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  1. NobodyImportant

    Official New 5e Settings Coming This Year

    http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/06/04/dungeons-and-dragons-fifth-edition-campaign-settings/ According to this article, later this year official material will be released for playing non-Forgotten Realms content in 5e. It has been confirmed that this will not be in the form of an adventure...
  2. B

    Best-written D&D setting materials?

    So, for (yikes) almost 4 years now, I've been running a D&D 5th Ed game for my buddies and wife... and considering I've been at this hobby since I was 10 or 12... I'm beginning to surprise myself with the longevity of this campaign. Really... it's the first 'campaign' I've ever run... and the...
  3. N

    Sell me on a fantasy setting

    It's been a long time since I've looked at a fantasy RPG; I played Exalted 1 back in the early-oughts before looking at more modern and sci-fi stuff. Since then I've checked out Numenera but thought the setting was pretty flat and I'm getting re-interested now from dipping through the geography...
  4. Shingen

    [+] Things you LOVE in settings

    So often we get mired in complaints about settings in long threads that just devolve into ragging on everything that exists and things people like. Is there a positive corollary? What do people LOVE to have in settings? For me, the two big things I like are: 1. Some unfilled space where...
  5. Faethor

    My kinda Town

    Many past supplements from many systems have had sections devoted to modern(ish) city settings (the "by night" books and general White Wolf books spring to mind instantly). My question is - which supplement, book, fansite or general website gives the most complete "snapshot" of a real modern...
  6. Faethor

    (Working Title) Redundancy Cycle

    MATURE THEMES An Idea I've been kicking around that recent threads have helped me to conceptualize. Basic bones: A twist of cyberpunk influenced by the premise of the computer game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. We have a cyberpunk setting where at the height of "cyber-augmentation" a big snafu...
  7. Agemegos

    What if sci-fi RPG had had common tropes and a default setting?

    One of the reasons that I have heard put forward for the apparent dominance of fantasy in RPGs is that D&D (or some people say Tolkien) established enough tropes about what a fantasy setting is and what characters do in one that players can leap right in to a fantasy game without studying a...
  8. C

    Weird (but realistic) D&D worlds?

    Most of the D&D (and many fantasy) settings I know have been pretty standard - a normal habitable planet with all the normal terrain types, orbiting a normal star. But what about something a bit less ordinary, but still within the realms of realism (I know, we can have magic, monsters etc, but...
  9. AsIf

    [DayTrippers] Golden Age Adventures

    THE FUTURE AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE! DayTrippers Golden Age Adventures is now available in PDF format for your science fiction campaigns! GOLDEN AGE ADVENTURES is an anthology of 16 roleplaying adventures based on "Golden Age" stories by famous science fiction writers of the 1930s-50s...
  10. johnnype

    Any new settings worth exploring?

    I've been away from D&D for a while. Mostly because I'm a bit bored by the existing settings. Is there anything notable and/or different that you recommend I take a look at?
  11. The Wyzard

    The games you'd run if you had infinite time.

    One of my less-productive gaming hobbies is to imagine the games I'd run if I had the resources. Some of these, the lack is due to simple time: It'd be just another PBP campaign, well within my skills and resources, but I can't competently run another PBP game right now because I have others...
  12. T

    🎨 Creative [101] A 101 Setting Riff Ideas

    If you have some ideas you'd like to use as setting riff kernels but you aren't sure if anybody would be interested in them, then this is the thread for you. People can just post their ideas or start riffing on other people's ideas. If an idea becomes popular, they can spin off their own thread.
  13. S

    [101]Sci-fi Pitches

    So, during a chat today with a friend, he brought up how sci fi, especially sci fi games, seem to root to one of two concepts: You're military personnel (either on a capital ship/space-sub, or ground-pounders usually of the space-marine variety) or you're a ragtag bunch of misfits with a light...
  14. T

    The Toolbox Approach to Adventures, Rules and Setting

    I love the toolbox approach to game design: adventures, rules and setting. I'll explain. I struggle when... rules are abstract and generic (example: FATE/GURPS) rules are exhaustively specific (example: D&D 4th Edition) the setting material is broad and light (example: Nobilis/Monsters and...
  15. DavidStallard

    Can a setting have too much ancient history?

    Maybe it's just the games I've elected to look at lately, but it seems like more games are including a lengthy and elaborate history for their setting. There's page after page of stuff that happened many generations before the era in which the game actually takes place. Is this something you...
  16. M

    DriveThruRPG Christmas in July - a good setting book

    So it's Christmas in July on DriveThruRPG.com again with 25% off a vast selection of PDFs. A couple of high crunch PDFs have caught my eye (Power Profiles for Mutants and Masterminds and the Savage Worlds Sci-Fi supplement) but I'm think I want something with great setting details to sit down...
  17. The Watcher

    🎨 Creative [Setting Riff] The Only Sci Fi Star Chart You'll Ever Need

    Read this thread and was inspired with the idea that you could probably do something similar for sci fi setings like Star Trek and Babylon 5. Of course, creating an entire universe is a big job, plus I'm not good at art so rather than doing all the work myself I thought how about a team effort...
  18. Chris Goodwin

    The Only Fantasy World Map You'll Ever Need

    [Setting riff-ish] The Only Fantasy World Map You'll Ever Need This has been going around the face books this morning, and I hadn't seen any discussion of it here yet. Pretty much every fantasy game out there can show up on this map. I'd have thought Incest & Intrigue would be further...
  19. Beron the Grey

    Settings You Liked More When You Knew Less About Them

    So, what RPG settings did you find you liked less the more you knew about them? I'll kick off with my choice: Exalted's Creation. I can't remember exactly when I found out what the First Age was supposed to be like (save that it was a long time ago), but to me having the hunted and persecuted...
  20. O

    [Setting Help] A Post-Human High Fantasy Setting.

    I need help with a setting idea. I've been trying to think of ways to prompt a non-human campaign. It occured to me the easiest way to do that would be to create a high fantasy setting where the human race has been wiped out and the PCs can romp through the ruins of their civilization. Now...
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