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  1. Matt.Ceb

    [Music] A big, sprawling thread of Shadowrun-focused music.

    Because of the upcoming release of something playable for Shadowrun's 6th Edition, and because I don't want to steal @Wakshaani 's thunder over in the 6th Ed SR thread (and I guess because my vision is slightly off of his), I decided to open this thread here, talking about Shadowrun and music I...
  2. B

    Shadowrun Sixth Edition?

    So Sixth Edition has been announced and it is supposed to be out sometimes in August around GenCon. So what do we know about it? Is it going to be more simplified or will it be another overly complex set of systems that only kind of seem to relate to each other? What do people want to see with it?
  3. Owesome

    Shadowrun Returns/Dragonfall: Recommended Mods?

    So I've finally gotten around to playing Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall, and I'm hooked. Does anyone have any recommendations for fan-created stories/missions I should try? I tend to prioritize writing/character/decision making over combat difficulty, but I'm not averse to difficult fights as...
  4. LatinaBunny

    DriveThru-RPG Shadowrun sale: any good recs for fluff?

    Ooh! So, DrivethruRPG has a Shadowrun sale where 5e titles are about 50% off, and I was wondering if there are any good books for fluff? I’m not going to use the system, and I would tweak it to be more post-post-cyberpunk or post-post apocalyptic or science fantasy than actual cyberpunk, but I...
  5. M

    [Shadowrun] No Future -- Has anyone picked it up?

    One of my favorite parts of Shadowrun is the pop culture elements. And lo and behold, just as I'm getting back into Shadowrun, they release a supplement on the media side of things! I'm broke at the moment and it's my birthday at the end of the month, so I'm holding off getting it for now. Just...
  6. S

    Intimidated by Shadowrun

    Hi all, I've been asked by some friends to run a Shadowrun campaign (I'm the eternal GM) and I have some concerns, which I'm hoping folks around here can either allay or at least sympathise with :) For background, I've GM'd D&D 3.5 and 5th, Call of Cthulhu, Dresden Files and Star Trek...
  7. C

    (Crossover) Cyberpunk Night City in Shadowrun: what happens?

    Let's say Night City from Cyberpunk 20XX appeared in the world of Shadowrun. Either it always existed in the latter setting, or it suddenly manifested through a cybermagickal portal. What happens? How would it adapt to this different world, or how would it have developed any differently? How...
  8. None Other Than CEBedford

    Must-own Shadowrun supplements?

    I’m currently diving into my copy of Shadowrun 5th Edition and I’m actually excited for the challenge. It’s been a while since I’ve put some time into a crunchy old school game system. My FLGS has a pretty complete selection of the supplementary books. Which books/accessories, if any, would you...
  9. F

    My Mr. Johnson headcanon

    The stereotypical game of Shadowrun is supposed to end with Mr. Johnson betraying the shadowrunners, revealing he has goods to kill them, and stiffing them for most of their fee, leaving them with only whatever he gave them for an initial deposit. In my mind, this is part of corporate etiquette...
  10. S

    Preventing Paralysis by Analysis in Shadowrun - Use Flashbacks?

    This always happened with my group, where they actually spent two + game sessions plotting four different types of a run, (quiet, first spotted, heavy corp security and OH GOD WE'RE LONE STAR #1 WANTED). Guess where most runs ended up? One of the things I like about Blades in the Dark (and...
  11. Snow Goon

    Give me 911 calls in Shadowrun

    For the last couple weeks I've been noodling around with the idea of running a street level Lone Star campaign set in Shadowrun. My normal group only has two players and I thought it might be fun to have them build a pair of patrol officers, partners, riding together on the night shift. While...
  12. Gentleman Highwayman

    Mike Pondsmith's Shadowrun...

    I played Cyberpunk (the RPG) before moving on to Shadowrun. There was a lot I didn't like about Cyberpunk and lots more I liked about Shadowrun. But the one thing I think Mike got right about Cyberpunk was the look and feel. The art in the first two versions is a mix between fashion illustration...
  13. D

    Shadowrun Alternatives

    Okay so we have been studying shadowrun and in a real cyberpunk mood lately. Got this whole idea of a cowboy bebop inspired team and everything. But this system just straight up doesn't look fun.. A single attack seems to take like 6 rolls! Now who knows, Maybe it will surprise me and I will...
  14. pdboddy

    Shadowrun => FATE conversion

    Does anyone know of a good Shadowrun to FATE conversion? I know that there isn't an official version, but are there any fan ones out there?
  15. Umbraed Nox

    eBay (EBAY) Shadowrun 5th Edition RPG Core Rules, GM Screen

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shadowrun-5th-Edition-RPG-Core-Rules-GM-Screen/232772914471 STARTING BID $42 Buy-It-Now $56
  16. heruca

    *Kickstarter* New mapping content Add-Ons being developed for MapForge

    Thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter last year, I developed the MapForge software (Mac & Windows) for creating tactical-scale battlemaps for RPGs, along with an impressive 50 mapping content Add-Ons (10 of which are free!). However, even with 50 Add-Ons, some gaming genres were sorely...
  17. F

    Alchemical Exalted in Shadowrun 5E

    So, presuming for a crossover, where a mighty spirit, possibly the reflection of craftmanship, that may or may not be the primordial autobot, infuses mortals with the demiurgic skills needed to create the champions, how would you reflect this in rules. The simplest, IMO, is to allow them to...
  18. M

    Character funnels in other systems?

    Does anyone have experience adapting the character funnel from DCC to other systems? We recently did it RAW for a quick campaign in DCC, and I really like two of the things it accomplished, namely a) servicing as a gentle introduction to the basic rules without getting into any of the more...
  19. AJ the Ronin

    Shadow Anarchy support

    The new Seattle box set is almost system-less making it ideal fro Shadowrun Anarchy. Are there any other 5th edition book published that can be used with Anarchy with minimal fuss? Books that are more background or scenarios rather than rules for 5th edition? I read that there was going to be...
  20. B

    *Podcast* Polyhedron Ep. 56 - "What do you do in the Shadows?"

    [Podcast] Polyhedron | Episode 56 - "What do you do in the Shadows?" NSFW (Mild Language) We deep dive this week into the very cool, weird, and slick world of Shadowrun. Produced in '89 for the future of the 80's, this long standing cyberpunk urban fantasy game has kept up with all the...
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