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sci fi rpg

  1. Burgonet

    [Fate] CORE Command Adventures: CORE Command via Starblazer Adventures

    Six and more weeks ago, I posed the question here as to which system I could use to run a campaign based upon the existing material for the old CORE Command setting as written by Dream Pod 9. The end result of that discussion was my ordering Starblazer Adventures from Amazon. And then reading...
  2. Pilgrim

    Monarch Class Courier by Blue Max Studios

    The Monarch Class Courier by Blue Max Studios is now for sale at DriveThruRpg. This is a departure from Blue Max Studios hard sci-fi fare - its intended for space opera settings like Star Wars, Traveller, Thousand Suns and others. Take a look and maybe buy a copy.
  3. K

    [NWoD Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk] Okay - who's got it and what do you think?

    Inquiring minds wanna know!
  4. D

    Looking for Sci-Fi sugestions

    I have been wanting to run a game for a while now and I've narrowed it down to running a sci-fi game. I am not as familiar with this geanra outside of shadowrun and was hoping for suggestions to get me in the direction of a game/system to use/run. Preferences: An established setting with...
  5. S

    Whats your favorite Sci-fi themed RPG?

    Like the title says..
  6. M

    [Diaspora] a campaign idea

    I have this idea for a play-by-post game, inspired by J. Conrads "Youth", take a look at the first several paragraphs, and this "The sea never changes and its works, for all the talk of men, are wrapped in mystery." It would be initially formatted as a group of spacers (all ship's officers?)...
  7. Shan Andy

    Sci Fi heartbreakers

    I was digging through some old stuff the other day and came across an old sci fi setting I worked on for a year or two in my spare time. At the time I though it was a piece of setting design genius. re reading it now, it's crap. But it got me thinking. I hear quite often about fantasy...
  8. Bipolar Bear

    Looking For Some Cool Sci-Fi Artwork

    Mostly for inspirational purposes, but also to piece together a catalogue of cool-looking sci-fi equipment for a game I'm running. Objects, guns, ships, aliens, whatever. I'm not publishing it or anything, but I'd rather use stuff that is copyright-free and generic rather than anything already...
  9. ancillary

    [setting riff] The Singularity VS The Mythos

    This is inspired by the various threads about the Mythos being too familiar, can humanity triumph over Cthulhu, etc. It seems to me that there's plenty of room for Lovecraftian themes to creep in with a future setting. Once trans- and post-humanism gets mixed in, I think that adds whole new...
  10. E

    [Diaspora] Some Questions

    Hey all! So I ran into Diaspora a while ago, and I finally convinced my group to try it out! Yea me! But I have some questions about the game... Travel time & r-mass: If you conserve r-mass by going for a "slow burn" and travel at 2 v-shifts lower than your rating, is there any bonus on the...
  11. S

    [Mongoose Traveller] Your personal opinions on the career books?

    So. I will soon be getting into a Traveller campaign, and am curious as to how RP Open feels about the various books. What I would appreciate would be some kind of ranking based upon the books you own with some commentary as to specifics, and perhaps who it would be useful to. I own three...
  12. A

    [Interest] Diaspora

    Testing the waters to see if anyone else is keen on starting up a Diaspora game. Fair warning: I haven't got any experience running Diaspora (or indeed, any FATE-based RPG). I just want to see if the game is as fun as reading the book suggests it to be and don't want to wait indefinitely for...
  13. Chris J

    Sci Fi Roleplay

    What would be the best generic sci fi rpg out there currently? Traveller?
  14. N

    [Ebay] Fading Suns Lot

    [Ebay/UK-Ship Worldwide] Fading Suns Lot This is a collection of Fading Suns RPG books, Published by Holistic Design, containing: Fading Suns (Main Rulebook) GM Screen and Weapon Compendium Players Companion Byzantium Secundus Lords of the Known Worlds Children of the Gods: Obun & Ukar The...
  15. S

    BASH Sci-Fi Edition

    So...what do you all think about Bash Sci Fi edition. I have the supers version and think it's pretty cool but am wondering if it's worth getting. I've been looking for some time now for a system that can handle the variety of SF that I like, from Mass Effect type stuff to Stargate. Would you...
  16. TrvShane

    [Let's Read] Eclipse Phase

    Hi folks, As one of the lucky people to have a copy of Eclipse Phase at this point, and settling down to read it, I figured that I'd share my thoughts here as I go along. I should state that I am a long-time sci-fi fan, but I am normally more of a shotguns-in-space Traveller gamer (Traveller...
  17. R

    [Rogue Trader] Secrets of the Expanse, spoilers and hints in abundance

    The FFG guys did a good job on my Secrets of the Expanse web enhancement. It looks very pretty. As to what's in there: if you want to be drenched in atmosphere, hints, secrets, and reasons why you should get thee hence and buy Rogue Trader, then look no further. Go download the thing and see if...
  18. Z

    Help me with this Sci-fi setting.

    A long time ago I wrote down a bunch of notes for a sci-fi setting. I never did anything with it, but I dug them out recently and now I really want to run a sci fi game. I was hoping I could borrow your creativity to help me flesh it all out and make it a little deeper. Here is what I have so...
  19. H

    Scaling a Sci Fi game (Long)

    I was considering creating a science fiction game, adapting my superhero game 'High Stakes' which is available below: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?myyxmmjxyzd I wanted to ensure that there were mass combat rules so not only could you have close combat but also spaceships dog fighting...
  20. N

    [Lightspeed] What would you change about the setting?

    To me, Lightspeed seems to be the Space Opera version of Exalted or RIFTS... you can do anything you want with it, because it's designed to be the most Kitchen Sink-y Kitchen Sink setting ever. Which, I think, makes it awesome. Particularly the fact that the Empire (Star Wars) and the...
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