit I have a hate hate love relationship with Season of Mists. But what's the issue?
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