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serenity rpg

  1. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20171225

    One of my favorite game sessions and what we can learn from it I was recently chatting with someone I met at a convention. She was a drop in on one of my Serenity Games, but never really joined the chronicle. Chatting with her reminded me of a conversation we had during one of those game. I...
  2. thealmightyrob

    About to run Firefly - any advice?

    I'm planning to run a one shot of the Firefly system this week, because a lot of our regular group can't make it. I'm not doing anything fancy, just using the pre-made characters and the adventure in the book. I've never run Firefly, or any of the cortex plus games for that matter, but I have...
  3. F

    Is Anybody Playing Firefly?

    Is anybody still playing Firefly? I heard a lot of talk about it, but not much since, and with a new book out, I was wondering about people's thoughts.
  4. Kathara_Khan

    Firefly/Serenity - tell me about your games?

    Hello, I'm currently in the early stages of planning and putting together a game in the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse, and am on the hunt for inspiration. As such, I'd really like to hear about your games. If you could regal me with stories of your crews, ships, and their misbehaviours, that'd be...
  5. G

    Firefly or Serenity plus Supplements?

    So there's the motion that the next game I run should be Serenity. I own the Serenity rpg and the adventure book and Out in the Black. I think it's a system that's... okay. A little clunky here and there (like how to run ship stats vs. pilot stats) and the tracking of damage, but mostly...
  6. M

    Classic Cortex: Serenity

    I was going to do that + sign for when folk want to talk about something in a positive light, but I though putting it in the thread title might confused things with Cortex Plus :P I'm aware that a new Firefly rpg is out early next year, but my players are wanting a more traditional game, rather...
  7. Miss Atomic Bomb


    I got my hands on the new Firefly exclusive at Gen Con. First off, gotta say, for a license that only came about in March, this is an impressive piece of work. It's not a traditional core book, but it's enough to run an awful lot of Firefly games. The layout's also beautiful, with great use of...
  8. @

    [Firefly RPG] Gen Con Exclusive Table of Contents posted!

    Here's the original link, in case you wanna order it. Here's the list - I'm also more confident about answering questions about it, now that the darn thing is written.
  9. VictorTyne

    [Spokane, WA] Firefly Roleplaying Game

    I am running a weekly roleplaying group in the Spokane Valley area. The setting is Firefly and the story will follow the doings of a single crew as they move about the 'Verse. The tone of the game will be centered around survival and teamwork. The crew will be expected to have common interests...
  10. TorgHacker

    MWP acquires the Firefly RPG license!

    Shiny! http://www.margaretweis.com/images/stories/bonus_content/FIREFLY_MWP_PR.pdf PDF products coming out as early as this spring!
  11. R

    eBay (worldwide) - Entire line of MWP SERENITY / Firefly RPG books NM cond (ends Saturday)

    I'm selling my collection of new and completely unused SERENITY RPG books, all listed here: SERENITY Role-Playing Game Core Book (5th printing!) SERENITY Gamemaster's Screen SERENITY - BIG DAMN HEROES HANDBOOK Expansion SERENITY - ADVENTURES Book SERENITY - SIX SHOOTERS & SPACESHIPS...
  12. S

    [Serenity/Firefly] Adventure ideas

    After watching (for the umpteenth time) the complete Firefly series over the last couple of days, my wife has decided she wants to play a Firefly/Serenity campaign, so I'm expected to drop everything and get it ready for our group (not that I mind). Anyway, my idea is that the PCs are...
  13. CrackedMan_SAH

    [Serenity] Conversions?

    I love Firefly/Serenity, but the system just makes me wince. I have the same problem with Savage Worlds, I dislike systems that use variable dice to represent stats. I'm much more comfortable with either single die systems, like d20 and the percentiles of the Warhammer games, or die pool games...
  14. B

    [Serenity RPG] Starship combat, or lack thereof.

    Is it just me, or are there no real rules for starship combat within this game? I see a short section called "Starship and Vehicle Combat", but I see there are scale conversions and a short blurb on collisions. I understand the game is trying to do this "starships as characters" thing, and from...
  15. D

    [Serenity] Maps and deckplans

    Are there any good on-line downloadable maps, floorplans, deckplans, etc with a sci-fi or western feel. I am after starship deckplans, spacestations/starbases, bars, towns, futuristic cities, spaceports, junkyards, and anything else really. Are there any places I can buy sweet said maps and...
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