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  1. Numanoid

    IC [Godbound] We Who Are about to Live Salute You

    Ancalia Even in the thickest of boots, the chill of the sodden earth of Ancalia's northwest bogs creeps into your feet with each step. This land is one of great beauty and great tragedy. As you walk the decaying roads you still see traces of its once-envied kingdom; hollowed-out fortresses...
  2. Numanoid

    OOC Godbound: We Who Are About to Live Salute You

    We Who are About to Live Salute You: A Godbound PbP game A tale of Gods when they were merely Mortal Cast: squidheadjax as Ajawan, the Humble Flame t@nya as Leonello Caloprara The Wyzard as Serendipity ajdynon as Astrid Johannsen Icon as Mikkos Szabo EnigmaticOne as Zhou...
  3. A

    Wolves of God rpg by Sine Nomine

    Hi, Does anyone have any information about this rpg, when it will be released, how big it is page wise, what it's about? I read on a thread that Kevin Crawford is working on this but can't find any information. Thanks!
  4. TavelGorge

    Stars Without Number: Blackstar

    We started running Stars Without Number Revised among two of our players while our larger games have to take some intermittent breaks due to the holidays. The idea is to smart small with the systems, factions, and supplemental material available and gradually ease into the whole Far Trader...
  5. J

    Stars Without Number Second Edition

    SWN 2E is out. I snagged the free version. Does the premium version (here) have a lot more in it than the free version? I skimmed the playtest files but nothing serious until now.
  6. A

     Thanks, Kevin Crawford!

    Thank you! I just put the finishing touches on an old game of mine that I broke out of the vault and revised for sale - but I was totally out of payola for art. And then I found your public domain artwork on RPGNow. WOW! How incredibly generous of you and those artists to make this stuff...
  7. Numanoid

    OOC (Godbound/FR) The Time of Troubles

    The OOC for my Godbound game set in the Forgotten Realms, during the Time of Troubles. PCs: Moradin, played by Apostlyte ?, played by RoadScholar Kossuth, played by Enigmatic One Miellikki, played by KreenWarrior Sethlans, played by T@nya IC thread here Post your characters when you have...
  8. A

    GODBOUND - Help fixing some little stuff

    Hi, people I've been very interested in running Godbound, but talking to my group, they all said they would rather play it with ascending ACs. They also didn't enjoy attribute and saves being derived from 20/21 minus something, see? And since I'm running an extremely successful Curse of...
  9. Kasharin Manichea

    Sixteen Stars - New Stars without numbers book

    Just got an email that as a part of OneBookshelf's New Year, New game sale that there is a stars without number bundle. Really, really good price if you want to get into SWN but more importantly THERE IS A NEW SUPPLEMENT...
  10. S

    Narrative Differences Between Godbound v. Exalted

    So it's not a secret that Godbound is kind of an OSR Exalted, but I am unclear of how similar they are from a narrative standpoint. I know Godbound is more about being straight up gods and Exalted is more about demigod heroes, but what else is there? Is Arcem at all similar to Creation? Are...
  11. TavelGorge

    Godbound: Ten Buried Blades

    Godbound: Ten Buried Blades - Season 01 Episode 01 A new mini adventure listeners. We are playing vanilla Godbound and running through the newly released Ten Buried Blades adventure. The gang has never had a...
  12. C

    [Sine Nomine] Tools/Tags Index?

    So Kevin Crawford at Sine Nomine Publishing is awesome, makes awesome OGL-ish stuff with a bunch of sandbox GM tools. Go buy all their stuff, and I say that as someone who normally isn't all that into D&D/OGL/class-based games. Seriously, it's fantastic. All of it...
  13. CitizenKeen

    Best Sine Nomine Generator?

    Okay, I've got SWN and Godlike and I love the generators Crawford has written. I know he's got a few other products - based purely on the cool generators within, what else should I pick up?
  14. T

    [Godbound] Scions of a Broken World

    Here's an AP report of our short but fun initial game of Godbound. I've mostly improvised the first session, which I intend to use as the basis for a sandbox that's to grow wider between each following session. The PCs are Gian Carlo Menzogna Di Tretta, cunning and perverse envoy of powerful...
  15. D

    [Godbound] [Game] A Pantheon of Diverse Divinities

    A game! In Godbound ( players play people imbued with Words of Creation- kind of like Nobilis estates. Most PCs will be bound to three such words. The poster above you shall name three of the Words of Creation...
  16. gtroc

    [Godbound]Godscape/Planebound: A Setting Riff

    In the Undifferentiated Night uncounted worlds and shards of worlds huddle around their failing celestial engines. They grasp for any magic or technology that will allow them to exist as they always have. The scars of the Last War weigh heavy on the people. In the center of this madness, if...
  17. C

    [Godbound] Mock-up thoughts on statting various Exalted

    These are very vague, preliminary thoughts on how I'd stat various Exalted splats using the Godbound beta rules (1.1). I wanted to start a new thread, because I'd rather have the Godbound thread be about Godbound and not Exalted :) GODBLOODED 3 Facts 1 Word appropriate to the Godblooded's...
  18. S

    [Deathwatch] Rebuilding it with Sine Nomine games

    A long while ago I was a player in a game of Deathwatch. The whole thing only lasted a handful of sessions, due to scheduling complications, etc. Also, I convinced the group to instead give Stars Without Number a try, and thus far that has been going well. The thing is, I never felt that the...
  19. S

    [SWN] What's next/what do you want to see after Starvation Cheap?

    If you didn't know, Kevin Crawford just launched on Kickstarter his new book Starvation Cheap, which is the military campaign sourcebook for Stars Without Number. If you back you get the beta immediately, and its good as always. Now, my question is, once Starvation Cheap has been finished...
  20. C

    [Sine Nomine Publishing] Artist wanted for military sci-fi supplement

    I'm doing some additional art roundup for Starvation Cheap, my next supplement for Stars Without Number. I've got some pieces in hand but I could use a couple more artists to round out the work. I pay via Paypal, half up front, half on final approval, and I pay on a per-piece basis rather than...
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