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shards of the exalted dream

  1. AliasiSudonomo

    Exalted vs the WoD (a fanbook)

    Alright, I'm not sure how to start this, since there are bits around it that are a little fraught, what with the writer being banned from here. So I'll ask that any discussion in this thread please try to stick to the specific topic, and not about anything else; I'm magnanimous enough to look at...
  2. Dorchadas

    [Exalted: Heaven's Reach] Is there any good homebrew out for this?

    I finally picked up Shards of the Exalted Dream and Heaven's Reach is firing up my imagination, so I'm looking around the internet for modern Dragon-Blooded Charms, Heaven's Reach aliens, and so on, but I haven't found that much and I'm curious if there's something major I'm missing. I found...
  3. MuscaDomestica

    [Exalted] Cut Lunar and Infernal charms from the Modern Shard

    So Robert Vance gave Eric Minton a bunch of unpublished material for the Modern Shard of Shards of the Exalted Dream. He has been updating his blog with lots of random interesting Exalted thought experiments and random ink monkey bones. Infernal Charms Lunar Charms So what do people...
  4. Beron the Grey

    [Exalted+] Shards Of A Shattered Destiny

    Dancing Through The Shards "Do not believe the lies of the Immaculates. The First Age was not an age of nightmares in a world of darkness, but a time when humanity at last seized their destiny in their own hands and began to forge a world of hope. This was a time of heroes, when the Thousand...
  5. C

    [Exalted] A Shards/Fluff Question

    Okay, this one is primarily directed at Holden, Hatewheel, and the Exalted team, but anyone who has any insight is more than welcome. Here Goes: It has come up in discussion, during play and while discussing using the Exalted Modern campaign shard, that there has been some confusion on the...
  6. N

    [Exalted] Shards of the Exalted Dream: Which was your favorite?

    Simple question: Which alternate take on Exalted was your favorite? Feel free to elaborate on why. Poll to come
  7. F

    Exalted: Shards. Modern Alchemical question.

    Modern Alchemicals are more properly cyborgs and they have had a human existence before being converted. Does that mean they can learn martial arts without needing the alchemical charm? (my assumption is yes, but at teh higher xp cost for heroic mortals).
  8. Pip

    [WIR] Shards of the Exalted Dream

    So, I did a WIR thread for Masters of Jade, and I think I'll do the same for Shards. As usual a caveat: I'm often overly critical, I have very specific (and unusual) tastes, and even when I like something I'm much better at writing at length about the bits I don't like than about the bits I do...
  9. Rand Brittain

    Shards of the Exalted Dream

    It's here.
  10. F

    Exalted+: Been a while since I felt like this...

    Or rather, been a wile since I check rpg.now every hour or so until five to see if Exalted, Shards has come out yet. I actually, back a few years ago, didn't think I'd have ever been that excited by a new exalted product.
  11. F

    Exalted: So who is eager for Shards?

    I know I am, and irght now, less than a single month to go!
  12. N

    [Exalted] Shards of the Exalted Dream

    I've seen this mentioned in a few places but I'm not sure what its going to cover. Can anyone give me the gist of the product?
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