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  1. R

    Sexism policy

    I received a 7 day ban in February for replying to a post expressing disgust toward "typically-male typically white-bread gamers " roleplaying, asking if the poster would be less disgusted if the gamers were not male. I.had intended to address what I thought was a sexist statement but instead...
  2. K

    Is it always 'fridging' and is it always wrong?

    In another thread I got carried away in there was a discussion about a scene involving two secondary characters: An investigator was killed while investigating a serial killer - so their fiance, who was also an investigator but not on the case, then struck up their own investigation using...
  3. N

    Mercedes Lackey

    So I've decided to read some of her books, but I found out that on bestfantasybooks.com she's listed in top-list of worst writers. Now, I don't know much about said site, but it's characteristic of Sword of Truth series is pretty spot on (it's listed among the worst fantasy books ever written)...
  4. theliel

    [Minis/Wargaming Culture] Weird Sexist/Toxic Minatures Company Habits

    So over in the other thread we got asked to Take it to Other Games Open, so here it is. Spawning this was yet another round of 'infinibooty' in the form of the Tech Bee That's someone who's supposed to be on the battlefield. and Guija Pilot That's one of the new models that's supposed...
  5. D


    So. I put together a small gallery here to show some of the variety of styles floating around in fantasy. http://imgur.com/a/eEFFR Now you've probably heard it before, putting boob plates on armor to make them more literal breast plates is highly dangerous. However, it seems to be a long time...
  6. C

    So, let's talk about Kingdom Death...

    Is anyone else still feeling really ambivalent about this one? On the plus side, I'm seriously impressed with the general quality of the models. The gameplay's also been generally been very well received. If it lives up to its reputation, then it might well be something my group would enjoy...
  7. Potted Plant

    "But would my daughter play with these minis"

    Starting a new miniatures game. Purchasing new minis. Discussing selections in a Finnish wargame forum. I stated that I ordered my minis from the US even though it meant that I had to pay customs, because the selection had a good variety of female miniatures that were similar in pose and gear to...
  8. K

    The Sausage Party Trailer- What the hell, man?

    So, I watched the trailer for the Seth Rogen animated film Sausage Party and seriously what the hell? I honestly don't know what to make of it. Trailer's not on youtube yet, or I'd post it, though I believe you can find it on the social media platform of your choice easily enough. Though...
  9. Monsieur Meuble

    Sexism at Angoulême's comics festival.

    In a few days now, will open this years international comic books festival of Angoulême, the biggest comic convention in the world. One of the traditions of the festival is the nomination of a "Grand Prix du festival" to an author to honour their life-time career and preside next year edition...
  10. Seroster

    Ann Leckie news that will make the Sad Puppies sad

    According to twitter, Ann Leckie's new book Ancillary Mercy made it into the NYT Best Seller lists! Pretty big SJW cabal, there.
  11. C

    What are the absolute worst examples of racism or sexism you've seen in published RPG books?

    No, FATAL and RaHoWa don't count - we all know about them already. Three spring to mind for me: 1 The casual anti-Semitism of Arduin , whose author suggests making your character Jewish and running up to everyone you meet to beg them for loose change. 2. The Judge's Guild publication, The...
  12. Calliope

    [necro]Bill Willingham, GenCon, and "Writing Women-Friendly Comics"

    For those who aren't aware, there was a small dust up a couple of weeks ago about a planned GenCon panel moderated by Bill Willingham on "Writing Women-Friendly Comics". The primary complaint was that (of course) there was not a single woman on the panel. After people raised these concerns with...
  13. O

    Question regarding AD&D sexism

    I was watching a few videos the other day, and a couple by a fellow who has reviewed Mutant Epoch (the reason I was watching the vids, curious about that game) and he has several videos on the tube and there was one where he got on a bit of a rant regarding sexism and role playing games, and...
  14. M

    [Drivethru] Boobies?

    Okay, so went on a cursory check on DT, and saw a new product called "Fanzine l'oeuf du dragon n°5", of which the cover consist on a lady on a dragon whose garment is...... Pretty warm on the arms and legs, but not much otherwise. Personally I don't have anything for or against it, just that...
  15. Yo! Master

    "You're the first guy i met who doesn't play female characters as total sluts"

    Was what a male co-player told me, with a general sentiment of surprise, the other day during our session at the local gaming club... My own (unvoiced) thought was "Thanks, i guess. But that speaks more about the people you play with." - which might not be the best endorsement about the club...
  16. Calliope

    Anita Sarkeesian's suggestions for the industry

    Sarkeesian just gave a talk at NYU on, among other things, video games. Kotaku has an article up discussing the contents of the talk here: http://kotaku.com/how-anita-sarkeesian-wants-video-games-to-change-1688231729 In the comments, though, EiC Stephen Totilo posts a bullet-point list of...
  17. D

    [Dresden Files] Harry Dresden - Doofus or Jerkass

    From the character shilling thread. Basically, is Harry really likable? Or do his flaws and sexism overwhelm those parts. Say and say why?
  18. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    [Star Citizen] White Men's Galaxy

    Late to the party, I know, but I discovered Star Citizen today. At first glance it looked great...until I noticed the complete absence of women and people of color in the game's media. I've watched three trailers, an in-universe "commercial" for a starship, and an FPS demo, and every single...
  19. RadioKen

    [#Gamergate] Gamergate Thread II: Circling the Drain [merged]

    So as to see this trainwreck to its end. Original thread here. EDIT: If you are new to this thread or have forgotten, do not neglect the moderator announcement on RPGNet policy re Gamergate. EDIT2: You may encounter the term "skeleton" in these pages. It is a substitute for the common...
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