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  1. J

    [Tolkein Legendarium] Elven Militaries

    It is my general impression that Elves either fight as feudal hosts or else as forest-guerilla-invisible-ninja-snipers in Tolkien's work. Am I correct?
  2. S

    Silmarillion Question

    I have a few questions, and don't have the Tolkien knowledge ... so, I have come to rpg.net for answers! Ok... Sauron at some point hands out a grab bag of magic rings. What do they do? I mean the ONE ring makes you invisible...which is cool. But what about the others? The nine he gives to...
  3. J

    (Silmarillion) Beren and Luthien Destroy Everything For Love

    What is the central message of their story? Namely, that their epic quest for love basically destroys everything else! Fingon dies, leading Nargothrond to fall into the hands of Orodreth, who basically will follow Turin's foolish advice, leading to its destruction. Huan dies to enable them to...
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