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  1. Mjolnheim

    Augusta Universalis - Romanpunk Alternate History TRPG

    Hi! My name is Marzio, I’m an emerging author from San Marino (an ancient independent republic inside of Italy) and a member of a small italian label called Acchiappasogni. The label produced some game in the last years, two of which in both italian and english (Musha Shugyo, Darkmoor). Today...
  2. LatinaBunny

    Is there a D&D “in spaaaace” out there?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I was inspired by a thread and I love D&D-esque stuffs, so I was wondering if there is a scifi D&D? Either 5e or one of the simpler old editions (like B/X) or OSR? Would Number the Stars be the closest to it?
  3. JerelLightning

    Game mechanics testing (Volunteers Needed)

    I’m a newbie that’s currently working on my own tabletop rpg. I’d like any volunteers to help me figure out my game mechanics with me. Since I’m a newbie advice other than what’s on topic is greatly appreciated, but should be kept at a minimum. The setting for it is a Sci fi Space rpg, where...
  4. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    What System for Gaming the Netflix Lost in Space Remake?

    I just binged the Netflix reboot of Lost in Space and pretty much loved it. I'm wondering what RPGs might be good for gaming something like it, that I don't already know about. Bonus points for anything that has mechanical support for environmental challenges, like, oh, being in a lake as it...
  5. K

    [5e] Rocket Age Launches into 5e, playtesters wanted!

    Today is the day! Playtester registration is now open for Player's Guide to the Solar System (5e), the first of the Rocket Age 5e books. Playtesting is easy and fun, you are already going to play a game, why not test out something new? Playtesters will receive a pdf copy of the finished work. If...
  6. Youdontmeetinaninn

    🎨 Creative Beam Saber V0.1 (a Blades in the Dark Hack) is here!

    Hello everyone! For the last couple months I've been working on a mech/vehicle focused Blades In The Dark hack called Beam Saber and now V0.1 is ready to be shared! I've made a Beam Saber discord...
  7. Tango Samurai

    Upcoming Sci-Fi games I am excited about (+ thread)

    So for some reason I've got a major sci-fi kick going on right now. I'm re-watching my Farscape DVD's and there is a bunch of good stuff on the cusp of release. Starfinder has my attention. I got the PDF and I really like the feel and vibe of the game. Yes, like any other game in the market is...
  8. L

    [Legendary Games] The Alien Bestiary Kickstarter and even more sci-fi for 5E!

    It's a fabulous 5E Sci-Fi Friday! - The Alien Bestiary and now the new Alien Codex for 5E - Hundreds of new space and sci-fi monsters, and YOU get to help decide which extraterrestrial enemies end up in the final book! PLUS the Alien Codex brings you hundreds of ready-to-use sci-fi NPCs from...
  9. O

    Oz-zO, building a SciFi heartbreak

    I have been gaming for a large part of my life, I don’t consider myself too terribly deep into the more obscure systems and settings but have a fair rounding and have a decent current group to run with. But, and there is always a but, I constantly want to noodle around with a setting or system...
  10. DMH

    Is there a sandbox generator for massive starships?

    Some games, like Metamorphosis Alpha, are either set on or include gigantic ships. I want to use one, or a few, in a Gamma World- the underground construction yards where the Warden was built. But I have no interest in trying to come up with all the stuff and locations that might be found within...
  11. Crusty One

    Tell Me About Fate Sci Fi Games You Have Run (Particularly Diaspora)

    I've never played FATE. I have Diaspora, which I'd love to run some day. I have Core, Starblazer Adventures, Spirit of the Century, Nova Praxis and Jadepunk. For a long time I just couldn't get my head around the system at all, but I get it now. So, I want to know what people have done...
  12. C

    [Mythras] M-SPACE 1.1 to be Released

    We are very happy to announce the coming release of a new version of M-SPACE: 1.1 The big thing here is not in the content however. Only a few small changes and additions have been made. The main feature is colour printing and a more durable binding. These are two of the most requested features...
  13. CWalck93

    [Ideas Needed] Despotic Sci-Fi Terran Empire

    So this is a brain worm that I've had in my head for a few days and I just am looking for ideas. I really don't need systems or games that can handle it because I'm not worried about that. I'm looking for ideas on the setting and see if my mind can develop something from it. I'm looking at...
  14. C

    [BRP :: Mythras] M-SPACE on Lulu Top 3

    We are happy to announce that M-SPACE has reached Lulu's Top 3 in gaming books! Thanks everyone for the amazing support since the release.
  15. C

    M-SPACE RPG is launching today

    Steer through nebulae at lightspeed, visit planetoids shrouded in cosmic dust and learn the secrets of ancient alien cultures. With M-SPACE, exploration and mysteries await you. Today, FrostByte Books is releasing the roleplaying game M-SPACE d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future. Based on a...
  16. C

    [BRP/Mythras] M-SPACE FAQ

    Now that the release of M-SPACE, d100 roleplaying in the far future is only a few days away, I thought I would answer some of the most common questions I've got from customers so far. How complicated are the starship design rules? While modular and quite flexible, they are easy to learn...
  17. Robert A. Rodger

    Questions to ask about a Starship crew

    So, been thinking about running a Star Trek-ish game, and was considering ways to flesh out the other 400 some cremembers of a ship who aren't the command staff PCs. One thing that came to mind was giving the players a bunch of questions to ask like: Who's the ship screw-up? What's the problem...
  18. C

    [Star Wars] Spaceships for BRP

    There is now a small PDF booklet detailing some of the iconic Star Wars spaceships for BRP. Stats for the BRP Starships/BRP Space rules are included for X-Wings, Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyers among others. All modules are listed for each ship, to make them easy to tweak. Hit locations have...
  19. Doctor Guilty

    [Sci-Fi] Elevator Pitches for Human Worlds?

    Konnichi wa, campers. I'm looking for ideas to fill in a sandbox sci-fi setting of mine. It's based mostly on the Heavy Gear universe, but I'm bringing in things from elsewhere as long as they fit certain criteria: - No aliens, unless they can be removed without too much trouble; - No...
  20. S

    *Kickstarter* Era: The Consortium Core Rulebook & Expansion on Kickstarter now!

    Era: The Consortium, a Science Fiction RPG with 500 years of playable history, is on Kickstarter now! Here's a little taster: Era: The Consortium is the story of a Colony Ship launched from Earth and the habitable world it discovers, Taranis. The game follows the inhabitants of Taranis as the...
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