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  1. J

    Stars Without Number Second Edition

    SWN 2E is out. I snagged the free version. Does the premium version (here) have a lot more in it than the free version? I skimmed the playtest files but nothing serious until now.
  2. A

     Thanks, Kevin Crawford!

    Thank you! I just put the finishing touches on an old game of mine that I broke out of the vault and revised for sale - but I was totally out of payola for art. And then I found your public domain artwork on RPGNow. WOW! How incredibly generous of you and those artists to make this stuff...
  3. A

    GODBOUND - Help fixing some little stuff

    Hi, people I've been very interested in running Godbound, but talking to my group, they all said they would rather play it with ascending ACs. They also didn't enjoy attribute and saves being derived from 20/21 minus something, see? And since I'm running an extremely successful Curse of...
  4. C

    [Sine Nomine] Tools/Tags Index?

    So Kevin Crawford at Sine Nomine Publishing is awesome, makes awesome OGL-ish stuff with a bunch of sandbox GM tools. Go buy all their stuff, and I say that as someone who normally isn't all that into D&D/OGL/class-based games. Seriously, it's fantastic. All of it...
  5. CitizenKeen

    Best Sine Nomine Generator?

    Okay, I've got SWN and Godlike and I love the generators Crawford has written. I know he's got a few other products - based purely on the cool generators within, what else should I pick up?
  6. D

    [Godbound] [Game] A Pantheon of Diverse Divinities

    A game! In Godbound ( players play people imbued with Words of Creation- kind of like Nobilis estates. Most PCs will be bound to three such words. The poster above you shall name three of the Words of Creation...
  7. N

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Sine Nomine] Godbound

    I asked Kevin Crawford the other day about Godbound, his OSR demigod game that is an expansion on his Exemplars & Eidolons rpg, and he directed me to his G+ page where the beta is available. Wow! It looks awesome, even in beta. It is already at 133 pages (some are blank and waiting for text...
  8. S

    [SWN] What's next/what do you want to see after Starvation Cheap?

    If you didn't know, Kevin Crawford just launched on Kickstarter his new book Starvation Cheap, which is the military campaign sourcebook for Stars Without Number. If you back you get the beta immediately, and its good as always. Now, my question is, once Starvation Cheap has been finished...
  9. C

    [Sine Nomine] Starvation Cheap Kickstarter Now Underway

    The Starvation Cheap Kickstarter is now underway, with 110 pages of sandbox tools for sci-fi military and mercenary campaigns. It's written for my free Stars Without Number RPG, but in the customary Sine Nomine style I've written the tools to be cheerfully system-neutral for those who have their...
  10. P

    Dark Heresy among Stars Without Number

    I've gathered a group of players to play Stars Without Number within the universe of Dark Heresy. For this reason, I can see a fairly significant hack on the horizon. Well, I say that, I'm in the progress of it. But I'd like to open up to this community and perhaps get some advice or ideas on...
  11. C

    [Sine Nomine Publishing] Artist wanted for military sci-fi supplement

    I'm doing some additional art roundup for Starvation Cheap, my next supplement for Stars Without Number. I've got some pieces in hand but I could use a couple more artists to round out the work. I pay via Paypal, half up front, half on final approval, and I pay on a per-piece basis rather than...
  12. Thakazum

    Experiences with Silent Legions

    After another campaign wraps up, Silent Legions is at the top of my list of things to run. In preparation, I would like to hear how it's gone for others. I'm mostly looking at how play has gone with the system and setting, although any mixing with other games is fine as well. I'm not really...
  13. B

    Silent Legions - alternate name generator?

    I've been taking some of the generators in Silent Legions for a test drive, and it turns out I don't like the name generator. The first two I've come up with are Susuaa-yywm'eyyf-y and Ebkgepourog-a. I don't find those inspiring, just... dumb. I think I might be ok with the random babble if it...
  14. Rainfall

    [Exemplars & Eidolons] The legendary thread of random E&E things!

    Here's the deal if it's the first time you heard of the game: Exemplars & Eidolons is an awesome little OSR game of big damn legendary heroes. It's lightning quick, delightfully simple and wonderfully flexible. If you're interested, the PDF version of it is free on RPGnow. It's a small Old...
  15. DMH

    [Sell me on] Silent Legions

    I see that the POD version will be out soon and am wondering if it is something that I would find useful. A couple things to keep in mind: I enjoy a few of Lovecraft's and Howard's works but not all of them, I am much more a fan of Clark Ashton Smith; I am hoping it will be useful for Zothique...
  16. N

    [Stars Without Number] replacement for the psion class?

    Has anyone ever ran SWN without the inclusion of psionics in their setting, or at least had them so rare as to be unusable for PCs? How did you compensate, if at all? Since there'd only be two classes did you fill the void with a third class, like maybe one of the ones from Other Dust? I'm...
  17. S

    IC Silent Legions - The Mists of Lake Erie

    It’s a misty, cold, and gray morning as the Amtrak Empire Service train slowly rumbles across the snow-laden tracks leading to western New York. Lake Eerie seems almost completely concealed behind from the blowing flurries and heavy humidity. The train ride from New York City has been long and...
  18. S

    [Interest] Silent Legions - A Lovecraftian Sandbox

    The world is woven of secret names. The skin of our days is stretched tight over strange bones. There are powers that move in the dark corners of the earth, truths that are spoken in lonely places, and heroes who die nameless deaths fighting forces that they dare not comprehend. These are the...
  19. Weisenheim

    [Kickstarter] Silent Legions: Sandbox Lovecraftian-style horror

    This just went live a little while ago. I haven't gotten started reading the draft yet because reasons but I know some folks who got previews of it were loving it. If you like Sine Nomine's work in general or you want to see how to sandbox horror/mythos gaming, this is probably gonna be what you...
  20. Mr. Kent

    OOC Stars Without Number: Goldfish Memories

    From the far reaches of space there comes...The OOC Thread! I will post linkage ti IC and the Interest threads shortly, and have more IC posts today. As for your crew's most recent job, you were running mundane cargo deliveries in the Rift Empire. I'll give you a little payoff from that when I...
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