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shadow of the demon lord

  1. S

    Free stuff for SotDL, Call of Cthulhu, and more

    I figured you all might be interested in free content for Call of Cthulhu, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Symbaroum, and other games. My blog is somniacdelusions.wordpress.com, and I post a variety of things, including plenty of RPG stuff, original Lovecraftian fiction, and even fantasy cartography...
  2. John Marron

    [Shadow of the Demon Lord] Shadows over Driftchapel

    Some of my co-workers recently expressed a desire to try RPGs out, so I decided to run a game for them. I’ve been wanting to run the recently kickstarted 5E adventure Shadows over Driftchapel, but thought that the Shadow of the Demon Lord rules fit the setting and tone (and my preferences)...
  3. Faethor

    (Adventures) of the Demon Lord

    Before investing cash into pdf Shadow of the Demon Lord supplements ('cos I got five kids ta feed') does anyone have any recommendations for best published introductory scenarios, what they consider 'must run' later adventures (novice to master) and best published Campaign? In your opinions obs...
  4. John Marron

    [Shadow of the Demon Lord] Animal People Ancestry?

    Is there any official (or unofficial) product for SotDL that includes ancestry rules/tables for animal people? I have a player who always wants to play cat people, and I’d like to allow her to do so for my next game if we decide to use SotDL. We can always reskin something, but I really like...
  5. Chris J

    Shadow of the Demon Lord (Valid Concerns?)

    Shadow of the Demon Lord. Are these valid concerns (paraphrased from another website)? Not saying I agree with any of them, just asking for points of view from those experienced with the system. Lack of equipment (there are trains but Greatswords are rare?). Magic can be overpowered and...
  6. johnnype

    Shadow of the Demon Lord - How has the setting developed?

    It's been a while since I last paid attention but it was my understanding that setting was going to remain relatively light and only developed in adventures. Is this still the case? What's it like now? How would you describe it? I got a vibe that I'd describe as Diablo meets Warhammer Fantasy...
  7. Mike Myler

    [Kickstarter] Eastern Fantasy Adventures for D&D 5E and Shadow of the Demon Lord

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/verantheacodex/eastern-fantasy-adventures-for-dandd-5e-and-sotdl This project is to fund two books for two game systems (D&D 5E and Shadow of the Demon Lord): Trade War (adventure path 3rd-12th) and Imperial Matchmaker (urban mega adventure 3rd-10th). Trade...
  8. A

    (Shadow of the Demon Lord) House Rule: Would this work?

    I am attempting a house rule to extend campaign lengths for Shadow of the Demon Lord and I want feedback on whether or not it will function. The house rule would be to remove the leveling mechanic and replace it with a tech tree where the different abilities of each class could be placed onto a...
  9. J

    Shadow of the demon lord.....

    Hi all I've played warhammer fantasy for years to get my fill of gritty dark fantasy but I was told about shadow of the demon lord the other day and it interested me. So I was wondering if you good people could give me the low down on the game as next month I'll be looking for a new game to...
  10. bottg

    Shadows of the Demon Lord balance

    I am about to start a SotDL game, and have been re-reading the core book. Although not overly concerned about balance between character types, i have spotted something that i know certain players will also notice. A Lvl 1 Warrior gets to make attack rolls with one boon, because they are...
  11. Sensei

    Shadow of the Demon Lord questions

    Hey, all. Ok, so SotDL fans, I'm puzzled by a few things. 1) For anyone using the Abstract Ammo rule... how do you handle it if another PC asks to borrow ammo from someone who's already beyond five uses of their weapon? If my warrior has fired five shots from a bow, he's now using the...
  12. Tango Samurai

    Shadow of the Demon Lord Supplement PDFs

    I've got the releases from the KS for the major books but I was very curious about some of the Poison Pages and Racial pdfs that got released. Can anyone tell me about the Skinchangers and Centaur books? And the Crusader Cities and The City of Dis? Thank you.
  13. Chris J

    Shadow of the Demon Lord: A few questions

    Would it be possible to have incremental advances instead of everything going up at once, similar to how they do it in 13th Age? For example, (and probably these terms are not SotDL specific) increase Woudns, attack mod, pick one spell, raise an attribute, improve skills, take a feat/talent...
  14. C

    New GM: Dragon/Fantasy AGE or Shadow of the Demon Lord?

    I'm looking for some pros/cons based on actual play experiences. I run multiple Pathfinder campaigns for my kids and their friends and generally, I’m very content being the GM. Occasionally, however, I get the itch to be on the other side of the screen. My oldest son is interested in running...
  15. CodexofRome

    [Sell Me] Shadows of the Demon Lord

    Bundle of Holding has a Shadows of the Demon Lord deal that comes with a variety of supplements. I'm a fan of games like 13th Age, Dungeon World, Torchbearer and Midnight. Please share any actual play experiences and thoughts you have about the game.
  16. M

    Sell me on/off: Shadow of the Demon Lord (Bundle of Holding)

    I've heard off and on a lot of good buzz for Shadow of the Demon Lord. Now it's up on Bundle of Holding. What exactly does it have that's worth my gaming dollar(s)? Thank you for your insight.
  17. X

    What is a good D20 Fantasy game that isnt 5e or 3.5/PF

    The title says it all,i grow tired of 5e and i dont like gming 3.5
  18. John Marron

    [Shadow of the Demon Lord] Impressive first session

    I've been wanting to run Shadow of the Demon Lord for some time now, and finally got the chance last night. I've played the game a few times at cons, always run by Rob Schwalb himself, and knew that the game was fun from the player's perspective. I wanted to see if it worked for my GMing...
  19. F

    Shadows of the Demon Lord experiences and pitfalls?

    I have some friends who just asked me to run a one-shot on Saturday, and I was thinking about doing SotDL to give it a test drive. Does anyone have any experiences they'd like to share, pitfalls to be avoided, etc? Any good products to make sure I use? Could I use it with the Old World...
  20. J

    [Shadow of the Demon Lord] 500+ Difficulties

    Hey all. Some of the recent supplements to Shadow of the Demon Lord introduced monsters and adversaries with Difficulties higher than 500. The new maximum cap seems to be 1000. Has anyone used such creatures in their games? If so, how did they play? Any advice on using them? I'm assuming your...
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