scene framing

  1. M

    Scene Based Play

    Scene Based Play Part I Defining The Scene To begin, we need to define what a scene in a game is. Authors and screenwriters endlessly debate what a scene is. I have seen a good dozen definitions by writers I respect. So we will use a two part definition: 1) The Full: "Scenes are...
  2. BluSponge

    [Gamemastering] Scene-Driven Games

    I don't really remember the first RPG I read that talked about framing adventures in terms of "scenes" instead of "encounters". I think it was Dragonlance Fifth Age. But whatever it was, I always took it to be more about presentation than actual gameplay, which I've continued to run just like...
  3. M

    [Leverage] [GMing] Problems with pacing scenes?

    Hi everybody, I ran a Leverage RPG recruitment job a couple days ago, and even if it was a lot of fun, I had a hard time playing scene by scene. I do not know if it is my old D&D habit (or my player's) where the party often just roam in a dungeon, but we never really "ended" a scene to jump...
  4. L

    What are games with strong scene framing mechanics/procedures

    I'm looking for games that have really solid rules for how to frame scenes. Not just advice and instructions, but actual rules. Things that force you to frame scenes a certain way even when your natural inclination goes strongly against it. Oh, and to prevent the inevitable derail, here are the...
  5. P

    Scene Framing [looking for examples]

    I am looking for examples of how to explain to a GM how to frame a scene for the players. Any suggestions? In my Opus game, I have differentiate scenes by physical location, circumstance and environmental stress; however, I want to give some generic advice to the GM on how to frame a scene for...
  6. R

    What is "aggressive scene framing?"

    Tell me what you think "aggressive scene framing" means. (I know what it means, in my own way, but I want to get a range of opinions about it.) PS: If you don't like it or have an axe to grind about it, create your own thread please.
  7. E

    Scene Framing - Real Success in HOW we play

    So I have been involved with a new gameing group that has really been a refreshing change of pace for me. I came to the group while they were in the middle of a transition of sorts. Thier GM was black boxing the game and doing all the normal stuff with her own twists and successes. Recently...
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