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  1. J

    Trinity Continuum Core Rules [Sell Me On/Off]

    I really enjoyed the concepts behind the original Aberrant and Adventure! RPGs. I was not a huge fan of the system - I like those games in spite of it. I missed the Kickstarter for Trinity Continuum & Aeon, and I see that Onyx Path are gearing up for an Aberrant Kickstarter soon. I’m trying to...
  2. Deliverator

    Should I buy the Forbidden Lands boxed set?

    I just kind of have a craving to buy an RPG that comes in a boxed set, and to unbox it and go through it and make sample characters and pore over the map and all that. One of my friends bought it and he likes it, but tell me, Internets: should I get it? For those unfamiliar...
  3. R

    Sell Me On/Off Open Legend RPG's combat as opposed to 13th Age/Dnd 4th Edition

    A group of friends has asked me to GM a small story arc of four to eight sessions. Talking to the group, we've agreed on using a homebrew world akin to WOTC's Nentir Vale, albeit mixing it with some norse mythology. Having played in the original Vale, I have been tempted to run it using Dnd...
  4. Ceti

    [Sell me on] space opera with light-weight rules

    We finished our Night's Black Agents / Dracula Dossier campaign last night and my players requested that the next campaign be a space opera. I'm looking for recommendations on what system / RPG to go with. Here's some requirements they've come up with: 1. PCs are a crew a independent ship...
  5. S

    [Tell me about/Sell me on] GURPS

    What it says on the tin, really. I've long been interested in GURPS, but I've also long been intimidated by it. It sounds like the tabletop RPG world's equivalent of Linux (another thing I have zero experience with): you can do almost anything with it, but you have to set it up yourself first...
  6. A

    [Sell Me On] Realms of Terrinoth, please.

    I found a copy of the book recently for a good deal, and I'm curious. What exactly is it? What separates it from assorted other Fantasy RPGs I may well already own? Thanks!
  7. LatinaBunny

    Sell me on/off Mutants and Masterminds (Pros and Cons); Should I give it away or keep it?

    I'm thinking of giving away the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition Deluxe to my used bookstore or donating it to my local gameshop. I haven't played it, but it looks intimidating for me once I saw the mass stuff. I was enthusiastic to get it at first, but then I heard it has some cons for...
  8. F

    [Sell/Unsell] me on The Spire

    So there's a game out there called The Spire. It's a bit pricey for me, so it's definitely one of those things I'd like to hear opinions on before setting money aside to buy. What's the system like? What's the setting? Were you satisfied with your purchase?
  9. N

    Tell me about Mage-likes

    So, Mage the Ascension Revised was one of the first RPGs I played and it's stuck with me, but in practice it was always a struggle to get it to do what I and my group wanted, so I mostly let it lapse. I also just recently stumbled over the Solipsist RPG on dtrpg, which appears to take the...
  10. AJ the Ronin

    Sell me on an Edition of Exalted

    [+]Sell me on an Edition of Exalted I played Exalted 1st edition. Had fun but I only have to deal with my PC. The Storyteller never finished the campaign. Never gave a reason. I still have the 1st edition core book and the Dragonblooded and The Abyssals books. I GM 2nd edition. Found it a...
  11. T

    Your favorite Generic systems and why?

    Hello all. Recently I started researching different types of generic systems - namely BRP, as I am quite familiar with the tight-as-hell mechanics from the Call of Cthulhu RPG - and I've always found it quite appealing to have a ruleset, or toolbox, that allows your to build whatever you want...
  12. J

    Legacy: Life Among the Ruins - 2nd edition worth it?

    Anyone got Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd edition? Is it worth buying if you already have the first edition?
  13. R

    Which Sci Fi RPG has the best starship combat rules?

    My group has been into Starfinder recently, and it's a good game, but the starship combat rules are a bit tame. What other games out there offer the best bang-for-buck concerning starship combat?
  14. S

    Neotech Edge original and reboot

    Someone could describe what is about it? Any setting info to share and what system is run by? Also I love everything cyberpunk so any hopes to see it in English sometime?
  15. Count Dorku

    [Sell Me On] Your favourite mech minis game!

    So a friend of mine is looking for a good mech miniatures game in the wake of Pacific Rim: Uprising. His needs, beyond it just functioning like a decent game that is fun to play, are as follows: Reasonably cheap models. Not dirt cheap, necessarily, but cheaper than the Pacific Rim: Extinction...
  16. Atlictoatl

    [Sell/Unsell Me] Let's Talk Deadlands

    There's a double-fisted shootout happening over at Bundle of Holding right now on Savage Worlds Deadlands. What's local opinion? As good for the West as the Transcontinental Railroad or about as good of a neighbor as an overly political cattle baron? One can spend almost as much as $50 on two...
  17. T

    Best RPG for '80s-style comedy/adventure?

    Hey gang. So I was looking for some pointers for an exceedingly specific genre of thing that exists: '80s-style comedy action/adventure! Now, I know Tales from the Loop exists, but I want to get a little narrower. Tales From the Loop limits you to playing as kids-kids, I want to go up to more...
  18. K

    💀 Necro Looking for Recommendations for Kid-Friendly RPGs

    So I have two kids, 5 and 7, and they discovered my old (unused this past decade) stash of funky dice. I explained they're used for playing Role-playing games. The oldest was already really into tabletop board games, and ever since he saw those dice he's been asking to play a Role-playing...
  19. KingJosh

     (Sell Me On) Champions Complete vs. Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition

    I know both of these games have been around for a while, and been through multiple editions. They’re both well-supported and well-loved. They are usually the first games mentioned when Super Heroes come up. But, what are the differences? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Who would win if...
  20. G

    [Sell Me On] MegaTraveller

    Continuing my odyssey into the game of Traveller, I think I now have a good sense of Classic Traveller and was starting to wonder about the 2nd version of the game, namely... MegaTraveller So, what makes this game stand out? What do you like most of all about MegaTraveller? How does it work...
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