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  1. T

    Worst. Modules. Ever.

    Hey guys, I'm trying a bit of an odd experiment, and was wondering what you thought were the worst modules/pre-published adventures you've ever had the misfortune to run or play?
  2. T

    [Valley of Eternity] Samurai films that would make good scenarios

    Valley of Eternity is a fun game, but prep for it runs counter to the way I usually prep my games. I'm used to starting with chargen. Having the players create characters with strong motivations, and then weaving their resulting stories back and forth (think films like 11:14). But with VoE, you...
  3. S

    Modiphius Entertainment [Mindjammer Press] PDF version of Mindjammer adventure "Hearts & Minds" now on DriveThru

    "Hearts and Minds", the first adventure for Mindjammer, the Fate Core far future transhuman science-fiction RPG, is now available in PDF version from DriveThruRPG / RPGNow, and also from the Modiphius webstore. HEARTS AND MINDS - SAVING A WORLD ON THE BRINK OF WAR “One hundred years ago...
  4. S

    Modiphius Entertainment [MINDJAMMER PRESS] "Hearts and Minds" Mindjammer RPG scenario 1 - out now!

    Modiphius Entertainment and Mindjammer Press are delighted to announce "HEARTS AND MINDS", the first scenario for MINDJAMMER, the award-winning Fate Core transhuman science-fiction roleplaying game. Pre-order now and download the Thoughtcast Edition pre-release PDF immediately today, with the...
  5. W

    The Marseille Conundrum (adventure)

    Hi, I've written a scenario that takes place in an alternate version of Europe in the 1300s, and the PCs are knight templars - that is, if the templars were an order that eradicated real evil. I am posting it here to get some input about other systems that would fit this game. I don't know...
  6. K

    [Historical] What's some feasible fallout from this situation?

    My players - Acrozatarim, Mrok Girl, mysyndrome and psleger - please stay out. All sorts of GM machinations relevant to the game going on here. In my historical game, set in 300BC Massalia (modern Marseilles), the PCs are a bunch of mercenaries and their retinues, hired by Menesthios...
  7. S

    Natural historical progression in a Society where Magic and Technology works

    I just wanted to ask the community how they would handle a "What if" setting concept... Imagine if ages ago..the Avatars of the gods first populated the world and created the first people to join them in populating the world, each of the 5 gods traveled with the first peoples to various parts...
  8. T

    Serpents' Teeth - new Jaws of the Six Serpents supplement launched

    Silver Branch Games has released a supplement for Jaws of the Six Serpents, its popular gamebook taking the PDQ system into the realms of sword-and-sorcery and the darker sides of fantasy. Serpents' Teeth is a resource for the GM, with adventures and guidance material, mostly by fans of Jaws...
  9. J

    A good one-shot for a mixed group of gamers

    I volunteered to run a one-shot (or a couple!) for some friends next week, hoping to use this as an excuse to try out a system and/or setting I haven't played with before. I've been so busy with work stuff and planning out details for my ongoing campaigns, however, that I find myself without an...
  10. N

    Would this be considered a Bait and Switch game?

    And more importantly would you react negatively to the premise? The game is billed as a specific genre, say Pulp Adventures in 1920 and 30s with strong emulation, even sticking to the "physics" appropriate to the setting. The campaign runs as advertised for quite some time, weeks, perhaps...
  11. legopaidi

    [Fate] Post your scenarios here!

    I was thinking they're ought to be many homebrewed scenarios for the different Fate games available. Fate Rpg group in yahoo does a good job of collecting some but I've found out there are more of them which don\t appear in their site. I think it's a good idea to post them here as links Any...
  12. S

    The Drowned Lands: Wordplay

    Description The summer of 2011 was blisteringly hot and humid, both in Britain and in the rest of the world. Perhaps nothing too unusual. Then it started to rain. Still nothing unusual. It started to rain everywhere in the world, even in deserts. And it didn't stop. Ever. About this Book The...
  13. T

    What's the Difference Between Setting, Scenario, and Metaplot?

    One thing I've noticed is that there is some differing ideas of what a metaplot actually is, especially compared to settings and scenarios. I think that for sure that the following are concrete examples of each: Setting: The information about the world as presented in the core rulebook...
  14. Z

    The free scenarios thread.

    Free rules for roleplaying are fairly easy to find. Its a bit less easy to get adventures and the like. This is the thread where you get to pimp your favourite free to download module or setting for any system. Please include links I'll start with this neat starting solo adventure for Tunnels...
  15. thekelvingreen

    Adventure Suggestions: Political Intrigue With Added Elves?

    Does what it says on the tin. Does anyone have any suggestions for good scenarios involving political intrigue, of the Machiavellian wheels-within-wheels sort? Preferably involving some smug elves. Any system is fine, as I'll be stealing the plot and characters rather than the statistics...
  16. N

    [AAAARRRGGH!] Adventure writing block - esp. in non-fantasy settings

    It's been a while since I started a new campaign and I've got terrible, terrible writers block. I don't have idea issues - I've got heaps of cool ideas - but it's the next step that is an issue. How do I get from cool general idea (say CoC in the front lines of Civil War era Spain or baseline...
  17. S

    [Nobilis] 101 Campaigns/Scenarios!

    So, one of the things I see said often about Nobilis is "I like the idea, but don't have any idea what do with it!" So I've thought to myself frequently, "We should just make a thread full of ideas for those people". And here we are! Feel free to contribute. 1) Treachery: The campaign in the...
  18. SJE

    BSG: No Win

    Heres a seed, a concept I have for a future short (and possibly very dark) Battlestar Galactica game A refugee ship, the Aurora, desperately falling behind the fleet with engine trouble. 2 Vipers assigned to protect it and defend it, no matter what. Incoming Cylon raiders- a desperate space...
  19. B

    Free New Moirai scenario

    there is another new scenario available for free for the Narrative game Moirai. This time around it's a quirky fantasy scenario that pits the players against a variety of unusual artifacts and their inventor who my be more then he appears. Just follow this link and get it for free...
  20. B

    Moirai-Scenario released

    Take your Moirai game to a space colony A new, free,Sci-fi scenario for Moirai-The Universal Role Playing Game of Destiny is available for download at http://moirairpg.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/free-new-adventure-scenario/
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